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Soul Weaver: A Fantasy Novel

by Trip Ellington

Ever since Shel was abandoned by her parents, life has been a game of thievery, lies, and survival. Stealing is all she knows and she’s good at itâ?¦until one of her schemes is ruined by a stranger who plans to steal something far greater…the emperor’s throne…

The ambitious stranger hadn’t taken one thing into account-that Shel might have secrets of her own-secrets she might not even know herself. Now the two must work together to survive in a world where souls grant power, and trust is rarer than gold…

SOUL WEAVER is a fantasy novel by TRIP ELLINGTON.

Henry Hooper: The Case of the Missing Library Book

by Brennan Bailey

It’s library day and Henry is excited to check out the new Dave the Dynamite Detective book. The only problem is that his library book is missing. Mr. Summers, the librarian, will never let him check out the new book until his old one is turned in! Will he find it in time?

Minecraft: The Best Minecraft Mods Ever (Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids)

by Minecrafters Wimpy Boy

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Minecraft Guide with the Best Minecraft Mods

This is an unofficial Minecraft book that tells the player all the BEST minecraft mobs ever

1. Pixelmon

2. Too Many Items

3. Biomes o’ Plenty

4. Computer Craft

5. No Cubes

6. Journey Map

7. Build Craft

8. Mo’ Creatures

9. Minecraft Comes Alive

10. Butterfly Mania

11. Rediscovered Mod

12. Pandora’s Box

13. Dynamic Lights

14. W.A.I.L.A. (What Am I Looking At)

15. Bacteria Mod

16. Chameleon Blocks

17. Moses Mod

18. Deco Craft

19. Mutant Creatures

20. Architecture Craft

21. Elevator Mod

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The Mask of Anubis

by Thomas Giancola

In Ancient Egypt, dark magical artifacts were created by the New Kings in an attempt to gain immortality. Now one of these recently unearthed artifacts, the Mask of Anubis, has gone missing along with the entire crew of the merchant ship that carried it to Englandâ?¦..

Centuries ago, in Medieval England a secret order was created by the king to ensure that no one was above justice. Known only as the Palatines, the members of this society were unknown even to each other. They still exist, and one of their number is on the trail of the missing Egyptian artifactâ?¦.

The Mask of Anubis is a tale of mystery, adventure, and magic. Set in London in the year 1889, a boy from America visits his rich uncle Cedric. Soon after his arrival, his uncle receives a mysterious note and disappears. Simon must uncover Uncle Cedric’s dual life, the noble origins of the Palatines, and investigate the disappearance of the dark artifact in order to find his uncle.

Simon has only his wits, determination, and a newfound friend, a poor yet street smart boy named Percy, to unravel the mystery. With the aid of Percy and his plucky little sister Emily, Simon must uncover the sinister plot and rescue his uncle and the crew of the missing ship, the Midnight Star.

Editorial Reviews (ABNA Review)
manuscript review by Publishers Weekly, an independent organization

This captivating cross between Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, and Oliver Twist is just the right combination of action-packed adventure and nail-biting suspense to make young readers’ imaginations run wild. Set in 1889, the story follows 10-year-old Simon after he is sent from his home in Pennsylvania to live with his wealthy uncle, Cedric, in London, while his archaeologist parents are away in Greece. Soon after he arrives, Simon wakes up to find that his uncle has disappeared without a trace. With the help an impish yet fiercely loyal street kid named Percy and Percy’s sister, Emily, Simon vows to find out what happened to his uncle. Then, when Simon accidentally discovers a hidden passageway in Cedric’s study that leads to a maze of underground chambers full of weapons and old journals from his ancestors dating back to 1382, Simon can only assume that Cedric is in grave danger. A gifted storyteller with a knack for vivid scenic descriptions, the author has spun a thrilling page-turner.

Minecraft: The Ultimate Combat Secrets Handbook for Minecraft (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids)

by Minecrafters Wimpy Boy

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Minecraft Guide with the Best Minecraft Seeds

This is an unofficial Minecraft book that tells the player all the BEST ways to take down mobs, the most efficient swords to use, and how to best use all of the fighting tools and their enchantments in the game of Minecraft. ,you will learn:


* Crafting

* Bow and Arrow Fighting

* Sword Enchantments




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Minecraft: Steve Ironcraft – The First Night: A boy gets sucked into an adventure map in his favorite video game called Minecraft!

by Le Pofi

Steve Ironcraft sets on an amazing adventure after being sucked into his favorite video game – Minecraft!!!

**Get this short children’s story by a brand new author on Amazon – Le Pofi!**

What will happen to Steve after being sucked into the game?

  • Is he going to be able to finish the adventure map?
  • Is the Overworld really as scary as he thinks?
  • How will he get himself out of the game?


