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VAMPIRE MYSTERY: Vampire Prophecy: (A Detective Murder Mystery) (New Adult and College Fantasy Mystery Book 1)

by Elizabeth Clarke

Hopeless. That was how I felt when I stood in front of her. I could see that she had so much fear in her eyes and I feared if I moved an inch forward, she would be gone. At that moment I thought about life. Life in particular can easily perish in an instant, as it has no value, especially when the judgment is in another person’s hand, instead of God’s…

When a dead body is found on campus, Wilhelm Bronstein is asked to help with the investigation. He is supported by Levia Joseph, a Christian student who is fascinated by his strange appearance and behaviour and soon has her doubts whether he is even human. Together they start finding out who is behind the bloodshed and immerge more and more into a world where nothing is as it seems.

The Witch Box

by Laura Ellison

Young Joshua Hildebrand tries to recover his memory after a serious illness, only to find himself in the middle of a conspiracy of small town witches. A series of deaths brings him closer to the truth about his own dark gifts.

Moonrise Falling

by Adrian Jawort

From the wildly imaginative mind of Adrian L. Jawort comes a dauntless and gritty noir style tale that conveys you deep into the minds and lives of anti-heroes A.D. and the unforgettable Deedra. Straying back toward the cover of darkness that made Anne Rice popular, prepare yourself for a mind-blowing paranormal trip that will seep deep into your psyche in this 21st Century anti-Twilight novel.
Renown as a fearless and bold writer in both his non-fiction and fiction works, Adrian L. Jawort says, “You cannot create your own writing voice by continually drowning it out with the voices of what others may or may not think.” He’s also curator and contributor of the very well-received and original Off the Path volumes of literary short stories featuring American Indian and Indigenous writers. He’s written freelance journalism and op-ed articles and fiction for some 13 very odd years at various national and indie publications.

Mystery: Forbidden Zone – Back Home: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Collection Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, London, USA, Short stories)

by Terry Space



This is a suspense story of survival that describes how an astronomer called Mr Stamper, a chaperone and his prisoner, a marine official, and other passengers boarded a flight from New York to Los Angeles piloted by Mr Pedro and co-piloted by Ms Angela.

It describes the suspense that arose when landing the plane took rather too long after a white beam of light shines on the plane. After a while of reaching out to air officials and getting no response, they landed on a strange land. The sun, the stars and the sky looked so different. After panic amongst the passengers was calmed down, the astronomer indicated they were in another planet due to these signs.

They were approached by the people of this strange land whom had a strange language and gradually they learnt how to understand each other. They came across one of their kinds on the craddleland called Dean who claims to know the way out and eventually helped them get back to Los Angeles after series of adventure and seeking for a way out.

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VAMPIRE MYSTERY: Vampire Infinity: (A Detective Murder Mystery) (New Adult and College Fantasy Mystery Book 2)

by Elizabeth Clarke

Cemeteries are always quiet. Perhaps because that it is the one place humans don’t argue, fight or try to kill each other. This is the only place they humans busy themselves doing one thing: being dead.

As Wilhelms and Levias hunt for the murderer on campus continues, very old friends appear.

With an explosive investigation, a passionate love affair, and very un-human protagonists, you have everything a detective mystery needs.

Elizabeth Clarke writes with verve, sensuality and the ability to turn everything around as soon as reader feels safe!

The Undiscovered Country

by George C. King

Stories within stories, endings within endings. George King discovers a manuscript while going through his recently deceased mother’s effects. His father says the manuscript simply appeared on her computer at the Maryland hospital where she worked as a surgeonâ??twenty-five years earlierâ??and advises George not to read it.

He ignores the advice and reads the narrative in a white heat. English teacher Steven Vaughan is shot in the head by one of his students, Freeman Ames, in the opening page. Vaughan floats out of his body where he observes the action of the rest of the story as a disembodied spirit. There follows a hostage crisis in the classroom, a trial filled with unpredictable twists and flamboyant lawyers, and a flashback to events that nearly destroyed Vaughan’s family on a lake in Maine.

Through it all, a being of light guides Vaughan’s spirit while his body lies in a coma. He exists in a realm between life and death, watching the present, reliving scenes from his own life, and witnessing those from the lives of others. In the end he must choose life or death.

But the biggest mystery of all is whether he wrote the story while in a coma or whether the manuscript is a hoax. George searches with Vaughan’s daughter for a possible clue to the truth.

MYSTERY : Phantom – SUSPENSE: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller, Sci-fi) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, London, Horror, dark, Mystery thriller & suspense)




2020 has occurred its height of great conflict such as Silent War. There are international organizations which are The Seekers who are defending the planet against Phantoms. Phantoms are considered their greatest threat. Rachel Moore will be obligated to do her job in bringing down these merciless extremists. However, it is not going to be easy.

Agent Moore will be in action together with Agent Michaels. Both of them have to endure pain in order to avoid the Phantom agents to assassinate or impersonate the Directors. Soon, more complex problems will arise as they strive to defend their protective territory.

They live to protect and serve peace; that has been their primary goal ever since. But somehow, things will fall into what they never expected. Is this the end of the guardians? Are they willing to sacrifice everything in order to do their job? How long will this war be?

In a world where life is a gift, and the constant enemies are just a piece of agent hostilities, will they ever find peace and live normally without extremities? Find out.

Dead Sector: Denver

by Jason Hartwell

Denver is being attacked by the undead! A handful of survivors band together to fight their way out of the “Mile High City” to possible refuge at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Ravenous and blood thirsty, the yellow eyed fiends nip at their heels as well as their throats trying to feed their insatiable hunger for flesh. Colorado’s biggest city has been brought to its knees.

It’s up to the team of survivors to quell the zombie uprisings and seek out safety before they all become what they fear the mostâ?¦ THE UNDEAD!

The Eleventh Hour: The Enlightened Ones Book I (The Eleventh Hour Trilogy)

by Kathryn Dionne

Amazon #1 BEST SELLER, The Eleventh Hour Trilogy is a fast-paced, supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and asking yourself; is this fiction, or is it real?

~Book 1 of The Eleventh Hour Trilogy, an amazon #1 Best Seller~ The Eleventh Hour: The Enlightened Ones Book 1

“…and from these fibers shall emerge the next immaculate conceptions.”

When archaeologist, Sophia Conrad, uncovers an ancient scroll hidden deep in the Judean hills, a force greater than her conscience compels her to steal it. As she begins to translate the writings she realizes three very important facts. This is a book of prophecy foretelling the end times; it is the personal diary of Jesus; and she has been chosen to save mankind from the next cataclysmic event. But when she discovers a small piece of fabric tucked inside the scroll, she and her husband David, a geneticist, are propelled into a life of science, secrecy and government conspiracy.

The Eleventh Hour Trilogy:  

Book I The Eleventh Hour: The Enlightened Ones
Book II The Eleventh Hour: Day of Atonement
Book III The Eleventh Hour: Resurrection

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