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At the Core of Every Heart: Reflections, Insights, and Practices for Waking Up and Living Free

by Gail Brenner

We all benefit from support along the spiritual path, and that’s what you’ll find in At the Core of Every Heart: Reflections, Insights, and Practices for Waking Up and Living Free.

Filled to the brim with practical insights, this is a book you’ll want to have sitting by your bedside. It’s a series of 52 essays, each with a nugget of wisdom that invites you to pause, come alive to the moment, and remember the deepest truth of who you really are.

We start with what’s here: holding a grudge, believing the harsh critical voice in our minds, being stuck in feelings from the past. Over and over, we discover the unifying field of aware presence that holds everything with love. It’s the living, breathing, timeless knowing that all is well beyond our personal attachments to stories and emotions.

At the Core of Every Heart skillfully navigates the paradox of this messy, emotional human life and the freedom that’s available in any moment. Right here and now, we honor everything and realize the most profound release into limitless ease, spontaneous joy, and loving celebration.

Winning Her Heart: Christian Romance (Sweet Clean Romance)

by Christian Michael

Growing up in Texas, Becca Stanley was a reject. She was unpopular and unattractive. To top it all off and make matters worse, she was in love with the most popular guy in town – and he knew it! Years later, Becca has grown up and is now on the run. She has settled into a new life in sleepy Bend, Oregon, hoping to start her life again and stay out of danger.

Greg Stanley has always been the golden boy, even when he was growing up. Now he is an NFL quarterback and life couldn’t be better. Or worse. He escaped to Bend to find peace but the girl he once rejected is now turning his life upside down. And he’s falling for her! But he unwittingly brings her face to face with the danger she is trying to escape. Can he get himself together before he loses her forever?

*This short story includes a complete anthology of Mail Order Bride short stories by Christian Michael (45 in total!)*.

Amish Romance: Where Grace Abounds: An Amish Widow Romance

by Sadie James


Abigail Miller has always believed that life is not easy. Neither was it meant to be. With strong Amish roots, she is adamant that hard work and perseverance are desirable, Godly traits.

The doll maker finds herself widowed at age twenty-five. A few years later when faced with losing her home, her doll shop and possibly even more, Abigail is forced to question some of her spiritual beliefs.

When the handsome, good-natured Samuel Schrock enters her life, Abigail is further confused. Though legal within the Ordnung to remarry when widowed, Abigail must decide if it is it the right decision for her.

Abigail finds herself not only in love with Samuel, but with another as well, a baby by the name of Eliza Grace who is in need of a loving home. But Samuel’s newly discovered family fortune threatens to leave their love relationship bankrupt for she has deep beliefs that the abundance of money is rooted in evil.

When it comes to Abigail’s rigid rules, can she find a balance between her convictions that are self-imposed and those that are truly Gott’s own? Will her legalistic values limit Gott’s blessings for herself and others or will she find the grace to contain them?

Mindfulness: A Complete Guide to Mindfulness, Reducing Stress & Anxiety, to Achieve Happiness & Inner Peace (Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Free)

by Alicia North

Everything you need to know about Mindfulness, it’s Benefits and Techniques. Learn how to Relax and Enjoy Your Life.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on How to Master Mindfulness to manage stress, reduce anxiety, increase productivity and achieve happiness and inner peace. Mindfulness is the heart of Buddhist meditation and today the practice of mindfulness have a profound spiritual, mental and physical benefit to everyone.

In today’s hectic life, finding mental and physical space for peace amidst the competing demands of family commitments, friends, to-do lists, and work deadlines can be difficult and challenging. Studies have shown that mindfulness practices dissolve anxiety, stress, and depression; improve creativity, problem-solving ability and enhance mental resilience to meet the day-to-day work demand.

This book on mindfulness reveals a set of simple yet extremely powerful and effective practices that you can incorporate into your busy daily life with ease and help break the vicious cycle of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and unhappiness. Mindfulness helps you cut through the noise, chaos, and confusion of present-day world; it seeps into everything you do and helps you tackle the worst that life can throw at you with new courage, and reclaim tranquility and inner peace, wherever you are. You can practice mindfulness while showering, eating, standing in line at the supermarket, on a crowded train or sitting at your desk in the office. Practice mindfulness and live a stress and anxiety free productive life.

