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The Murder Motif: An Austin, Texas Art Mystery (the Michelle Hodge Series Book 2)

by Roslyn Woods

Could you fall in love with a murderer?

When Shell Hodge moves to Austin, she is ready to start a new life as a single woman with her focus squarely on her art career. After renting a house from her best friend’s older brother, Dean, Shell believes life will be as uncomplicated as moving in and getting back to her painting. But Dean is distractingly handsome, and he has a charming dog that wins her heart. More importantly, a murder charge is looming over him, and the police seem to be investigating in all the wrong places. Who killed Dean’s estranged wife, and why is someone watching Shell? This is Book 2 of the Michelle Hodge Series, but it reads perfectly as a standalone.

The Trinity Murders (A Topper McMullen Story)

by Jeff Dvorak

Includes the first chaptrer from the recently released, sequel: Sun, Surf, Suicide

FBI profiler Topper McMullen was at the top of his craft until a mistake in judgment ended with the death of two little girls in Colorado. With his world rocked and life in disarray, Topper stepped away from his job and his girl in an effort to either right his ship or sink away into oblivion.

He narrowed his choices to surfing in the tropics, joining the police force back home or simply hiding under the covers but his decision was made for him after receiving a phone call with a plea for help. The call came from Sargent Trufant in Dallas who believed he had stumbled upon a serial killer and wanted Topper’s help.

One man trying to slay the demons from a botched FBI case while the other trying to honor the memory of his dead daughter, the two men set out in an effort to link 32 murders across three states where the only connection is Trufant’s gut feeling. With secret help from FBI Technical Analyst Minnie Marlow, Topper attempts to find answers for the 32 dead girls and for himself. It’s a decision which could end up costing him his life..

A Dead Red Oleander (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 3)

by RP Dahlke

Her beloved great aunt wants to barbecue dad’s side-kick, Bruce the goat, her man-hungry cousin has her sights set on her top pilot, and her new hire is really a CPA hiding from a vicious Las Vegas hitman. Then things really start to get messy.

Nominated for a Global Award in Mystery
“Janet Evanovich meets aero-ag pilots.” Emily Anderson for The Kindle Book
“I’m so happy that Lalla Bains is back! This is was my favorite book of the three and it’s all there: crime, mystery, suspense and great characters! I really liked the glimpses into Lalla’s thoughts as she goes back and forth with new theories. Her dad completely lost in a house full of women as Lalla’s great-aunt and her cousin (Pearlie) come from Texas for her wedding is hilarious. I Matos, Amazon review

“This author is an exceptional talent bringing her characters to life–you feel like you’ve met them before! My only regret–I am finished reading and have to wait who knows how long for my next “fix” from this author! Read it and enjoy!” Tech Teacher, Amazon Review

Time’s Adversary

by J. G. McGovern

A corrupt businessman called Andrew Vaughan is resurrected after his death by Eyelight Industries, a 22nd century megacorporation with no guiding principle except profit. Vaughan is offered a second life in an android body, on the condition that he take over as CEO of the company.

In the year 2118, virtually everyone is hooked up to Eyelight, a system that began as a search engine and social network but which now controls almost every aspect of human life. A growing religious organisation called the Church of Sagacity opposes the technology, encouraging its followers to disconnect, to throw off the shackles of digital oppression.

To keep his new life, Vaughan must overthrow the Church. But why does he keep having strange visions of other worlds?

Time’s Adversary is a visionary cyberpunk novel of around 70,000 words. Reviewers have compared it to the works of Robert A. Heinlein and Philip K. Dick.

Too Cute To Kill (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 1)

by Linda Crowder

Emma Rand can’t understand people who consider the countryside a dumping ground for whatever they no longer want. Living on ten acres outside of Casper, Wyoming, she’s seen everything from pets to appliances dumped along her fence line but when she spies something propped against her fence after a blizzard, she never expects to find a body.

When the police investigation stalls, she and her husband, Jake, set out to unravel the puzzle of who she is and how she met her lonely fate. What they uncover will rock this small western town to its core.

Rebel Wolf (Shifter Falls Book 1)

by Amy Green

Welcome to America’s most dangerous town.

Ian Donovan lives a life on the edge. The bastard son of an alpha, he’s a lone wolf fighting to survive in the Colorado wilds. No pack. No code.

