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Unfinished Business: An Angela Panther Mystery Book One (The Angela Panther Mystery Series 1)

by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

In UNFINISHED BUSINESS AN ANGELA PANTHER NOVEL, #1 AMAZON bestselling author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson introduces her now trademark blend of witty dialog and hilarious banter in the first book of her paranormal cozy mystery series. Filled with romance and friendships reminiscent of Chick-Lit novels, Unfinished Business is a humorous and heartwarming adventure.

When Angela Panther’s mother Fran Richter wakes her up in the middle of the night ranting about stolen Hershey Bars, Angela thinks her mother’s got a screw loose. And then it hits her. Her mother is dead. Just a few hours before, Angela watched as the funeral home staff nearly dropped her mother’s body off the gurney while sliding her into the hearse. So maybe she’s the one that’s nuttier than a fruitcake?

But Fran keeps popping in and with a volcano full of drama already brewing at home–crazy or not–Angela’s grateful for her mother’s presence.

It’s the other ghosts Angela can do without.

Seems Fran’s return opened a portal between Angela and the other side and ghosts are hitting up the reluctant psychic medium for help. From the naked British guy juggling balls in the coffee shop parking lot to the woman desperately trying to save her sick child, Angela must find a way to balance her own life with the unfinished business of the dead.

This book was a finalist in the 2014 RONE Awards from InD’Tale Magazine.

Badass: Deadly Target (Complete): Military Romantic Suspense

by Leslie Johnson

Compelling and emotional saga where danger meets desire.

Meet Mia. She’s just an ordinary girl who’s working hard and getting by when a phone call changes everything. Within an hour, her carefully controlled world turns to chaos. And a man – the perfect man – becomes the only one she can turn to. And fear. And long for.

Meet Jax. Ex-Army Ranger, now CIA operative, he keeps a tight control on his actions and his heart. Because an angel holds it, and he’s been so certain he’ll never get it back. Love is in his past, he feels certain of it. Until he opens the door for her.

Thrust together by circumstances outside of their control, they must trust each other because they haven’t any other choice. And if she is who he thinks she is, will he be able to turn her in? Or will he break ever oath he’s ever made to protect her?

Although Badass: Deadly Target is a standalone series, you may enjoy reading the other Badass series first, now in complete sets:

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