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Why Practice Mindfulness?
  • Getting Started with Mindfulness
  • Start Practicing Mindfulness Meditation
  • Sitting and Walking Meditation
  • Informal Practices for Mindfulness Meditation
  • Diet for Mindfulness

Harnessing Air Magic (A Witch’s Guide to Elemental Magic)

by Viivi James

What would you do, if you could harness the power of the wind?

Most books concerning magic and the elements will lay out exactly how to call the elements or bend them to your will. This book is unique in that it will tell you the components you can use to create your own craft and call the elements in a way that is personal to you.

Viivi James will tell you of deities, and even pop culture icons, you can use to harness Air within your witchy workings.

If you want to connect with this element more deeply, this book is a must in your magical library.

You’ll find the following topics in this in-depth book on paganism and witchcraft:

  • Things that are associated with Air
  • Deities, including gods, goddesses, Lovecraftian monsters, and things from pop culture (for Pop Culture Pagans)
  • Herbs and plants
  • Spells
  • Plus, tips on how to make your own spells!
  • Learn how to harness your own magical abilities! Copy and paste this link: ?

    Amish Romance: Outside the Familiar (Contemporary Inspirational Amish Christian Romance) (Young Adult Women’s Religious Christian Fiction Short Stories)

    by Hannah Miller

    This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger!

    Elijah loved when his father would take him to visit the nearby town. Everything there was new and exciting, and he grew up loving the world outside of his little Amish community. One day, against his mother’s wishes, he is sent into town to collect some things, and there he meets a girl from the local high school. He quickly finds himself tossed into a whirlwind relationship with her, which makes him question everything that he had ever known.

    When problems arise, does Elijah decide that his life in the Amish community is really what he wants? Is there something there to keep him around? Or will this girl that he barely knows make him think that his life is not what he wants it to be?

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    One Thing: Confronting the Obstacle Between You and Christ

    by Paul Schwanke

    “I want to go to Heaven. There must be something I can do to get there. Just name it.”

    So ran the conversation between Jesus and the young politician. And so concurs the thoughts of seekers today.

    But what ifâ??in spite of your sincerityâ??there is one thing standing in your way?

    Jesus told the young ruler there was. Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He helped many confront the “one thing” standing between them and God.

    A respected religious teacher. A common woman. A blind outcast. Although it would seem they lived worlds apart, they all had one thing in commonâ??the fact that there was one thing standing between them and God.

    One decision. One choice. One roadblock. One thing.

    Will you confront it?

    Atonement for Emily Adams

    by Susan Lawrence

    Grace Awards Winner for Faith Based Fiction

    When Emily Adams hits and kills ten-year-old Isaiah Nelson with her car, she is overwhelmed with remorse. Knowing she cannot undo this tragedy, Emily hopes to atone for Isaiah’s death by good deeds and community service. However, the more she does, the more her life falls apart. With her job on the line, her volunteer efforts fruitless, and her marriage in jeopardy, the final blow comes when Isaiah’s grieving parents file a wrongful death suit. For them, this will be justice and closure, but for Emily this is final proof she will never be forgiven. Not by Isaiah’s parentsâ??not by God. Where do you turn when “I’m sorry” isn’t enough?

    Boy’s World – The Teenage Years: Book 1: Sunny Side Up (Teen Fiction Series)

    by L. Edwards

    Michael, a typical teenage boy is coming to terms with growing up, his life is unexpectedly thrown into turmoil by forced relocation and vicious rich kids who enjoy beating up boys like him. But with true friends he can count on – his confidence is growing and the world is starting to open up with possibilities

    ROMANCE: CLEAN ROMANCE: Honoring Her Heart (Sweet Inspirational Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Clean Fantasy Short Stories)

    by Julie Joseph

    When newly-minted Doctor Matt Conroy moves from the North Carolina campus life to a rural, lakeside Michigan town, he’s got a much quieter, easy pace of life to look forward to. For a man suffering from multiple fears- fears of crowds, drowning, heights- the quieter pace of life is just what he’s looking for.

    What he wasn’t counting on was sassy and outgoing Emma Butler entering his life the same day he started his new job. She’s talking him into trying out things that his ordinary fears would normally prohibit him from ever even thinking of trying. Too bad Matt managed to infuriate her father, the overprotective Reverend Frank Butler, on the same day he started the job and that he met Emma!

    When Emma’s life is in danger, it’s up to Matt to set aside his greatest fear, save her life, and maybe save his own in the process.

