Free horror Kindle books for 10 Aug 16

Facing The Music

by Matthew Keville

New Year’s Day is about beginnings. After a night spent saying goodbye to the past, you rise to greet the future.

But for Melissa Haskins, there is no future. She has woken up alone in a city of the dead. Something vast and terrible moves across the world, and she has no choice but to hide when it passes overhead – she can hear it coming by the strange music that goes before it.

But then one day, she hears a voice coming out of the big empty. A voice that gives her hope. A voice that may just inspire her enough to finally go out and face the music.

The Walking Hunter: Unseen – Vol. 2

by Mason King

The Walking Hunter: Unseen – Vol. 2

Hunter is devastated when he sees that someone important has been affected by the situation that is quickly unfolding. Thinking quickly, he must do his best to find additional supplies in case they need to hunker down for safety. Once they return, they see that Allison has deteriorated and Hunter has to make a decision he never hoped he’d have to make.

Leaving the University is the only viable option, and finding a suitable location wasn’t nearly as hard as they anticipated. They hit some bumps along the way, even managing to grow their group, but ultimately find safety. Only, it’s not exactlyâ?¦safe.

Hunter soon finds himself in a world of crazy travelling companions, mysterious vials containing diseases even a doctor of bio-chemical engineering has never seen before, and a manhunt by the FBI.

Will he be able survive, when he isn’t even entirely sure what is after himâ?¦?

Unrestrained: Rancor, #2: A Paranormal, Psychological Thriller

by Connie Myres

Now committed to a psychiatric hospital, Maggie McGee’s only hope for help comes from Ethel, a seer. But will Ethel believe the psychiatrist’s diagnosis? Will she be able to stop the evil spirits? Or will she become a victim herself?


(Book 2) Committed to a psychiatric hospital for psychosis, Maggie McGee has lost contact with reality. Spirits from the past have completed the task of leaving her in a living hell, allowing the dark robed demon to feed on her for the rest of her life. But Maggie has Ethel, a seer, working on her behalf. Will Ethel be able to fight the evil forces without losing her mind? Will she be able to convince Detective Becker to believe her unbelievable story of ghosts, or will he consider her mentally unstable? Will Ethel listen to the psychiatrist and trust his diagnosis that Maggie has a mental disorder brought on by her husband’s death, and not by entities? Or is the murderer someone else?

Follow along as parasitic beings continue to smother Maggie, relentlessly pursue Ethel and whoever may be in the way of their promised existence of ecstasy.


by Sheila Tibbs

Her name was Isobel.

Sarah awakes to find herself in a psychiatric hospital where she can’t or won’t remember her past, but the safety and security or sleep fails her, plunging her into a nightmare where reality and fantasy become one, a nightmare she would sooner forget.

But how?

Life in the small Essex village of Canewdon will never be the same now Isobel has come to stay.

It’s Just The Demon In Me: Scratch My Back And I’ll Poke Out Your Eye

by Marcus Twyman

Charles is funny, magnetic, and a demon… yup, a demon. The short stories that surround his daily deeds are full of humor, snark, and lots of gore. He has a mouth like a sailor… and has probably eaten a few sailor mouths in his time. He’s sure to become your favorite neighborhood demon.

A Gathering of Sparrows

by Lewis Stanek

A Gathering of Sparrows is a nostalgic story of classic horror and contemporary commentary. This short read is sure to be enjoyed by fans of supernatural horror.

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