Until the woman showed up.

Anna Gold studies shifters – their secret rituals, their renegade lives. Everyone knows shifters are untrustworthy and deadly, especially in the hard-luck, shifter-only town of Shifter Falls. But Anna has never met a wolf until the day she springs Ian from prison to study him.

Not only is Ian so hot he’s a distraction, he’s definitely dangerous. And he’s the wrong guy to fall for.

Because the pack alpha is dead. A new leader must be chosen. And Ian’s three brothers want to kill him for it.

No one said life in the Falls was easy…

**This is a standalone, full-length book with NO cliffhanger**

Also in the Shifter Falls series:

Lover Wolf (Shifter Falls, Book 2):

Warrior Wolf (Shifter Falls, Book 3:) Coming soon

Alpha Wolf (Shifter Falls, Book 4): Coming soon

Vampire Mafia: Santa Cruz: A Paranormal Vampire Thriller

by Jackson Stein

“Cool book alert! Jackson Stein is a heck of a writer…and VAMPIRE MAFIA is a wonderful debut. Check him out…and enjoy!!!”

– J.R. Rain, USA TODAY bestselling author

“Move over Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries – there’s a new breed of vampire in town! Jackson Stein’s VAMPIRE MAFIA brings a gritty, thrilling new voice to the genre. This book will have you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the very end!”

– Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling author

Mild mannered, UC Santa Cruz professor, John Stanic wakes up early one morning and walks out into the pre-dawn mist for an invigorating jog. But instead, he finds himself running for his life. Thrown together with the FBI’s Tommy Valentine, Stanic is suddenly thrust into a seedy underworld he never could have imagined existed. An ancient text leads to the truth about the Santa Cruz mafia, and the blood thirsty creatures who have been attacking young women on the city’s coastline. The supernatural collides with the gritty world of organized crime, and now it’s up to Stanic’s academic knowledge of the occult to save himselfâ?¦ and those he cares about the most.

Play Dead (Allie Babcock Mystery Book 1)

by Leslie O’Kane

Meet Allie Babcock – The Audacious Dog Therapist with a Flair for Sleuthing

At her brand new shop in Boulder, Allie’s very first client is a dejected collie whose previous owner allegedly took her own life. But with a natural nose for crime, Allie soon suspects murderâ??leaving her dejected canine client as possibly the sole witness to the crime.

With the scent fresh, Allie is quickly on the case – but a second murder curtails her investigation. Before taking another step, Allie needs to count her enemies: several suspicious dog owners, a boyfriend with a temper (and a demand for vengeance!), and a mysterious door-to-door salesman with a curious tale to tellâ?¦

Bizarre salesman, vicious boyfriend and suspect dog owners – one thing is for sure – Allie’s life may never be safe until one of these characters lands in the penâ?¦

ROMANCE: The Bad Boy’s Obsession (Alpha Male Bad Boy Romance)(Navy Seals Secret Baby Romance) (Military Contemporary Suspense Romance)

by Carly White

I’m trained to do battle and she’s having my baby…

Never wanting to settle, I had to taste every girl that I came across that had that look in

their eyes. But there was only one that told me no.

And she doesn’t want anything to do with a man like me.

I see why. Her father was the mayor, the one that had sworn an oath to get rid of people

like me from their quaint little town. I had to have her though and when I finally made

her moan my name, everything changed. Her father found out and he was out for blood.

Gone for months and back after training, I am not going to take no for an answer. My

body is harder, tougher, but nothing prepared me for what I found.

She is carrying my baby and I won’t let anyone get in my way again.

This is a stand alone novel with a an ultra dominant alpha male. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Various short story bonus books are included with this stand alone! Enjoy!

