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Survival: The Comprehensive guide to prepare you for a natural disaster, urban collapse, and wilderness survival

by George Patterson

Are you prepared for the worst?

This book will teach you the basic skills you would need to survive in a disaster or survival situation. Not everyone worries or prepares for these circumstances, but it is important to do so. Even the most familiar of settings and routines have the potential to become dangerous, especially if nature is involved. For many things we have warning signals and procedures set up, many depend on the region you live in, but being prepared might include more than a basement and a lighter. This book outlines and defines the five basic necessities for life and how to find and keep them. Natural disasters often mean injuries, and it is a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of first aid and this book details the basics. When planning for or living through a natural disaster, urban collapse, or wilderness survival situation, there are common mistakes that need to be avoided. This book provides you with the information you need to survive in these types of dire circumstances.

– How to Make a Plan

– Five Basic Necessities for Life

– Basic First Aid in Time of Crisis

– What to Expect in Any Disaster

– Common Deadly Mistakes

– How to Keep Your Spirits Up

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Puppy Training: Puppy Training, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Train Your Puppy In Obedience, Potty Training And Crate Training! – Puppy Training Mastery Guide –

by Robert Matthews


Find out how with: Puppy Training, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Train Your Puppy In Obedience, Potty Training And Crate Training.

” Puppy Training, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Train Your Puppy In Obedience, Potty Training And Crate Training” is a well-rounded introduction to the principles of puppy training. It is a great puppy training guide that contains valuable lessons on how to train a puppy from Day 1 through to maturity.

It is a reference book for ordinary dog owners, amateur puppy trainers, as well as experts who may wish to refresh their memory in an instant. If your puppy is a newborn, this book is sufficient to teach you how to handle it and train it appropriately.

In this book you will learn:

  • The different stages of development a puppy goes through
  • What puppy kindergartens teach
  • What you need to know as you embark on puppy training
  • How to crate train your puppy
  • How to track the training of your puppy
  • How to read your puppy’s body language effectively
  • What not to do while training your puppy
  • Telltale signs that an acquired puppy needs fresh training
  • Puppy behavior mistaken for dominance
  • How to make it safe for kids to play with puppies
  • How to curb destructive puppy chewing

If you want a friendly, happy and confident puppy, then read further!

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Understanding Sarbanes-Oxley, What Is Different After June 2016

by George Lekatis

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board announced sanctions in settled disciplinary orders against a Hong Kong audit firm, its New York affiliate, and four individuals for violations of PCAOB rules and standards arising from audits of a NASDAQ-listed company located in the People’s Republic of China.

AWC (CPA) Limited, a Hong Kong audit firm, and its managing director and director of audit were sanctioned for improperly relying on management representations, ignoring red flags indicating possible fraud, impaired independence, and other violations. AWC LLP, an affiliated firm in New York, and its two partners were sanctioned for quality control, impaired independence, and other violations.

“Investors are relying on PCAOB-registered audit firms, including foreign-based firms, to perform their audit responsibilities as gatekeepers to our capital markets,” said James R. Doty, PCAOB Chairman. “The Board’s disciplinary action demonstrates that these firms and their personnel are accountable under U.S. law for their significant failures.”

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100 Questions To Crack Business Analyst Interview: Interview Questions to crack data science interview

by TheDataMonk

100 Questions To Crack Business Interview contains exact 100 question which you should try to master before going through any Business Analyst, Big Data, Data Science interview. This book contains question in random order, so you have to cover the complete 30 page without chucking any page. This book will be a great help to prepare for any related topic interview.

Understanding Sarbanes-Oxley, What Is Different After March 2016

by George Lekatis

Good news! The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board launched a newly redesigned website at that uses a responsive web design.

The new PCAOB site scales to fit any screen: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

In addition to the responsive design, features enhanced navigation. Visitors can get to the most popular pages within the PCAOB website using the new expandable navigation – the mega menu – at the top of any page.

In addition, handy footer links at the bottom of every page also provide access to the most popular and important PCAOB content.

While the most visited sections of the site – Standards, for example – can be found at the same URLs, many of the main pages for program areas have been enhanced. Also, the PCAOB Careers section has been redesigned.

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Simplify Your Homeschool Day: Shorten Your Day, Sweeten Your Time

by Tamara L. Chilver

What if you and your children could have more time pursuing your passions?

As a former elementary teacher and tutor and a veteran home educator of 15 years, Tamara Chilver has discovered over 100 simple teaching tips that have dramatically shortened her children’s homeschool day. These tips have also directly impacted her teaching to make it a much more effective process. Now her family is able to spend more time focusing on their passions.