    Romance: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Changing Love (Western Frontier Pioneer Clean Romance) ((Inspirational Historical Christian Romance))

    by Grace Fisher

    From Independence, Missouri, travelers have gathered for the arduous journey along the Oregon Trail. Unknown trials and tribulations are set aside as excitement pushes them onward. If only they could see what lay ahead. Only then would some of the travelers have second thoughtsâ?¦

    Laura Jenkins is heading to California. It’s a journey she doesn’t really want to make but her husband feels it’s the best plan for them and their unborn child. He hopes the air will improve his lung condition. Deciding to make the best of it, Laura has no idea of what’s in store for her. A capable woman whose only plan was to teach, will become a rancher’s wife.

    Davy Pearson, the wagon-master, knows the trek isn’t going to be easy. They haven’t even set off when one family is complaining about the pregnant woman and her sick husband. But all those that pay will travel Davy declares, although he will come to regret this declaration when a lone rider turns up. Davy has a secret past life which has brought heartbreak and loneliness into his life. All he wants to do is make the world a better place. And for once, his life will change for the better although not without harsh decisions to make.

    Laura has no way of knowing of the changes that will come into her life by the time she reaches her final destination. Death, jealousy, murder, betrayal all rear their ugly heads in this story following Laura Jenkins as she finally finds peace and the realization of true and ever-so-changing love.


    Historical Romance boxed set: A Sense of Love (Victorian Christian Contemporary Inspirational Duke Wealth Highlander Romance) (Clean & Wholesome Western Mail order Bride Regency)

    This historical,inspirational Christian romance much-loved series is about empowered women who selflessly give up everything for the improvement of their families.Their turn around their hopeless circumstances in this mid-19-century-tale of old west,with strong faith and discover authentic men and true love.

    Five historical Christian romance books are includes in this collection!

    : Texas Love

    : Love Rancher

    : A Melody of Love

    : A Grant of Love

    : A Bride hunts Love


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    This is a standalone short story with a HEA ending.

    Becalmed: When a Southern woman with a broken heart finds herself falling for a widower with a broken boat, it’s anything but smooth sailing.

    by Normandie Fischer

    Heart of Excellence finalist
    Selah Awards Finalist

    With her days chock full – designing jewelry for the shop she co-owns with her best friend, sailing her sharpie, and hanging out with girlfriends – Tadie Longworth barely notices she’s morphing into the town’s maiden aunt. When Will, a widower with a perky daughter named Jilly, limps into town in a sailboat badly in need of engine repairs, Tadie welcomes the chance to help. Her shop becomes Jilly’s haven while Will hunts boat parts, and Tadie even takes the two of them sailing. It’s the kind of thing she lives for, and it’s a welcome distraction from the fact that her ex-boyfriend Alex, aka The Jerk of Jerks, is back in town. With his northern bride. Oh, and he’s hitting on Tadie, too.

    Those entanglements are more than enough, thank you very much, so it’s almost a relief when a hurricane blows into town: at least the weather can match Tadie’s mood. When Will and Jilly take shelter in her home, though, Tadie finds herself battling her attraction to Will. Even worse, the feeling is mutual, tempting them all with what-ifs that petrify Will, who has sworn never to fall in love again. Mired in misunderstanding, he takes advantage of the clear skies and hauls Jilly out of there and back to his broken boat so fast, Tadie’s head spins.

    With the man she might have loved gone, and the man she wishes gone showing up on her doorstep, Tadie finds herself like a sailboat with no wind; becalmed, she has to fight her way back against the currents to the shores of the life, and the man, she wants.

    Billionaire Romance & Stepbrother Romance: Stepbrother Love Collection & Billionaires Romance Short Stories – Romance Billionaire Step Brother Adult Romance Anthology, XXX Billionaires Romance Novels

    by Lady Aingealicia

    ‘…As she led him by the hand to follow her, she slipped out on the balcony. Marco followed her without question. They were by themselves. Akia reached up and kissed him on the cheek. He caught the back of her head and leaned down placing his mouth on hers fully. He felt her gasp as he kissed her deeply. Slowly he lifted the skirt of her dress and found…’

    This is a romance short story collection

    Tags: XXL, Short Stories, Romance, Thriller, Collection

    Breathing on Her Own: If time heals all wounds, what are we to do with our scars?

    by Rebecca Waters

    Molly Tipton looks forward to a peaceful retirement, but her life suddenly spirals out of control when her oldest daughter is involved in a terrible accident. An icy road and a sharp turn leave one woman dead, another clinging to life.

