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The Renegade’s Mail Order Bride: Historical Western Romance Bundle (BBW Alpha Male Pregnancy Short Stories)

Love western romance? Get two western romance in this two-story bundle! Over 30000 words of passionate western love!


Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride

I was alone in the world. My no good, drunk of a husband had made my life a living hell for so long that now that he’s gone, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. That is until I realize that he left me with a pile of debts and the prospect of being ruined, maybe even going to debtor’s prison, or ending up on the streets, homeless and begging, or worse.

That’s when I meet Augustus Wilder, the richest man in the west, and he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Marry his disreputable son, or have my worst fears become a reality. Little did I know that his son, Luke Wilder, was exactly who I needed.

Renegade’s Bride

It’s 1853, and the California gold rush has officially taken the West by storm. Unfortunately for Charlotte McCain, her husband is just one of those who has come down with a case of what they call gold fever. After she discovers that she is pregnant, Charlotte determines to head out west and bring her wayward husband home any way she has to, including tying him up and dragging him all the way across California to do it.

Every Secret Thing

by Ann Tatlock

“Tatlock’s produced a winnerâ?¦.” – Publishers Weekly

When Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a teaching position at the preparatory school she attended as a girl, she revisits ghosts of the past and old self-doubts. But she is returning to more than a place-to memories, mysteries, and an old love. Once there, she meets unexpected challenges-and challenging new peopleâ?¦and she is reminded of the faith that first captured her there in what she called her “moments of being.” A rich, complex weave of character, mystery and divine epiphanies, “Every Secret Thing” will have you turning the pages late into the night.

“Tatlock’s prose is simply exquisite.” -Michele Howe,

Wandering Cowboy: Mail Order Bride (Western Historical Romance Collection)

by Christian Michael

Dora Sullivan sought a new life out West as a mail order brideâ??one that didn’t include her working in a crowded Massachusetts factoryâ??but now she’s found herself in a bind. The man she’d come out West to marry died in a horrible accident while she was traveling and she’s unsure what she’ll do, until she finds out his rude and belligerent brother Max is laying claim to marry her instead.

Raymond Ellis has been a wandering cowboy for as long as he can remember. Growing up an orphan, he’s perfectly fine with the wandering life until he meets Dora Sullivan. Something about this sweet, kind, and beautiful woman stirs a longing deep in Raymond. Can he forsake the traveling life to marry Dora or will Max snatch her up first?

*This is a MOB short story and includes 20 western, historical, Christian, clean, MOB short stories by Christian Michael.*



Set in1985, in the lush Pacific Northwest, amid a tough and treacherous land, where some of the best tree growing land in the world remains, Testament is the story of Don Schuutz. Don is a timber faller, a hard man, one of the best of a dying breed, and with the help and support of his wife Barbara, he has built one of the largest tree falling business in the state.
After nearly thirty years he is not exactly sure where he fell short as the perfect husband and father, but as their wedding anniversary draws near he is bound and determined to fix it, to find a way to bring the magic back in their marriage.
Barbara is the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, and for years has fought a war deep in her soul placing her at the precipice of doubt and disappointment. She loves her husband, but the man God promised her has been a constant void in her life, and she has finally decided to do something to honor her faith. With their sons grown and gone, she is finally focused on filling her deep empty well of spiritual need. Ready to step aside as the financial manager of the family business, it seems as though God’s perfect timing has finally arrived when a chance meeting with Amanda Barlweather, the wife of a world famous televangelist leads to the opportunity of a life time, working for the ministry.
Katherine Davis is the daughter Barbara never had, and her husband Karl had been like another of Don’s sons until his tragic death in the woods. When given the opportunity to take over managing the family business for Barbara, Katherine jumps at the chance. Barbara finally seems to have her opening to pursue the dream of a lifetime, but they are not prepared for the risk of bringing another woman, even one who was like a daughter, so dynamically into their lives. Katherine has kept the secret of her long requited love for Don, and even that test of their marriage is eclipsed when Barbara meets and begins to work for Amanda’s handsome and charismatic son.
Can their marriage survive the test of the other woman? Can it survive the test of the other man, even if he is a man of God?

Serene Courage (Surrendered Hearts Book 2)

by Shauna Williams

Emily Faith Johnson is no stranger to the dark recesses of loneliness, pain, sorrow, and despair. Her life is marked by unrelenting abuse, from the verbal onslaught of her bitter, alcoholic mother to the physical aggression perpetrated by godless men. She copes as best she knows howâ??existing in a fog while numbly going through the motions of life. Then, one day, four months before her twenty-first birthday, everything changes when she wakes up in the cab of a tractor trailer, faced with the fear of the unknown, the offer of a man she barely knows, and the promise of a complete stranger. Will she be able to find the courage necessary to attain a better life free from abuse? To trust a man who makes her question everything she knows to be true? To believe in a God whom she knows nothing about? To rise above her past to become the woman she was meant to be?

This second novel in the Surrendered Hearts series is a beautiful story of redeeming love.


by Scott F Neve

*Inspirational Thriller Short Story

The headmaster of the seminary in Ephesus was the elderly elder simply called John. He was known by many titles and names like: the Apostle of Love, John the Beloved, and John the Revelator.

