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The Game Master

by Ian D. Copsey

Tired of arguing over which of them was the best gamer, Josh and Alex stumbled upon a
new video game shop, run by an enigmatic Japanese shopkeeper. He was to be
their Game Master in this virtual reality video game that had no game controls.
Little did they know it was a game that would change their lives, of their
friends… and enemies… forever.

“Oh! This game is no ordinary game,” The Game Master explained, “It reads your thoughts,
seeks out your weaknesses to provide you with challenges.”

“It can read our minds?” puzzled the boys. As they progressed through the
game’s levels they discovered more about those around them. Then, mysteriously,
the Game of Life began to spread its influence beyond Josh and Alex’s lives and
to their friends.

From switching roles with each other, campfire frolics and ghostly stories from
their teachers, the Game Master’s zany antics as he hosted a T.V. game show,
“Hiro’s Happy Heroes.

We Stood Together

by Oliver Smith

Samantha Oaks was just a teen from South Carolina. She didn’t want to get involved in the Devo mess. When she was young, her sister emerged and was taken away from her family. She thought the gene passed her, but one day while sitting in class her worst nightmare comes true. She was whisked away by a strange classmate named Anthony who appeared at her school in the last month, and she is taken to a refugee camp called The Stars. After that, it seemed like everything would be fine. But it wasn’t. It would never be.

Minecraft: The Ultimate Minecraft Guide to Redstone for Beginners (Minecraft Books for Kids Minecraft Diaries Minecraft Zombie Minecraft Diary Minecraft Books)

by Minecrafters Wimpy Boy

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Minecraft Guide To Redstone

This is a book about how to locate, craft and use redstone in-game to your advantage, it includes:


Redstone Ore

Redstone Dust

Redstone Torches


Basics of Redstone Wiring

How Redstone Works

Redstone Gates


Easy Devices

More Challenging Projects



Redstone Objects



Command Blocks


Crafting and Uses

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Minecraft: Minecraft Seeds, The Ultimate Minecrart Guide (Minecraft Books for Kids Minecraft Diaries Minecraft Zombie Minecraft Diary Minecraft Books)

by Minecrafters Wimpy Boy

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Minecraft Guide with the Best Minecraft Seeds

This is an unofficial mincraft book that contains the best seeds in the game of Minecraft, with a little explanation on how terrain generates in the game, it includes:


What are Seeds?




The Overworld

The Nether

The End


List of Best Seeds

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Overtaking Anointing and Finishing Spirit

by Evang. Godwin U. Jacob

Overtaking Anointing and Finishing Spirit
Part One
Is a Great book for Great and Good People, the book every leader needs, is a book that stirs up the anointing of extraordinary in you, the anointing to pursue, overtake and recover all, Finishing anointing is the anointing that will keep you on the front line of your vision until you declare; now I have finished my course, there are lead up for me the crown of Glory. Go tell the good news round, wherever man is found, that the Comforter has come. Those that understand and follow these principles in this book, leads and others follow.

The Black Pearl of Osis (Osis Fantasy Trilogy Book 1)

by Ingrid McCarthy

A boy named Jonathan, a Princess called Magenta and Monte, a fearless Chihuahua: Three young heroes starring in The Black Pearl of Osis, volume one of the Osis Fantasy Trilogy, a tale of courage, loyalty, fear and tragedy for children and adults. Princess Magenta, seen skipping in a poster, draws Jonathan into her world, a kingdom threatened by the evil power of the Black Pearl of Osis. Jonathan learns he is destined to liberate the kingdom from that evil power. After being trained by Master Cobalt, a wise old man, Jonathan unlocks the magic power of Princess Magenta’s skipping rope and turns it into a beam-throwing weapon. Together with Princess Magenta, the Chihuahua Monte and two magic skipping ropes as their weapons, Jonathan sets out on a dangerous quest to destroy the Black Pearl of Osis and lift the mystery that surrounds its owner. On their way they face death, separation, traps, floggings, dungeons, traitors and a fight in the coliseum. When, finally, they come face to face with the owner of the Black Pearl of Osis, the story takes a surprising twist and the children’s loyalty to each other is severely tested.

The Unbroken Chain of Grace.

by David Olufon

The Unbroken Chain of Grace in a Nutshell.

There is a condition to be met for God to bestow the benefit of Grace on His self-conscious creation; it is certainly not of the law of works but, of the law of obedience.

In this book, the author unequivocally confirms the biblical truth of the doctrine of Grace, which teaches that men should shun acts of ungodliness and apostasy, embrace righteous and holy living or remain condemned. There is no divine decree for an unconditional grace for the disobedient!