In Simplify Your Homeschool Day, you will learn:

-Practical tips that can save you hours of teaching, planning, and grading each week;

-Effective communication techniques that can eliminate frustration and dramatically impact your child’s learning;

-When you should enlist help;

-Creative learning strategies that can be applied on the go; and

-How to pursue your own passions.

These time-saving tips will increase your child’s enjoyment of learning by reducing the time it takes him to complete school work without decreased learning. Put some extra time back into your day right away!

How to Teach Your Child: Simple Tools for Homeschool Moms

by Tamara L. Chilver

How to Teach Your Child addresses one of the most common concerns homeschool moms have – How do I teach my child? Tamara L. Chilver reveals the tools of the trade while providing parents with simple teaching tips in the core subject areas that engage children in the learning process.

In this practical guide, you will learn how to:

-Make learning FUN.

-Enhance your existing curriculum.

-Use successful teaching tips.

-Prevent burnout for you and your child.

-Save money by using practical teaching tips.

How to Teach Your Child is also a valuable resource for parents who do not homeschool but would like to learn strategies to help their children with homework and learning activities at home.

Publisher’s Note: How to Teach Your Child is a revision of the book formerly titled Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades.

After being a schoolteacher for over six years and a homeschool mom for almost eleven years, I pretty much thought I had the education thing down pat. I’ve read countless how-to-books on the subject of home education over the years. So what more was there for this veteran homeschool mom of six to discover? The answer to that somewhat silly question arrived in my mailbox in a little package that contained big ideas in the form of the book, How to Teach Your Child, by Tamara L. Chilver. It is a practical, concise guide in an easy-to-read format that is chockfull of ideas, advice, resources, suggestions for scheduling, tips, and techniques that are sure to help new homeschooling parents down the path into the (sometimes seemingly overwhelming) world of home education. But Tamara has also included activities and creative teaching strategies that will inspire and re-motivate even those who’ve been homeschooling for years. Many of the ideas presented in the book would be ideal to supplement any chosen curriculum. So be sure to check out this book for learning the basics…or for just putting a little more fun, creativity, and sparkle into your homeschool days!

~ The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Here is an excellent book for those needing some practical advice on choosing curriculum and enhancing lesson plans. Tamara Chilver will cheer you with her enthusiasm and inspire you with her useful teaching suggestions. She has loaded this book with lots of information. This is not just a how to get started book – she has drawn upon her years as both a public elementary teacher and home educator and poured out her knowledge on how to teach your children effectively. How to Teach Your Child is fresh, fun to read, and will provide you with a heap of “golden” teaching nuggets for the elementary grades. You’ll find recommended websites and curriculum titles, and an appendix that includes a list of all the Newberry and Caldecott Medal winners. The author’s friendly tone and no-nonsense approach made this guide easy to read and even more realistic to implement. If you are in anyway frustrated with how things are going in your homeschool, don’t pull your hair out – get this book. I mentor a lot of newbies in my homeschool circle, and you can bet I’m going to be recommending this resource to them.


As a homeschooling mom of two, I was thrilled to read this book. I am always looking for fresh ways to add life to our homeschooling day. There’s only so much bookwork they can do before their eyes glaze over and they slip into a coma of boredom. How to Teach Your Child is designed to remove some of the mystery from homeschooling while giving parents the tools to make homeschooling educational and meaningful. This book has already become dog-eared on my shelf because of the practical tips that I can apply easily. It’s like sitting down and talking with someone who’s a little further down the journey and building my own ideas from her experience. And best of all, it’s a fun, easy read!

~ Mary Pride’s Practical Homeschooling Magazine


by Kat McDermott

Picture book about colors.


by Kat McDermott

Picture books about shapes.

A For Amazon: A journey to the world of computer

by Menaga G Ponnupandy

Introducing the world of computer and technology to your young ones can be challenging. This book is an easy start for the kids. The illustrations in this book are both informative and amusing. Come explore the world of technology!

Grace for the Homeschool Mom

by Tamara L. Chilver

Goodbye worry, fear, doubt, and guilt.

Hello grace.

This concise guide serves as the apologetics for the homeschool mom. Grace for the Homeschool Mom addresses the most common lies, fears, temptations, traps, and pitfalls that homeschool moms face. Use this book as a reference to arm yourself with God’s grace and His Word to rebuke the deceptions of the enemy. Break away from the enemy’s bondage and begin to experience peace and freedom in your homeschool journey right away.

How to Study in College | D to A in the Ivy League: How I went from D’s to A’s at Cornell then on to A’s at Harvard in 7 Steps with Less Stress and No Homework | Study Skills for College Students

by Allison M. Lee

How to study in college or graduate school?

