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Highland Romance: Highland Vow (Historical Scottish Alpha Male Highlander Warrior Romance) (Medieval Steamy Story Pregnancy Bride Romance Short Stories)

by Kyra Johnston

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Lyla never imagined she would be a lynchpin for anything.

Her mother told her all her life that, following the death of her father, it would be her responsibility to marry the boy next door and merge their lands and cattle. To her credit, she does intend to…

…until a group of men wearing Cameron colors come riding down the road.

With her fields condemned to burn, and her town threatened to be razed to the ground, Lyla does the unthinkable, and offers herself in marriage as a show of good faith to the leader of the clan, a powerful man named Lachlan, if he will only spare her town and allow them to pay tax and tribute to remain alive.

To the horror of her people, Lachlan accepts.

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The Merchant’s Tale

by Michael Pockley

My editor tells me that this book is appropriate “for the more intelligent reader”.

I had intended it as a simple, low-brow bodice-ripper but somehow it’s ended up more “Virginia Woolf in a good mood” than “Dan Brown in a wig”.

So there we are: if you think “Mrs. Dalloway” is a good book, buy mine; if you think “The Da Vinci Code” constitutes literature, don’t.

Great marketing, that…saying my novel is entirely different from the best-selling book of recent times…

ROMANCE: Business Affair: (Secret Baby Bad Boy Workplace Romance) (New Adult Alpha Male Contemporary Romance)

by Jane Price

Passion in the office.

Marie had the perfect working relationship with her boss and political candidate, Jack Lawson – business by day, pleasure by night.

But when Jack moves away to conquer his political aspirations, he leaves behind more than just a lover. Something which would surely spell political scandal…

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WARNING: Adult Content. 18+ readers only.

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ROMANCE: THREESOME: Bad Boy Desires: (Alpha Male Bisexual Menage Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

by Sinfully Sweet Books

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Collection Contents:

1. Naked Affair

2. Irresistibly Mine

3. Irresistible Chemistry

4. Country Club Affair

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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ROMANCE: Never Kiss a Murderer: (New Adult Bad Boy Romance) (Contemporary Mystery Short Stories)

by Viva Fox

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Laura Allbright is a good cop. She’s worked hard as a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania homicide detective. It was through the force that she met her boyfriend, Steve Lewis. She thought she had it all with him.

Her world comes crashing down when Steve cheats on her with her medical examiner and best friend Stephanie. Laura is heartbroken.

Fortunately the next best thing arises: a case. Laura takes off for the other side of the state to investigate a body found in a county park.

As soon as she begins her investigation, she meets Detective Tom Jones. Jones immediately puts her off, but his odd behavior soon sells her on him.

The situation becomes more complex when another body is discovered, and Steve appears in town. Laura now wonders if a serial killer is at work. If he is, she has to find him before he kills again. But will she be his next victim?

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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The Sultan’s Vizier: A Short Story (Tales of Half Truths Collection Book 13)

by Ruth Newell

Taken from his homeland by raiding Tartars to pay the Khan’s blood tax, seven year old Pasa Bajica was enslaved and forcibly recruited into the Sultan’s Janissary Corps. As an old man, he had outlived two sultan’s and was now serving as Suleiman’s adviser. Weighted by knowledge and by experience, he becomes a man verging on revolution when Suleiman takes his sons into battle. Rizayya, Sultanas of the Eastern Empire, devises a brutal strategy in effort to save her people from destruction at the hands of the advancing Ottoman army. In the Sultan’s absence, the fearless Lieutenant Stephen Decatur out wits a nest of slave-catching pirates and leads the American fleet to attack Suleiman’s fortresses throughout the Mediterranean.

Hart’s Reward: A High Seas Adventure-Captain Hart loses his memory and must rediscover his love for his Lady (amnesia story) (Pirates & Petticoats Book 3)

by Chloe Flowers

Landon Hart:
I wake up to learn that I’ve been unconscious for days.
I have no memory of the past five years.
There’s a woman dressed as a boy aboard my ship and she claims to be my wife.
I don’t believe her.
She’s hiding something.
One thing I know for certain: I would have never married a second time.

Keelan Hart
Remember me.
Everything I tell Landon about our time together sounds like an elaborate lie.
How can he fall in love with me again if he won’t trust me?
We have fought too hard to be together for me to just let him go.
The scoundrel doesn’t remember me, but he does remember Annette Camsby, his ex-mistress.
Fight for Landon’s heart? Damn right I will.

Before they can sail to Jamaica in search of the pirates who took her brother, Keelan and Landon must complete their mission to transport runaway slaves to Philadelphia. When an accident takes Landon’s memory, their enemies start to close in.

