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The Black African Crisis in the Age of a Black President

by Dwayne Wong (Omowale)

The Black African Crisis in the Age of a Black President is a collection of fictional lectures and debates, in which many of the author’s views are expressed through the arguments of the fictional character of Eddie Wilson. The central premise of these fictional conversations is on the state of African people around the world leading up to and during the presidency of Barack Obama. Initially, the main character expresses apprehension over Obama’s presidency, which is expressed in the opening lecture. The following chapters deal with some of the central issues during Obama’s presidency, but not all are specifically related to his presidency.


by Gulshan Mahajan

This book basically deals in the eradication of the twin evils of poverty and unemployment, the world over with specific proposals which can be made applicable in India as the author of this book has virtually no experience of the conditions obtaining in the world outside. The unique feature of this work is that it is a self supporting action plan, which for its perpetuation and sustenance generates resources by itself and is not dependent upon any outside assistance. The book is verily a summary of solutions for almost all the problems facing contemporary India and the developing and underdeveloped world.

Taliban ‘R’ Us

by Russell Madden

A 2600 word essay examining the parallels between the beliefs of the Taliban and those of most Americans.

It is true that both the Taliban and the people and government of the United States share an identical, fundamental premise: that it is proper and moral to force â?? rather than to persuade â?? others to do what you want them to do even when those individuals have violated no one’s rights and are engaged in peaceful, voluntary behavior. Yes, the leash held by the Taliban was short and tight while the leash held by the American State is long and loose.

But both are nooses draped around the necks of the citizens. Our own leaders are tightening that rope with every new policy or law they implement to deal with real or imagined terrorists.

Survival Box Set: 70 Survival Tips for Long Term Storage of Your Survival Food Plus Brilliant Surviving Life Hacks That Everyone Must Know (survivalist, survival guide, bushcraft cooking)

by Stephanie Evans

BOOK #1: Prepper’s Hacks: 25 Brilliant Surviving Life Hacks That Every Family Can Use

You fancy yourself an experienced, prepared, and responsible person when it comes to times of disaster. You’ve got emergency kits, you have drilled with your family, and you’ve got a food supply that will last months and will be the envy of all of your neighbors and enemies. Congratulations, you’ve just barely scratched the surface of what it means to be truly prepared.

BOOK #2: Prepper’s Pantry: 55 Most Popular Convenience Food for Tasty Life Saving Meals

Who says that your emergency food stockpile has to be filled with bland, flavorless junk? With the right advice and the right amount of ingenuity, you can recreate a familiar, delicious, nutritious, and most of all comfortable variety for your family. Even in the worst disaster, you can use the act of preparing and eating meals to offer a slice of normalcy and comfort to your entire family. Nutrition is important, but it’s just as critical to make sure that you can provide that comfort to your family in a stressful emergency situation.

BOOK #3: SHTF Gear: 8 Super Useful Tips To Improve Your Survival Kit and Make Sure You Do Have the Right SHTF Gear In Case of Emergency

While there may be hundreds of possible things you can include in an SHTF kit, the newbie to disaster preparations may be overwhelmed by the flood of advice given from preppers and survivalists from all over. The reality is that there is no one way to prepare for oa disaster. However, this book focuses only on the basics of survivalist training to get you started setting up your SHTF gear. From there you can build on what you’ve learned here and grow into a true prepper.

BOOK #4: Survival Gear: 15 Survival Tips for Long Term Storage of Your Survival Food. Best Foods for Survival After SHTF

Often whenever someone begins discussing survival or even the most awful case situation, they may be considered harmful centering on the worst of conditions. Obtaining little preparation for a SHTF situation is not a harmful issue in any way. In reality, it will create a good sense in the future.

BOOK #5: Outdoor Survival: The Ultimate Guide To Emergency Management With Excellent Disaster Recovery Plan and Survival Tactics That Every Survivalist Should Know

Outdoor survival is the circumstance which a large portion of us are liable to end up in. Having the capacity to trap a squirrel in a catch or building a trash shield in the forested areas may not be as essential as some different aptitudes we’ll require; particularly in case we’re attempting to survive a budgetary breakdown. While some ingrained instincts, such as refining water and beginning a flame are widespread, there are numerous different abilities which are basic for an outdoor survival circumstance.

BOOK #6: Bushcraft: The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide! 12 Lessons on How to Survive in the Wild Using Bushcraft

Do you know the difference between conventional survival training and Bushcraft training for wilderness survival? We’ll teach you that and so much more in this e-book.

While survival training teaches you to get out of the wilderness area as soon as possible, or just to live while awaiting rescue, Bushcraft teaches you not only to survive, but also to thrive in the wild, even living there, if that is your desire.

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