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories

by Arthur Conan Doyle

This book contains the complete Sherlock Holmes novels and stories in the chronological order of their original publication:

– A Study in Scarlet
– The Sign of Four
– The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
– The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
– The Hound of the Baskervilles
– The Return of Sherlock Holmes
– The Valley of Fear
– His Last Blow
– The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes

Sky Diamonds: The First of Three Books About the International Adventures of Jim Gilchrist

by Jim McGraw

Jim Gilchrist is just finishing his tour in Vietnam which has landed him in the military hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. When he returns to the states, his wife is in the arms of another man, ready for divorce, and wants full custody of their young daughter. Jim is forced to forge a new life, and trying to forget his old one, he becomes entangled with too many women in sexual relationships. The job he takes with an airline gives him the opportunity to travel all over the world and to casually bed women in every port. However, his intuitive global business successes are noticed by Leo Halaby, the head of Inter-World, a multi-billion dollar international cabal. Jim is secretly watched over by Leo for years and eventually is asked to join the business. Jim is leading a double life as a smiling luxury charter salesman on the surface, and clandestinely as an international courier involved in dangerous near escape liaisons which are netting him millions. SKY DIAMONDS is the first of three books about the international adventures of Jim Gilchrist.
A generous amount of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT by Jim McGraw, the author himself, a Vietnam vet decorated with the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star with Combat V, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Combat Action Ribbon, and six Oak Leaf Clusters.

Body by the Beach (Cockatoo Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)

by Lyn Walker

Why is there a body buried in the back garden of Aunt Vera’s Seaside House? What is it that goes bump in the night?

Sisters Chloe an artist and Becca a Photographer with Cracker the Cockatoo are kept busy with smuggled birds, a missing family and a mystery to uncover. All while a cyclone bears down on the idyllic seaside town of Rocky Point and Fraser Island in the Hervey Bay location on the east coast of Australia.

Ranger Troy is the back up once again, but can the women solve this one themselves?

Accidental Detective – Book 1: A Women Sleuths Romantic Mystery

by Kate Benitez

Mystery… Humor… Romance…!

Anneliese Nottingham had it all. A fashionista with her own city apartment and a great job in a career she loved… until a friendly word to a VIP client got her fired and now she’s about to lose everything.

Leo MacKenzie is wealthy beyond imagination. One of Boston’s elite, he’s an ex-Marine with an exclusive detective agency for the rich and famous… but he keeps a dark family secret.

Leo wants to forget his painful past and Anneliese isn’t looking for love, but when the two of them are thrown together to solve a strange crime, the undeniable chemistry between them grows from an ember to a spark. With reputations at stake, will they keep it professional or give in to their desires?

If you like female amateur sleuths, witty dialogue, bizarre crimes and a touch of romance, then you’ll love the first installment of Kate Benitez’ romantic mystery series.

Discover Anneliese and Leo’s crime-solving world and their smoldering romance in Accidental Detective today!

MYSTERY: A Mass Murderer – Tears for the dead: Suspense Thriller Mystery, Serial Killer, crime (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) ((Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller, Murder))

by Sara Wood


Raki Maheson born of a low cast mother and Tamil father in the town of Salli, on the north- easterly tip of Sri Lanka occasionally invaded by the rebel forces of the Tamil Liberation fighters. All his salient traits of his personality are traceable to his strong low cast roots.which despises compromise and forbids diplomacy, contempt for privilege, love of argument, distrust of the religion and faith in humanist logic. These were some of the characteristics of the rugged folks of the Salli district from whom Raki sprang. A number of them, too, are readily prone to mental disorder of one kind or another.

On February 1985 Raki was arrested at his Orrs Hill home, after human remains had been identified as the cause of blocked drains. Within days he had confessed to fifteen gruesome murders over a period of four years. His victims, all young call girls, had never been missed. It is a story of a singular relationship between a mass murderer and society as some of the victims could have been spared, had the police been more efficient


Burying their dead wives who were brutally murdered by some unknown men was no easy task to bear for ex-cop Roy Klyne and his friend Bill Bates. With tear filled eyes they got about the task with grit and determination.

Known as â??Klyne the Hunter’ The ex-cop Klyne’s face was expressionless, A sleeping Tiger in him has just awakened and it certainly seemed deadly for anyone who crossed his path. Just as he was cool and collected his friend Bill Bates was an impulsive man who wanted quick action and revenge.

Clueless on how to tackle the situation the two men embarked on a mysterious mission of tracing their wives killers. For all this they had just one flimsy clue that of a severed decomposing finger with a signet ring, gold, studded with an opal. Armed with this clue they are on their way to trace the fugitive killers. Whether their mission would yield positive result or not is yet to be seen.


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