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Submission Specialist: A Bad Boy Romance (Still a Bad Boy Book 2)

by Ada Scott

Instead of Prince Charming, I got Him.

I promised I’d save myself for my wedding night.

Of course, I didn’t know it was going to be a fake marriage to a heavyweight MMA fighter. I couldn’t have known how good it would feel to be pinned under all those muscles and tattoos, squirming, panting, and even whimpering in ecstasy.

None of us knew how deeply he was involved with the mafia.

When he disrespects them, they think they can use me to punish him.

They’re wrong.

He’s a tank in human form.

And he’s coming for me.

Men tap out inside the ring, women surrender themselves outside of it. That’s always been my specialty.

I chose Skylar because she was so innocent. A good girl like her would help sell my reformed image to the public. To corrupt her and leave her ruined for all other men would be my hottest conquest yet.

But I found more in Skylar than that. Who’d have thought that the first woman I wanted to lay more than once would be my wife?

Now they think they can take away what is mine?

Even if I have to kill every last member of the Bertolini Crime Familyâ?¦

I’m coming for her.

Fair Game (The Rules Book 1)

by Monica Murphy

When your boyfriend bets YOU in a poker game, you better know when to runâ?¦

Bad enough Jade Frost’s boyfriend drags her to an illegal gambling house. Even worse that he actually threw her into the betting pot during an intense round of pokerâ?¦and lost. Talk about the perfect excuse for Jade to make him her ex-boyfriend.

Now she supposedly belongs to the ultra rich, extremely gorgeous Shep Prescott. He could have anything he wants yet he seems to be in hot pursuit of her. No matter how rude, how snarky, how impossible she acts, it doesn’t stop him. More like her horrible behavior seems to make him want her even more.

When she finds herself starting to fall for him, Jade’s confused. There’s more to Shep than the carefree rich charmer he portrays. No way could he want a serious relationship with herâ?¦or could he?

Her Loyal SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 2)

by Caitlyn O’Leary

Kidnapped and Nearly Broken
Lydia Hidalgo is still defiant as she and her family are sentenced to death at the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. Not knowing if she will survive, her one request is that her sister will be cared for.
A Daring Rescue
Clint Archer and his team mates will stop at nothing to rescue Lydia and her family from their captors. Having to carry this brave woman for five days through the jungle creates a bond that he cannot resist.
Clinging To Life
The closer they get to civilization, the slimmer Lydia’s chance of survival becomes. The Midnight Delta SEAL team work desperately to get her the help she needs, while Clint finds himself losing his heart more each day.

Greyson – Part 1: An Alpha Billionaire Shifter Romance (The Silver Moon Pack)

by Cali MacKay

*** This is part 1 of 4. In addition, Greyson — The COMPLETE Serial (parts 1-4) is now available in a convenient box set for a DISCOUNTED price!! ***

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Cali MacKay…

From the moment Greyson sets eyes on Juno, he knows her for what she isâ??his fated mate. There can be no other for him, which poses its own set of problems when he finds her standing over the dead body of a bear shifter from a rival clan. With the dead man’s family seeking revenge, the only way to keep her safe is for them to get married, making her a protected member of his wolf packâ??but that’s going to take a whole lot of convincing, especially when Juno looks panicked and ready to bolt.

Juno has a massive problem and accidentally killing a man in self-defense is just the start of it. She’s still rattled after finding out about a world she never knew existed, especially when she’s hiding a huge secret of her own. Though Greyson is sexy and sweet, and she could really fall for him, sticking around just isn’t an option, since she’d only be putting him in danger. And marrying him? That’s definitely not a solution to her messed up life.

With Juno’s life on the line, can Greyson convince her to take a chance on him, knowing he’ll not only keep her safe but make her happy or will she risk it all to keep him from the curse she has no control over?

Rough Rider 1: Bad Boy MC Romance (Fast Life)

by L.N. Pearl

Racing. Except from getting laid, there’s nothing more thrilling than racing on a bike in the middle of the night with a crowd of admirers screaming your name.

Tyler is a rider. A rough rider. Rough riders street race for money, fame and women. There’s nothing safe about it and that’s what makes it so damn exciting.

There’s nothing legal about it either. Tyler and his gang are troublemakers and running away from the police is part of the game.

A game that took Angela’s life six months ago, in mysterious circumstances. Her older sister, Trinity, is determined to find out the truth, even if it means getting involved with these dangerous bikers.

Without realizing it, Trinity will be sucked into their world and fall hard for their leader, the cocky and incredibly sexy Tyler.

Note: explicit language. For a mature audience only.

Caught in Flames: Fireman Dark Romance (Firehouse Romance Series Book 1)

by Lexy Timms

Looks like it’s time to burn my house down.

Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, brings you a firehouse romance so hot, it’s sizzling!

To Rebecca Taylor, her job had become simple. Sort of like lather, rinse, repeat. She travels throughout the country certifying fire station equipment. She’s a fully certified fire fighter, but her area of expertise is in testing out new equipment that will save lives. She lands up at Station 5 in Phoenix, AZ, the one place she’s been trying to avoid.