Ask Dog Today: The Healing Process (Reading 6)


“Ask Dog Today: The Healing Process (Reading 6)” is one of seven intuitively channeled readings by author and therapist Parama K. Williams (and dog); providing insight, guidance, and solutions to many of today’s most challenging issues, questions, and struggles.

Unprecedented, never-before-unveiled, heart-opening, transforming messages directly from a collective of angelic “ascended masters” whose role is to appoint chosen representatives on Earth – “self-made warriors for Christ” – to act as sacred vessels for high-frequency teachings:

– Guidance for brave warriors who are focused on a life mission of service to heal people and the earth

– End Times: Insight about rapid planetary changes and how to respond to them

– The importance of being stewards of the earth’s resources for future generations

As Earth-bound representatives of the New Culture, the mission of the “warriors for Christ” is to be ready and willing to receive ongoing instructions for how to prepare humanity for its upgraded instantiation of a new and improved race on Earth during the End Times – the return of Christ, awakening consciousness among all people at once

Uplifting and life-changing messages for those of us who are brave, for those of us who are chosen for revival to guide humanity through the process of self-transformation in the midst of a momentous cultural and global transition from which no human being can be exempt….

The Tony Crowne Mysteries Box Set Books 1-3

by Peter Guy George


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The complete box set of the Tony Crowne mystery books-Over 550 pages.
Books 1-3…Touchdown Tony Crowne and the Mystery of the Missing Cheerleader…The Tiny Heist…Hannah’s Monsters…all in one download. Join Tony and his friends as they match wits against nasty criminals and race against time to solve three knotty mysteries.
Touchdown Tony Crowne and the Mystery of the Missing Cheerleader Tony is a back-up quarterback and aspiring detective who has his share of troubles. When his best friend, cheerleader Ashley Richardson, disappears the morning before Tony’s big football game, Tony must help his team win the big game and help a retired police detective find Ashley before it’s too late.
The Tiny Heist
An armored truck robbery nets the thieves a cool half-million dollars. The police arrest the leader of the gang: none other than Tony’s football coach! Did the police arrest the right man? Tony doesn’t think so. With the aid of his friends and his trusty dog, Tony teams up with a police detective to prove his coach innocent and to track down the real mastermind behind the heist.
Hannah’s Monsters
Tony Crowne is back and this time he is investigating the supernatural at a haunted mansion. A zombie, a werewolf and a vampire team up to drive an innocent woman out of her mind and out of her house. But why? Carlotta Hannah enlists the aid of Tony, his friends and his faithful dog to combat the monsters and discover their ulterior motive.

When The Tiger Roars: An inspirational guide to be your more powerful self!

by Alexandria Smith

Have you ever dreamed of a life where you were truly happy? Motivated and inspired every living second of life, you couldn’t wait to get out of bed and conquer the day. Each and every day you follow your passions and encounter successes on every step of your way.

This practical book gives you tried and tested tips, techniques, and exercises that you can start doing right now and take your life back!

Even if life puts you down, you can get back up with more power. Not only for everyone you love around you but also yourself.

Read on to find out how you can roar like a tiger, be powerful and in command of your own life….

Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon GO in Just Thirty minutes! Full guide, BEST Tips and Tricks!

by Brandon Rudkin

Hello, my name is brandon! are you ready to become a pokemon master?! This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about pokemon GO in just 30 minutes! This book also contains some of the best tips and tricks out there, and best of all I plan on updating it periodically, so you won’t have to buy another guide to get the latest on updates for pokemon GO! beginners and seasoned trainers alike will find this guide useful. NOW is the time to catch em’ all and make your dreams of becoming a pokemon master a reality! 🙂


by Bob Lang

Waking up early one morning, four little shaggy haired mountain dog puppies listened to their Uncle as he told them that they would be moving to the city to live with him. However, even before their Uncle had finished talking the only boy puppy of the four had already decided that moving from their cottage in the mountains to the city would give him opportunities to do things that were more exciting. Once they got into the city, it wasn’t long before the fourth little puppy’s adventures would get him into serious trouble and scary things began to happen.

The Big Wheel

Join Timmy on his journey home after finding a mysterious big wheel as he tries to figure out what it is for and all the fun he finds along the way with the climatic ending at the big hill at the park by his house.

My name is X

by W.F. Banks

A post apocalyptic thriller featuring an empowered young girl, monsters, vampires, werewolves, a bleak and dangerous world, a powerful friendship and the last hope of mankind.
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‘Tween Girls and God: 2016 Volume 4

by Jenna Fowls

‘Tween Girls and God is a fun, downloadable webzine designed to help girls 8-12(ish) discover the Bible and find their identity in Christ. Through this webzine, girls will discover a safe forum in which they can share their own thoughts and creativity, ask questions and receive Godly answers and advice. The issues are free for the first 5 days of their release and only .99 thereafter. Issues can be shared with friends.

Discover what can happen in ‘Tween Girls and God! Get your copy today.

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