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Double Vision – Seeing God In Everyday Life Through Devotions and Poetry

by Frances Gregory Pasch

Crumpled paper towels. Embers in a wood stove. A crowded bird feeder. Can God speak to us through such commonplace objects? Can we catch a glimpse of Him in the midst of our routine activities?

Double Vision: Seeing God in Everyday Life Through Devotions and Poetry contains thirty devotions, each paired with a poem on the same subjectâ??a double eye-opener. Viewing the same spiritual truth from two angles will help you see daily life from an eternal perspective. Pasch’s simple yet thought-provoking analogies will prompt you to take a second look at the most ordinary experience.

Short Verses & Other Curses: Haiku, Senryū, Tanka & Other Poetic, Artistic, & Photographic Miscellany

by Kurt Brindley

Kurt Brindley began writing haiku in 2012 as a therapeutic effort when finding himself in the midst of an illness. He continues to write them even as he now finds himself in the midst of wellness – their therapy for him being more calmative now than curative.

Kurt discovers truth and meaning in the concepts of “no mind,” “living in the now,” “non-attachment,” and “the angst of existence” as found in the practices and philosophies and Zazen, Stoicism, and Existentialism. He admires greatly the concepts taught by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You may notice these conceptual influences laced throughout this collection.

Death of The Black Intellectual and other works

by Harold Smith

Poetic expressions of visual artist Harold Smith

From the Tigris and Euphrates came Beale Street and Lennox Avenue: Open Letters To My Post-Modernist Black Sisters

by Henrick Smith

I see you
I hear you
I touch you
I know
Fighting for your blackness
In this post-modernist world
I reach out
To you

Change of Seasons: Selected Poems

by Jeremy Kester

“The falling leaves of autumn’s flow,
As we â??wait the falling snow.
I dream a dream of cool breeze,
To receive a love if only please.”

-from “Change of Seasons”

Change of Seasons: Selected Poems is a collection of 100 poems written over the past 20 years by Jeremy C Kester. From the slightly humorous to the deeply serious, Jeremy writes his obeservations of life, love, death, and his greatest fear: roaches.

Poetry: Little Book of Inspiration

by Latasia Blige

This is a book of poetry with religious inspiration.

Wholly: A Poetic Journey of Eternal Love

by Kaysha Sahai

Wholly is a pocket, poetry collection that attempts a unified chronicle of growth.

In this book, the author explores love; a kinship where love’s existence and vast manifestation are experienced gently, yet profoundly, with mere glimpses into eternity.

Love, by the hope of us: By Jeremy Hebeler (LOVE, on the horizon)

by Jeremy Hebeler

Love, is more than just feelings, back those words of love with action.

The View From Above (Reality Check #5)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Inspiration to Rise Above Your Problems

Encouraging one to maintain a higher view on life’s problems and life itself, this collection of 18 poems not only evokes emotions, but it inspires, teaches and motivates. The poems were inspired by problems that the author faced in his life.

During dark times in life, there is a light that comes from maintaining focus on the bigger picture; the view from above. Maintaining a positive attitude plays an important part in overcoming problems, and these poems induce positivity. Some poems demonstrate how to turn life’s negatives into positives and how to build your life up according to your plans, no matter what comes your way. Some of the poems offer encouragement and build your self-confidence and endurance.

This book also gives an inspirational definition of a problem. A problem can be solved. If it’s something that you can’t solve, then it is not a problem but a fact of life that you need to embrace. This book is the fifth in the “Reality Check” series and it continues the inspirational series and, as the ones before, it offers a different taste of the author’s reality in witty verses and word play.

Maria In the Highlands

by David Tallach

These haiku commemorate the visit of a long-term dear friend from America to the author’s part of the world, the Scottish Highlands. It was a delight to share his country’s art, culture, heritage and walks with her.

Another Lost Love: Poetry

by Rowie Bleser

Another Lost Love is a collection of poems and quotes written about love and misadventures. It tells a story about a young woman that fell in love. Unfortunately it was something that didn’t last. She finds a way to make peace with this one-sided broken love.

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Love Letters

by Lavenrose Sunshine

” A collection of Love Poems, to soothe the soul and ease the mind “

At the Edge of Universe

by Marumo Iichi

There is a star at the edge of this space planning to explore this blue planet Iichi Marumo

It’s 21 century indeed. It’s a symbolic fact that this kind of poems appeared. It’s almost impossible that in this huge Universe there is only one planet like ours – with life on it, so it’s natural to start thinking that there is “a star who wants to explore Earth”. Author is a redactor of “Himuro” – a poem magazine published in Shinshu. Here are his recent poems. (Shinichi Miyachi)

Of Light and Darkness

by Alex Lady

Everybody has their light side and their dark side. The light side is full of happiness and hope. While the dark side is full of sadness and lost hope. They are complete opposites, but I’m going to show you how they can come together and show you the light in the darkness

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