She grew up just outside the city, along with the newly hired sexy lieutenant, Sam Evans.
He was best friend’s with Becca’s brother, before he died in a random fire almost a decade earlier.

Heat runs ramped in the city of Phoenixâ??desert sun, burning buildings, and the undeniable hot attraction between Becca and Sam.

When the past begins to appear in familiar fire patterns, Becca is startled to realize there may be an arsonist in the city. Her brother, Corey’s death had been ruled an accident. Will she be able to prove it was murder before the arsonist comes looking for her?

Firehouse Romance Series
Caught in Flames
Burning with Desire
Craving the Heat

Why Love Matters

by Jay Northcote

Alastair needs help overcoming issues with touch and physical intimacy in order to clinch a business deal with some demonstrative Italians who prefer hugging to handshakes.

Martin, his assistant, has the perfect solution. His mother runs cuddle workshops, which could help Alastair overcome his fears–if he’s brave enough to try. Alastair is nervous not only about the workshop, but also because he will be sharing a room with Martin, who’s starred in his fantasies more often than an assistant should.

Alastair reluctantly decides to give it a try, so they head to a commune in Wales where Martin grew up. The weekend at the commune with Martin proves to be transformative in more ways than one.

Almost Romance, A Clover Park STUDS Novella (Clover Park STUDS, Book 4)

by Kylie Gilmore

Physicist Kate Lewis is shocked when the man she left behind travels one thousand miles to crash the physics department’s holiday party and ask for a second chance. Kate doesn’t do long-distance relationships. But she does do Ian. Multiple times. Small problemâ??she has a boyfriend. Too bad love isn’t a science.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What’s your rating for all the women you slept with?” Kate asked casually.
Ian’s brown eyes twinkled with amusement. “You get a ten, even the first time.”
“Oh!” She tittered. “A ten! Iâ??you flatter me.” She giggled in a very uncharacteristic way and smoothed her hair. “I was so inexperienced. I didn’t even know what I was doing.”
“You were open and honest, and you let me do whatever I wanted.” His fingers slid into her hair, cradling her head with one large hand. Her breath caught, but she couldn’t seem to move away. “And I realized sex is only special with the right person. Kate, you’re that right person for me.”
“Ian,” she said nervously, “I-I don’t know why you’d say that. I was a dopey desperate virgin. And that last time I was drunk.”
“No, you were tipsy from one beer.” His mouth grazed her earlobe as he spoke in a low, husky voice. “And the virgin thing, well, it was a privilege to be your first.”
She shivered. “Oh.”
He pulled back, his eyes hot on hers. “I’m going to kiss you now.”
“In my office?” she asked inanely.
“In your office,” he confirmed.
“Why?” she asked softly in a voice that sounded like an invitation even to her ears. This was a very bad idea. But his hand was so warm and large and strong, tipping her head back in delicious anticipation. And he smelled so good.
“Wrong question.” His gaze dropped to her mouth. “Ask how long I’ll be kissing you.”
“Ian,” she breathed.
His arm wrapped around her waist and with a quick tug made her tip into him. “Until you agree to let me give you a ten.”
She melted against the heat and strength of his body, but even so, a voice in her head was shouting at her to protest. There was a small problem with this line of experimentation. “Ianâ??”
She was cut off when his lips met hers, hot and demanding, and that electrifying chemistry that always happened when he kissed her shot straight through her body, making her mind shut down, a blissful break from its usual constant cranking. Only Ian could make her forget the world and lose herself in the moment. She clutched his sweater as he palmed her ass and pulled her up on tiptoe, pressed against his long, lean body. The kiss went on and on, and she just let go, lost in the feel of his mouth claiming hers, his taste, his scent. Nothing mattered except this heat that consumed her, made her ache and remember what they had together.
He lifted his head just as she attempted to climb his body, one leg lifted and wrapped around his. He gazed into her eyes with a warm smile. “Let’s go.”
She set her leg down and released her hold on his sweater, smoothing it back in place. And then she was forced to admit a very unfortunate fact that just proved her theory that their timing would never be right. “I have a boyfriend.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Each book in the Clover Park STUDS series can be read as a stand-alone novel, except for Ian & Kate, who are much more fun to read in order. Ian & Kate first appear in Almost in Love, have a Happy-For-Now experience in Almost Romance, and find their Happy-Ever-After in Almost Hitched. No cliffhangers! Each story has a satisfying tender ending.

The Clover Park STUDS Series
Book 1: Almost in Love
Book 2: Almost Married
Book 3: Almost Over It
Book 4: Almost Romance
Book 5: Almost Hitched

And don’t miss the Clover Park series! Characters from each series pop up in different stories!
Book 1: The Opposite of Wild
Book 2: Daisy Does It All
Book 3: Bad Taste in Men
Book 4: Kissing Santa
Book 5: Restless Harmony
Book 6: Not My Romeo
Book 7: Rev Me Up
Book 8: An Ambitious Engagement
Book 9: Clutch Player
Book 10: A Tempting Friendship

SHOOT: A Novel

by Kristen Flowers

They don’t make men like Brad Hastings in Iowa

Silky smooth confidenceâ??Check.