This compendium is a divine treatise of immense universal blessing, which no one can afford not to read because of its truthful revelation of God’s unfailing love to His creation as documented in the 66 Books of the Holy Bible.

It is a mini-Bible which reveals the riches of the glory of God through grace-which we neither deserve nor merit, and which I was spiritually guided to write every word contained in it on MY KNEES (read prologue). That you now have this mini-Bible before you is by His unflinching Grace and one godly reason, which is to illuminate and re-kindle your spirit towards believing that through obedience to the will of God – every sinner will be saved by Grace. Also remember, that to many of us, RAPTURE ‘which this author describes as the last flight to Heaven’, may occur before we sleep, therefore, be encouraged by ingesting this precious WORD TREASURE, and make Eternity with the Trinity.

The Bellamy Bird

by Clare Havens

Set at an English country manor in the halcyon years between the two World Wars, siblings Freddie and Jamie Bellamy must protect the family heirloom, the Bellamy Bird, a fabled jewelled statue that everyone, it seems, wants to get their mitts on. The siblings enlist the help of some mischievous schoolboys and a group of sailing mad children in this exciting and special mixture of vintage adventure and whodunnit.
Fans of PG Wodehouse, Simon Brett, Arthur Ransome and Agatha Christie will enjoy The Bellamy Bird – from Clare Havens, the author of The Constable Countries Mysteries and the Bella Street Mysteries.

‘A magical book’ – Liz, Amazon
‘If you’ve loved ‘Swallows and Amazons’, ‘Just William’ and Agatha Christie’s Poirot stories, this book is for you’ – Sophie Neville, Actress and Author
‘Wonderful characters abound… I don’t think it gets any better than this!’ Author Bella Street

Don’t Make Me Read Your Mind Matt Roberts … Because I So Totally Can!!

by Melanie Marks

From the author of Slumber Party Wars and (**New!!) Best Friend Wars

A very strange thing has happened to Mackenzie. VERY strange. And after it happens, she can read the mind of her secret crushâ??Matt Roberts. Well, his mind â?¦ and everyone else’s at Jefferson Middle School.

Wow! Some people’s thoughts aren’t very nice! But other people’s are mushy and gushy and sweetâ??like Matt’s. The only problem is: all he thinks about is Nicole. Grr!!

Other things Mackenzie learns: Riley spends a lot of time thinking about his best friend’s girlfriend, Zoey Jones. Big, hockey-playing Griffin has a soft spot in his heart for Ally. And Lacy lied to her best friend, Summer. Not only that, Lacy is screaming to snatch a boyfriendâ?? Summer’s secret crush, Lincoln!

This book also includes the short story: “The Diary.” (The Diary used to be titled: Middle School World of Magic)

From Melanie Marks, author of: Best Friend Wars

And (**New!!) First Kiss Wars

(Plus a lot of other books)

Note: Melanie Marks newest book is: HEARTBREAKER HANSON

Grandma’s House Click Clack

by Sandy Waters

There’s so much fun at Grandma’s house!

Far Sun

by Lee Emory

Onn Karrif joined the Navy to get away from his wealthy, callous parents and to prove to he could make a life for himself. The only one who cares about him is Marcus, his lifetime companion. But is Marcus human or machine? Onn has reason to agonize over the question as he struggles to win the war, figure out why the woman he saved from death hates him, and eventually to prove his merit as the youngest captain of the largest ship in the fleet. With all his anger issues, he has a lot to learn, especially when his allies don’t exactly act like allies.

Lima Farentino, born into abject poverty and rising to overcome her beginnings, tries to show the world how much she hates the man who saves her life. But she wonders how long she can maintain the hate when she is so attracted to him.

The rich and poor, humans and scheming alien allies find themselves embroiled in what threatens to be all out war with the Khurana terrorist organization. That is, if they don’t kill each other first.

Feeding Malachi (An Illustrated Children’s Chapter Book) (Eve and Malachi Book 1)

by Abigail Hilton

Eve is an inquisitive baby rat who regularly escapes from her cage. One night she meets a strange creature in a glass tank across the roomâ??a boa constrictor named Malachi. The snake is amused by Eve’s questions, and he awes her with stories of the wilds where he was caught. What will happen to their fragile friendship when Eve discovers what Malachi eats? Can they devise a solution that will save both Malachi and Eve’s family of rats?

Feeding Malachi is a 6,000-word story, divided into 10 short chapters. The story is illustrated with beautiful ink drawings by the Sarah Cloutier, who is also the cover artist. The story has a few scary moments, but also a happy ending. If you and your child enjoyed the whimsical dialogue of The Little Prince or the loveable characters in Janell Cannon’s Stellaluna and Verdi, you will enjoy the adventures of Eve and Malachi.

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