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Lessons on Parenting: What Parents in the Bible Can Teach Parents Today

by Mark J Musser

Part two of a dynamic parenting series is here!

The Bible is full of parents. Throughout the pages of Scripture, Moms and Dads are found making choices and decisions that impact their children and those around them. The blessings or fallout from those choices and decisions most definitely can apply to our lives as parents today.

So what can parents today learn from those parents of old? What could happen in our families if we apply the lessons taught through these Scriptural accounts? Those are the questions that part two of this amazing book series seeks to answer.

Be introduced to nine new stories–each one involving Old and New Testament parents whose words, actions, and attitudes still echo through the generations.

Through each thought-provoking chapter, you will:
* Discover that the way you discipline your children will effect their futures for good or for bad
* See the importance of putting God first in your life and in your family
* Understand the importance of intentionality in parenting
* Experience prayer’s power to transform families
* Realize how the decisions you make today will effect your family for generations
* Come face to face with the reality that Christ can raise dead relationships and give them new life
* And Much More!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that number two pencil, flip open your notebook, and get ready. Class is now in session!

CAREER BOOK 3: 15 Career-readiness Strategies for Parents of High School Students with Special Needs (Career-readiness Series)

by Jim Hasse

In this 18,000-word, 40-minute quick read, Jim Hasse, a Global Career Development Facilitator who has cerebral palsy, summarizes the essential career development strategies to follow for career coaching your high school youngster with special needs. Career Book 3 outlines six strategies for helping your youngster grow in self-confidence and nine strategies for discovering disability’s competitive edge in tomorrow’s job market – all based on the road map recommended by National Career Development Guidelines and on Hasse’s 29 years of experience as a mainstream Accredited Business Communicator. He was Vice President for Corporate Communication at Foremost Farms USA for 10 of those years.

Hasse writes, “My disabilities, while they have made life tougher for me to live, have also, within certain contexts, become an aggregate advantage for me in gaining meaningful employment in integrated settings. My disability has given me an edge in developing my career. Career Book 3 shows what worked for me.”

7 Steps For Children’s Happiness – Principles That Will Help Your Children For A Lifetime

by Gabriela Ciucurovschi


“For a child to become a beautiful and mature fruit, the roots themselves need to be beautiful and mature.”

Gabriela Ciucurovschi, Psychosociologist,
Author of 7 Steps For Children’s Happiness

7 Steps For Children’s Happiness is a book that approaches the parent-child relationship from the perspective of the impact that the parents’ actions have upon the child, especially for the long term.

Parents are helped to build a harmonious relationship with their own child, focusing on the things that will really matter in life.

In the seven chapters of the book, the reader will discover and easily recognize life situations that he or she faces day by day. The book includes the gift of putting yourself in situations where you are the parent as well as your parents’ child.

Topics such as habits, thoughts, choices, forgiveness, unconditional love, discipline, and values are discussed by the author both from a psychological point of view and a spiritual one.
A book about parenting and personal development at the same time, 7 Steps For Children’s Happiness is for the general public, written in an accessible language and representing the result of more than twenty years of study by the author.

It is one of those generous books that can bring long-term benefits to both the children and their parents.


Gabriela Ciucurovschi was born on April 13, 1966, in Romania. She has a degree in psychology from the University of Bucharest with a comparative study on mature and immature personalities from a psychological and social point of view, and the central theme of her studies has been the psychology of the child and the understanding of human nature. She is founder of Brandbuilders and Benefica publishing houses, having over ten years of experience in the editorial field.

Tell Us Grandpa

by Roy L Parker

Read the story of a man who teaches his grandkids the lessons of life using poetry. The book is a combination of prose, poetry and dialog and is partially illustrated. A heart-warming story of a grandfather’s love for his grandchildren. The Grandfather seems mysterious, mystical and has the ability to work small miracles. He has secrets and his poems about life are simple and easy to read but each contains a lesson sometimes clearly revealed and other times requiring some deep thought. He is a widower and lives alone but he is a very special man who plays a large role in the proper raising of his grandchildren. Follow him as he leads his beloved grandchildren along the road of life.

Drugs Lies and Smokey: Drugs make you lie about some weird things

by Zachary Turnage

This is true story is of a man who used and abused drugs and became a psychological liar.

He lost everything he had including his mind, life, brothers, jobs, rights as an american and his kids.

This mans lies were so horrible, well you’ll find out.

Little Chef – Lemonade (Little Chef – Activity Books for Kids and Parents Book 1)

by Pepper Fox

Little Chef – The activity book series for parents and kids. Cooking with Kids. Recipes. Fun Facts. Cookbook. Are you ready to be a sous chef to your kid, the Little Chef? Let your child guide you thought the adventures in the kitchen and make fun and tasty treats together! Deserts, drinks, ice pops, cakes, pancakes, sandwiches, pizza and more!


“This is me. And this is Riko – my best friend.

Riko and I do everything together: we play, we go for walks and we go on vacation. We eat chips and hot dogs together, too, but don’t tell my Mom! She’ll be mad.

We’ve had Riko almost as long as I can remember. My parents bought him when I was very small, but I remember it like it was yesterday. At first, it all seemed like a regular Sunday…”

Sam is a real boy. Riko is his dog.

Sam and Riko do everything together. They discover the world together. They go on vacation, and they learn new things. But Sam and Riko share their sorrows, too.

The book was written for children who dream of having a furry friend, and for their parents, who think that having a small child and a fast-growing, four-legged friend under one roof is a recipe for disasterĂ¢?¦

The little boy and his big, white dog show that reality is anything but.

Dingo and Tripper

by Little Grandma “Abuelita”

This is a story about Dingo, an old dog who is used to being the only pet in the family. Mac, his master, brings home a young pup named Tripper and wants him to become part of the family, too.

Dingo and Tripper is written in two parts, a story that can be read by adults or older children who are developing their reading skills, or a more simple narrative as told by Dingo and accompanied by full color illustration. Both versions are Large Print and appropriate for reading by children or to children.

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