A shirt that clings to his muscles like saran wrapâ??Check.

Emerald green eyes that undress me with a glanceâ??Check.

He’s everything that makes a country girl like myself wobbly at the kneesâ?¦

â?¦and he’s my fashion photographer.

I’m just an everyday farm girl from Iowa who sells blueberry pies at the local farmer’s market, but I’ve always dreamed of living in the big city. Then I got the biggest opportunity of a lifetimeâ??move to The Big Apple and become a professional model.

Enter Brad.

He’s sweet and charming sure, but there’s a dark and provocative side to himâ?¦

I was raised with “good country values,” and he’s about to shatter them in to a million pieces and make me question everything I thought I knew about myself.

My mother always said “there’s nothin’ good outside of Iowa.” Now I’m starting to thinkâ?¦

Maybe she’s rightâ?¦

SHOOT is a full length romance novel with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA ending. It contains sexual adult themes with domination, submission, and multiple partners. This book comes with two free bonus novellas as a thank you to my readers.

Her Secret Millionaire

by Cat Schield

When the handsome, down-to-his-last dollar cowboy who sweeps you off your feet turns out to be a millionaire, most girls would be thrilled. Not Jaime Burnett. Negative experiences with the rich guys her mother frequently pushes at her have left her feeling less than perfect.

For Cody Montgomery it was supposed to be a quick casual fling. A couple weeks of fun and he’d move on. But he underestimated how much he liked being with a woman who didn’t look at him with dollar signs in her eyes. And when his deception blows up in his face, the only way he knows to get back in Jaime’s good graces is to shower her with the one thing she isn’t interested in: his money.

DOMINIC (Dragon Security Book 3)

by Glenna Sinclair


Dom’s strong hands once held me close – now they hold me captive.

A couple years ago, it would have been a huge turn-on if Dominic had overpowered me, tossed me easily over his enormous shoulder, and handcuffed me with that fierce, determined look in his eye.

Now, though, it’s not sexy or kinky. It’s just terrifying.

Ever since the bastard cheated on me with Emily, my twin sister, it hurts just to think of his name. And ever since he was named the prime suspect in her murder, it’s been worse.

And now he’s kidnapped me in broad daylight, demanding that I trust him? Yeahâ?¦I don’t think so.

Dom can flash his gorgeous hazel eyes and flex his huge, strong arms all he wants – I’m not about to go down without a fight.


Years ago I broke her heartâ?¦ Now I have to save her life.

My blood runs cold whenever I think of the last texts Emily sent me – “I think someone’s following her,” she wrote, minutes before being killed. “Dom, we might have brought our trouble home.”

She meant Amy.

Someone’s following Amy – because of me.

Amy, the beautiful woman I never stopped loving. Amy, who saw something she shouldn’t have and lost all trust and faith in me. But heyâ?¦maybe she was right to. I’m obviously dangerous to be around, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m an asshole.

Well, she might not want me around, but I have to protect the woman I love – by whatever means necessary.

Hard Wood (Tool Shed Book 1)

by A.R. Steele

Ace Hartley lives for the thrills. This bad boy loves ’em and leaves ’em, and he likes it that way. His family’s wealth means he doesn’t have to work for a living, so his employment as an exotic dancer is nothing more than a sexy diversion. In fact, he’s just about ready to move on to the next adventure.

Gabriel Mueller despises his menial job. When he’s presented with the opportunity to audition as a stripper, he leaps without looking – and lands in deep water. Before he even realizes he’s in over his head, he’s fallen under the spell of one devilishly handsome coworker.

Will the pleasure-seeking playboy take Gabriel into his bed for one night? Or could the good-looking geek give Ace a reason to stay at the Tool Shed?

Hard Wood is the first book of the Tool Shed of gay romance novels. It has a happily ever after ending and can be enjoyed as a standalone or as part of the collection.

Vile (True Nature Series Book 2)

by David Roslyn

Our true natures are often that which we despise in others.

Joshua Taylor is a twenty-four-year-old guy who has never considered himself remotely interested in men. Even after that one night on Will’s birthday, which’d been a stupid mistake.

In fact, he’s seeing Stacey now and though things are going alright, he can’t help but feel like something is missing from his life.

Can Joshua figure out what he really wants and have the courage to take it or will he just try and stick to that which he considers â??normal’, even though it hurts those around him?

This gay contemporary romance, with no cliff-hanger ending, is around 30,000 words in length.

This is book 2 of the True Nature Series but can be read as a standalone book.

It contains erotic language, as well as violent and sexually explicit material. It is intended for adults who appreciate gay and bisexual eroticism, as well as finding love in the strangest places.

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