    While two families grieve, details emerge that reveal Molly’s daughter was driving under the influence. As she prepares her daughter for the prospect of a vehicular homicide lawsuit, Molly discovers her oldest child is not the only one injured and forced to deal with past mistakes. If it’s true that time heals all wounds, what are we to do with our scars?

    Behold the Man: A Discussion of Theological Dimension – The Person: Jesus of Nazareth

    by Jeffrey Thomas

    So much has been written about Jesus of Nazareth, his life, and his teachings, that there is now an abundance of misinformation based upon misconceptions concerning Jesus and his mission, as evidenced by the many hundreds of denominations of a divided Church.

    Seven hundred years before Jesus of Nazareth arrived at the banks of the Jordan River, the prophet Isaiah, acting as the scribe for the God of Israel, proclaimed this annunciation: “for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.” Isaiah 52:15c

    Behold the Man was written in the hope that what you find within its pages will continue in the spirit of the words of the prophet, and will give you food for deep thought as you consider the life and teachings of Jesus and his Apostles. As you read and come to rediscover the person of Jesus of Nazareth, may you gain the spiritual comfort found in the affection of a kindred relationship with him that is real, and based in the knowledge of who he was, what he accomplished, and what he means to us today.

    Romance: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: American Jewels (Western Frontier Clean Romance Collection) (Historical Inspirational Western Romance)

    by Northstar Books

    Get 32,000+ words of clean Mail Order Bride Western romance adventures in this exciting new collection

    In this collection you will find:

    Pearl’s New Beginning

    Devoted to Emerald

    Capturing Ruby’s Heart

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    Winning Strategies for Life: Discovering the Word on Winning!

    by Joyce Kipling Simmons

    Are you living the life of a winner? Believe it or not, the New Testament has a great deal to say about successful living, and Joyce Simmons has broken it down in an easy-to-study format, meeting every reader right where he or she may be. As you journal your personal responses to her daily questions, you’ll discover much about God, Scripture, and yourself. God never intended for you to feel defeated, and you are only as far away from victory as you are from His Word. Emotion by emotion and thought by thought, you’ll take hold of the power released through God’s promises to you!

    Romance: Seduction Romance Collection Box Set – Bad Boy Secret Babies (Contemporary Spanking Virgin Rock Star Romance) (Sports American Pregnancy Western Cowboy Firefighter Series Anthologies)



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    This collection includes:
    – Strike to the Heart
    – Can’t Go Back
    – Billionaire’s Touch
    – The Live-Ins
    – My Bossy Billionaire
    – The Doctor’s Order
    – Billionaires’ Charm
    – Betsy
    – My Stepbrother
    – Finding Her Bear
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    WARNING: This book contains mature content with **BURNING HOT** scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

    Your Aquarium Here: Your Guide to Real Water Feng Shui

    by Joey Yap

    There Is Much Ado about Water in Feng Shui… but the truth is, implementing a water feature such as an aquarium is not as complicated and tedious as it’s made out to be. In the first of his books in the new Fengshuilogy series, Joey Yap shows reader how simple Feng Shui can be effective Feng Shui – and it doesn’t require extraordinary expertise or years of learning. Now everyone – yes, even you – can read this short and succinct guide and learn how to effectively place and use an aquarium for optimal Feng Shui effect!

    One of the main errors in Feng Shui application is using a method the wrong way, and deriving no results, or worse yet… unwanted results. While certain forms of Feng Shui can be simple yet effective, it’s also important to know the difference between Feng Shui fact and fiction to enable you to derive effective and helpful results. In this way, you are able to make the most of the Feng Shui principles you put into play.

    * The true role of Water in Feng Shui revealed

    * Understand the meaning of Water Formulas in Feng Shui

    * Discover the principles of Water, and appreciate its various characteristics and forms

    * Put to rest Water Myths that serve no viable Feng Shui purpose

    * Flying Star Charts complete with detailed commentaries to show you how to effectively and accurately place an aquarium for your building

    Your Aquarium Here aims to set right all the wrongs and misconceptions surrounding the placement of water features and aquariums in Feng Shui, and provide a friendly guide towards doing it the right way – and the fuss-free way.

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