One week out of every year was a special time of intense training for the hopeful evangelists and evangelistas. The students called it HELL WEEK. It was six days and nights of the craziest, most dangerous tests and trials in the modern world. The seventh day was reserved for rest, recuperation and to bury the dead.

The Trail Beyond (Trails Book 1)

by Sally Hull

Traveling in a covered wagon along the Oregon Trail, Rachel Nathan must learn to swallow her prejudice against the Irish and those who are not the financial elite. When an accident claims the life of her father, she marries an Irish preacher in order to provide for herself and her younger brother. She knows nothing of trail life. Over night Rachel has gone from being the wealthy banker’s daughter to the wife of this poor, Irish preacher named Patrick O’Riley, bound for Oregon in a covered wagon train. All of her experience warns her that she has married beneath herself, but Patrick’s gentle kindness begins teaching her otherwise. She and her new husband and brother are left behind the wagon train when small pox breaks out, along with two other families. Only God can now get them safely to Oregon. This is book 1 of the series of Trails, but can stand alone without the following 3 books.

Butterfly Garden: A Sensual Amish Historical Romance

by Annette Blair

Butterfly Garden, A Sensual Amish Historical Romance

“What a beautiful and heart-warming love story!” ~Penelope Williamson, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Outsider

“This story has all the warmth and beauty of an Amish quilt. It’s a tale of love, commitment, and family ties, told with tenderness and sensitivity.” ~Susan Wiggs, New York Times Bestselling author of The Beekeeper’s Ball

“A giving, intelligent heroine, a conflicted hero, and a quartet of adorable girls will charm their way into readers’ hearts in this heartwarming storyâ?¦. Sexy and romantic with a gentle, introspective touch.” ~The Library Journal

Amish woman Sara Lapp, all but shunned for studying with the English doctor to become a midwife, is shocked that, after months of waiting, her first call to tend a birth comes from self-appointed outcast Mad Adam Zuckerman. For his wife’s sake, Sara boldly tells Adam that he is killing Abby with so many babies so close, but Abby is already dead.

Adam did not call Sara to tend the birth, but to give her his children. Though Sara knows Abby’s girls belong with their father, how can she leave them with a man who seems not to care for them? As much as she loves and wants the girls, she decides that she will only take them long enough to teach Adam to love them.

As a child Adam heard the words, “I do this because I love you,” with his father’s every abuse. Adam is afraid to love his children, afraid that in doing so, he will hurt them. Without Abby to protect them, Adam must find someone else, and he can think of only one woman strong and brave enough, Spinster Sara Lapp.

Author’s Biography

Annette Blair is an award-winning, NY Times and a USA Today bestselling author. In her forty plus books, indie published and with Penguin Publishing, she’s explored nineteenth-century Amish Country; Regency Britain; and madcap, modern Salem, Massachusetts, where bold women follow the Celtic faith with heart. There, she fought dragons, and fell in love with an angel. More recently, she’s solved mysteries beside Connecticut’s Mystic River. Wherever she lands, she thrives. An adventurer and storyteller at heart, Annette loves spending time with her family, traveling with her husband, antiquing, and hearing from her readers.

Remove the Fig Leaves

by Carla Terrell

Dr. Preston Good had settled his life for permanent
bachelorhood after his fiancée stomped on his heart
five years ago. Although he still believed in love
and commitment, and wanted to have a significant
other in his life, Preston drew the line at marriage.
It would take the Almighty God to intervene in his
course. As a Christian physician specializing in
infertility medicine, he was no stranger to God’s
miraculous power to perform the impossible. Could
God, through a series of usual occurrences, heal his
wounded heart and make him a recipient of love and

When bestselling author, Lola Cartwright, and her
famous NFL husband turned to Dr. Preston Good for
his medical expertise, they knew he was a godsend.
However, when a series of tragedies devastates Lola’s
life, putting her at odds with God, Dr. Good is
willing to go above and beyond his professional
services to restore her faith, and to persuade her to
love again.

Shadow of Shame: Book 1 of the Shadow series

by Barbara Goss

Ivy Jeffries falls hopelessly in love with Jonas Armstrong, a man who has forced himself into a somewhat reclusive lifestyle owing to his sordid past. Ivy is elated when he finally lets his guard down, and kisses her. She thinks they are now moving forward into a relationship, until he tells her it meant nothing to him. How could a kiss like they shared mean nothing to him, when it meant the world to her? Then she discovers he is pulling away for a reason, to protect her. Is the love they share enough to withstand his past and the child he is protecting?

Daughter of the King

by Amanda Williams

Daughter of the King tells the story of Lexy King, a young Christian woman and recent college graduate, who is on the brink of making many decisions that will have long lasting effects. After making a choice to spread her wings in a new place with new people, Lexy discovers that obedience to Christ is sometimes accomapanied by a direct conflict in personal desire. Will she have the courage to love and obey in the face of heartbreak? Daughter of the King explores the tumultuous human experience of choosing a career path and falling in love, while seeking God’s direction in the process.

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