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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: PREGNANCY ROMANCE: Billionaire Mafia Boss’s Baby (Mafia Alpha Billionaire Romance) (Contemporary BBW New Adult Romance)

by Piper Sullivan

Falling for the dangerous Don was not part of the plan

As the curvaceous and funny owner of a busy comedy club, Katherine Murphy sometimes escapes to a nearby dance emporium for a little fun.

She finds far more one evening when she makes the acquaintance of Xavier Ambrose, the handsome and wealthy owner of Club Groove.

Soon Kat finds herself swept into a sexy, out and out surreal world of champagne, romantic tangos and expensive gifts, all orchestrated by a smooth, gorgeous, and boldly seductive man who seems something out of a dream.

This dream is soon disrupted by the ugly intrusion of rumors and speculation. Reports are that Xavier is the son of a crime family that will stop at nothing to maintain its multi-billion dollar empire.

And after she witnesses their treachery first hand, Katherine tries to run from the man that she so dearly, desperately craves.

Xavier Ambrose always gets what he wants, and what he wants is Kat and the baby she is carrying. But can Kat risk entering the Don’s Den?

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 10,000 word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

A Hood Love In Atlanta 4

by Mz. Demeanor

The plot thickens like gumbo as Mona-Lisa, Delano, Tay and Marissa struggle to move pat the past into the future. As Marissa gives birth to a beautiful baby girl she has to come to terms with the consequences her cheating has caused on her relationship. All of her past misdeeds some back to haunt her in the worst way and leave her once again fighting for her life.
Tay has tried being the good guy for so long that the role is starting to play itself out. No longer able to deal with the drama that comes attached to Marissa he has to find his own way which might end up being in the arms of another woman.
Delano is harboring a secret that will devastate his family to the point that it may never be the same again. Can an innocent mistake in youth be held against him as he tries to move on or will the interference of his parents once again determine his fate?
Mona-Lisa has finally blossomed into the woman that’s he needs to be to hold down her family a deception breaks her down to the point of no return. Will she be able to bounce back yet again from life knocking her down or is she doomed to remain on her back this time?
In this finale find out what happens when the streets of Atlanta turn the heat up for the last time. Who will be burned and who will come out like pure gold?

Between a Wife and a Side Chick: African American Urban Romance

by Solae Dehvine

Rhonda is more than a bored housewife and when she meets Briel she thinks of the perfect plan to get rid of her husband.

But when the tables turn Rhonda soon gets cold feet but there is one problem, not everyone is ready to give up on love.

Will Rhonda choose Briel or her husband or will that choice be made for her?

Find out in Between a Wife and a Side Chick

When Hearts Collide: First Time Gay Romance Novella (Gay Men’s Choir Romance Book 2)

by J.C. McMurphy

Sometimes you have to follow your heart, no matter what the consequences are.

Adam is a college dropout, struggling to make ends meet. With no marketable skills, he’s waited tables for years, living on tips to just get by. He has a friendly attitude and is filled with optimism that someday he’ll meet someone special.

Singing in a gay men’s choir is the one joy in Adam’s young life. Surprisingly, he gets chosen to sing one of the lead parts in the upcoming concert.

Paul is a buff young man with an amazing singing voice. He’s been trying to make it on his own after living in his strict parents home for too long.

He’s been steadily building his confidence, with the hope of one day finding happiness and love. He wants to come out to his parents but can’t get up the nerve, knowing it will disappoint them.

When Paul takes a job as a waiter, it sets into motion something exciting and new. He still must come to terms with the fact that he’s living a secret life, and there’s no way he can do it alone.

When Hearts Collide is a 75 page novella with HEA ending and no cliffhanger. It’s the second book in the East Jersey Gay Men’s Choir series. The books do not have to be read in order.

The first book in the East Jersey Gay Men’s Choir series, Bold Moves is available on


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