A note from the Author, Allison Lee :

To all struggling students :
I want to say I have felt your pain. Although high school is challenging, college is a completely different ballgame and I drowned pretty bad in the beginning. It’s not just the piles of homework and studying, it’s the emotional challenges of a new environment and new friendships that took a toll on me. It was too much to handle all at once. I want to encourage you not to give up. You just need to make a conscious decision to change your strategies. My book is a simple read and you may need to follow all or maybe just some of the steps. Take what you need from the book and just keep tweaking your study habits until you find a system that works best for you. I know you can do it.

To all new college students and returning รข??mature’ adult students :
Congratulations on your new life! It’s going to be one of the best times of your life. I trust you will do what you need to have fun, work hard, and get A’s. Whatever system you have for studying now, I hope you will also give my book a glance. It’s different from other study books because first of all it’s my story and secondly because I honestly began getting A’s when I stopped doing my homework. Take a look at my approach and see how you can make it work for you.

To all the parents/mentors :
The point of my book is not how to get away with not doing your homework but to get the student in your life to stop spending so much time, energy and worry on homework and instead to transfer that focus onto other more important aspects of their college education. When I stopped worrying about homework my grades drastically improved and I also had more time for a balanced college life.

Book Description
7 simple study skills for college students (and graduate school students) you can start to use today.

One of the best selling education books for Kindle on learning how to study

Learn unique study habits you will not find in college textbooks.

Are you a stressed out student? Is school anxiety taking over your emotions and health? Check out this studying for dummies guidebook.

Do you need help with studying skills and time management in college, graduate school or even high school?

When you begin studying with a purpose you become much more efficient and you can actually stop doing your homework.

Even though her college years are long behind her, to this day Allison still has nightmares of missing deadlines, not finishing a paper, failing an exam or forgetting to go to class.

In this book, Allison Lee will show you EXACTLY how she went from D’s to A’s at Cornell then on to A’s at Harvard with less stress and without doing her homework.

The average student goes about studying the wrong way. The 7 steps will show you how to simplify your studying process and achieve academic success with less time, less effort and no homework.

Imagine all the extra time you will have for social and extracurricular activities because you are not doing your homework.

This autobiographical story is a simple read and a real road map to academic success.

These are study skills for university students, study skills for graduate students and the basic concepts will translate to study skills for high school students too.

Let Allison show you how to study. Get your copy now.

D to A in the Ivy League
How I went from D’s to A’s at Cornell and then on to A’s at Harvard
in 7 Steps with Less Stress and
No Homework

Physiology: Custom-Designed Chemistry: Getting past the anxiety that physiological chemistry is too hard to learn (What is physiology? Book 1)

by Margaret Thompson Reece

If you need tips for studying human physiology as a beginner, you must read this first. This book will walk you through the only physiology vocabulary from chemistry that you will need to learn physiology. You will be able to remember the functional details of each organ without memorizing. Here is what you will learn. 1) What body energy really is and how it keeps life in motion. 2) Why water is such a powerful and advantageous chemical. 3) How the body’s molecules mingle and relocate. 4) What is critical about a human body’s interface with Earth’s atmosphere. 5) How internal organs use just a few molecules to manage long-distance communication.

The World’s Religions

by Marzpetuni Zadoyan

The book introduces relatively widespread world religions.

Parenting from 2 – 6: Supporting Optimal Development

by John Bowman

Two to six year olds are in a uniquely formative period of human life. They absorb everything in their environment and use it all to create their personalities and abilities for a lifetime. Many parents worry about ‘problem behaviors’ such as defiance, moodiness, picky eating, poor speech, emotional outbursts, and many others. Hundreds of books deal with all kinds of behaviors, but often fail to help parents make truly positive changes.

Developmental issues usually mean a young child is not getting what they need from their environment. Before focusing on behaviors, parents should evaluate their child’s overall environment for development. Problems usually are not with the child. In more optimal environments, problem behaviors often disappear. This happens in Montessori preschools every day, simply because the children are spending part of each day in an environment designed to support their natural development. Parents can easily create better environments for their children at home. When they do this, problem behaviors usually subside.

Today’s children all too often do not have environments that support optimal development in the vital early years. Excessive exposure to television and video games, a lack of movement, poor nutrition, a lack of parental time and affection, little opportunity to develop independence skills, no time in nature, and no access to quality learning materials and activities all result in children who do not reach their full potential. This is a situation parents are in a perfect position to fix, without a degree in child development or great expense.

This book explores every aspect of creating an optimal environment for child development at home. It offers parents a conceptual framework for understanding early childhood development; and hundreds of concrete steps to take that will create an optimal environment for helping their children realize their true capacities and become self-confident, happy people.

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