Landon’s eyes widened and traveled from Keelan’s face down to her bare breasts, then over her boy’s breeches and boots then back up again.
“What in God’s nameâ?¦.” He clenched his jaw and in two strides closed the space between them. His movement finally broke her temporary paralysis and she lunged for her shirt still draped over their bed. His bed now, since he had no memory of ever sharing it with her.
He reached her before she could take a second step, grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall of the cabin. His crystalline irises flashed in anger. “Who the hell are you?” His gaze raked once more past her stained face, neck and chest to her creamy white breasts, tight, rosy pink nipples and pale stomach.
“And no more lies,” he growled.
If he expected her to shrink in fear, he was going to be disappointed. Keelan lifted her chin and glared back at him as best as she could, considering the top of her head barely reached his jaw. No more tiptoeing around the truth, then.
“I am Keelan O’Brien Hart. Your WIFE.”

Pirate Heiress (Fall 2016)
Reluctant pirate, Stevie Cheramie, is on a quest with her family to find a secret treasure hidden by her great-great grandparents, two notorious pirates, Anne Bonny and Calico Jack Rackham. When her eight-year old twin siblings are kidnapped and the ransom demand is a merchant ship called the Seeker, Stevie must find the courage to conquer her fears and fight for those she loves, including her handsome hostage.

Captain Conal O’Brien is ready to fight for control of his ship until he discovers the pirates commandeering it work for his sworn enemy. What better way to locate the pirate’s secret stronghold than to sail right into it? It’s not long before he realizes these brigands aren’t who they seem to be, and if he’s not careful, he’s going to lose his heart as well as his ship to the woman determined to destroy both.

Chloe lives in Ohio with her tall, dark and handsome husband, three children and two rambunctious dogs, Indiana and Luke, who are named after her two favorite action heroes.

Chloe’s love for pirates began with Peter Pan and continued with Pirates of the Caribbean and ghost stories about pirates from the Outer Banks.

In her youth, she loved reading Kathleen Woodiwiss novels. Today, she loves reading books by Julia Quinn, Debbie Macomber, Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, John Sanford, James Pattenson, George Lucas, Linda Howard, Miranda Liasson and Sheridan Jeane.

Variety is bliss.

Travels in time: Minoan Crete

by Mary Black

With an old map, an ancient castle, an archaeologist on their trail, and a time machine gone berserk, four friends begin their travels in time. Alexandros, Eirene, Nikolas and Kostantis make the fascinating journey to strange worlds of secrets, action, adventure, new knowledge, and the truly unexpected.

Julian Carleton–I am not just another George!: Taliesin Murders

by Ethel Cook-Wilson

Julian Carlton went on a rampage and killed seven people on August 15, 1914, at the building site of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, Taliesin, in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Little is known of the killer, other than scant information that was reported in the newspapers at the time of the crime. The author has imagined a life for Julian in cultural climates he lived in during the early part of the twentieth century. August 15, 2014 will be one-hundred years since this event happened at the iconic home of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Apple Picker’s Daughter

by Anne Brooke

Born in the 1960s on a UK apple farm, Clare Rivers is a girl out of time, living in a family and a world that makes little sense to her. Determined to carve out her place somehow, and with her deep love of her father to see her through, Clare begins a unique journey to discover the reasons for her own existence. If she can. However, accompanied by the oddities of family, school and the strange lyrical life of the apples, can Clare really find a place within herself to call home?

This novel will appeal to lovers of rural life, recent history and a child’s quirky but clear-sighted view of the adult world.

Travels in time: Venetian Crete

by Mary Black

After their adventures in Crete in the time of King Minos, the four young time travellers – Alex, Kostantis, Nikolas and Irene – found themselves back in Crete during the years of Venetian rule. There they became friends with Arete, Bianca – a niece of the governor, Count Morosini – and the brave knight Fabbio. Again they landed in danger and were imprisoned. In the midst of a bid to save their lives they met Pietro Longobardo, a Venetian noble with a dark secretâ?¦

Natural Causes: …a Martin & Lydia Penn story (Searching for Summerland Book 2)

by Barry Friesen

The year is 1989, back when “til death do us part” was what a lifelong marriage meant, as far as Lydia Penn was concerned. But at 62, Lydia finds that not only do men age differently than women, her newly-retired husband, Martin, is underfoot and driving her crazy. Love has to change form when life does, but it’s not easy with a husband who keeps moving full grown trees twenty feet to the left because he has nothing to do, who who paints her kitchen to remind him of the shacks he loved her in back when they first married. He wants her to give up the independence of her own car, and abandon their comfortable life on the farm to move up into the mountains to live in a shack again. And he’s begun to flirt, and not with her. Lydia has to put her foot down for the first time in their marriage, or lose a new part of herself that she’s only just discovered. And Martin is a bull.

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