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Amish Romance: Love Has a New Beginning (A Clean Amish and Billionaire Romance Story)

by Aqua Allsopp

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Annie King is a young woman of 23 years, living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is a free spirit who enjoys living life on her own terms and decides to take up the profession of a nun at the church because “God has asked me to do so!”

One night, a bad storm hits the county, and the farm that Annie lives on with her parents suffers widespread destruction. Soon after, as if sent from God, James Bosman, a billionaire businessman from Lancaster, comes across the farm. He decides that he wants to help the family by buying their plot of land. The man puts forward a number of ideas and also appoints Annie as his secretary.

Will this new life allow Annie the freedom to marry, or will she be bound to her commitment to the church? She is faced with a difficult decision: start afresh or give in to being bound and shackled by emotions for the rest of her life.

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A standalone short story with EIGHT bonus clean romance stories inside!

ROMANCE: PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Born of Fire (Dragon Shifter Highlander Werebear Romance) (Bad Boy Protector Medieval Romance)

by Rebecca Thorne


Bonus Paranormal Romance Story Included!!

Derek was an illustrious fighter and no being in all the land could defeat him. Over the years, he grew arrogant as enemy by enemy died at the hand of his sword.

Until an unknown foe started destroying the land and poses a threat to Derek’s existence. During battle, Derek encounters a damsel in distress.

Could she be an even bigger threat? Who was she exactly?

Or was she even more danger than he was because she was vulnerable to his foes?

Read up on this highlander, bad boy story!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is not a HEA book, there may be a cliffhanger included to lead to future books. There are mature scenes in here so do not read unless you are over 18 years of age.

Love’s Shifting Shadows

by Carol Collins

Story Description
In 1966, a tragic accident apparently robs Maria of Daniel, the dashing RAF pilot that she loves unreservedly, and perhaps it’s not surprising that she rushes headlong into marriage with Howard. But almost instantly she discovers he has a cruel streak, and because of her Christian faith, it seems she is condemned to a lifetime of unhappiness. That is, until five years later when her best friend Stephanie thinks she might have seen the supposedly dead Daniel. Is she right and if she is, what will it mean for Maria, who believes in the sanctity of marriage? God is there to help her on her journey, but how many more years must pass before she finally finds complete happiness, and who will it be with?

AMISH ROMANCE: The Amish Widow’s Lover (Frontier Historical Inspirational Romance) (Historical Romance Sweet Wholesome)

by Amy Field


It’s eight years since Martha’s loveless marriage came to an end when her husband Matthew died in a buggy crash. Her kids have grown up and gone their own way. She’s all alone, and struggling on the farm.

But Deacon Mark has been looking her way during service, she noticed.

Perhaps she should settle down with him, that’s if he decides to court her.

Or maybe she should hang on and see… perhaps…

To make things worse, there’s the town gossipmonger, Anne, still set on souring Martha’s life.

And then, unexpectedly, the stranger from long ago returns to the community…

Download and read this entertaining and inspiring follow-up to ‘Love Beckons’ to find who Martha gives her heart to!

++ Includes thirty inspiring and uplifting story of love and romance from the publisher’s library! ++

Second Chances

by Cleo Lampos

Zoey Pappas grew up in a one-stoplight town. Now she’s landed her dream job as the fifth grade teacher at the urban Diamond Projects School, but can she handle it? Her family laid odds that she won’t. Zoey know s her cows, but she’s never dealt with students from drug-infested, crime-ridden communities. Her Greek family wants her to work in the family restaurant and earn her M.R.S. degree. Zoey wants to prove herself, but she has met a muscled Irish cop who has been assigned to work with her as the Drug Awareness officer. He’s too efficient, to cocky, and too… handsome.
Ever since Officer Gavien Corrigan pulled Zoey’s car over on her first day of school for driving on a one way street in a neighborhood known for violence, he’s been captivated by her. Thoughts of the new teacher crowd in with the family responsibilities that overshadow his life. His bullet proof vest is lighter than the secret blame he carries on his shoulders. He believes that God is in control of lives, but sometimes wonders if God has forgotten him.
As the two are thrust together in the concrete jungle where everyone needs second chances, will Zoey and Gavin find their own second chances…together?
Zoey learns of unconditional love as she becomes friends with Carole Milner and her husband who is wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis. As she watches the couple cope with MS, Zoey desires to fall in love like them. Multiple sclerosis does not define their relationship, love does.
A deaf student is mainstreamed into Zoey’s class, so she enters the world of the deaf and hard of hearing. It moves Zoey to deeper compassion for the parents and foster parents in her classroom.
Anyone who has been a teacher, or loves children will enjoy this romance that brings the country girl into the urban scene. A fresh look at chaplains working in jail ministry, drug rehab and foster care are included in this novel set in the inner city. The influence of Greek immigrant ideas are also explored. Will Zoey make it in the big city?

Brighter Light

by Linda Stanley Dalton

Life is a journey that often brings you somewhere you hadn’t intended or expected, gives you results you didn’t want, and unanswered questions about why these things happened.

Cole Evans and Tony Vanetta were young teenagers when Cole’s parents divorced and her mother dragged her from a modest ranch in Seven Streets, Texas to Beverly Hills, California. Cole resisted, but legal documents that gave her mother custody rendered her attempts at staying with her father moot. Heart broken and angry, she felt forced out of the future she longed for, to one day marry Tony and spend her life with him.

Cole discovers a very different life residing in the mansion owned by her stepfather, a Hollywood movie mogul highly respected in the industry. Coming of age in a world most can only dream about was lost on Cole who resented being forced to be in her mother’s custody. Despite all she accomplishes as she grows up, all she possesses, she knows that a part of her heart had stayed behind in Seven Streets and still longs for what she and Tony might have had together.

The youthful, emotional love that had sparked between them twenty years before had kept them both wondering about the other until life, and the hand of God, brings them together to face the future as adults with both social and economic differences as well as children born from previous relationships.

In the background, one man has silently kept his family in prayer throughout the decades of his life and at the appropriate time, JD Minter a/k/a Grandpa JD begins to see changes in his daughter and his three granddaughters’ lives that could only come from the brighter light of God.

Clean Regency Romance: Sunlight and Shadows (Clean & Wholesome Arranged Marriage Historical Regency Duke Romance) (Contemporary Inspirational Love Inspired Romance Short Stories)

by Christine Cross

Greenview Manor is a pleasant estate, and belongs to the well-respected Honeyfield family. Employed there are only the finest workers, including Miss Bannerman. When Mr. Honeyfield finally seeks to replace his butler, the entire household, including Miss Bannerman, is surprised when he hires Mr. Clarke, a young and handsome man. He soon discovers a family with a broken past and deep affection for one another.

Miss Bannerman and Mr. Clarke immediately take an interest in one another, but fear what their fellow servants or the master of the house will think of their relationship. They go to great lengths to conceal it, and in the end, it proves to be a detrimental mistake.

What will Mr. Honeyfield say if he discovers their secret? Will they ever be able to be together, and not have their relationship be limited to stolen moments, passing by one another in the halls?

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ROMANCE: CLEAN ROMANCE: Summer of Sweetness (Sweet Inspirational Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Clean Fantasy Short Stories)

by Julie Joseph

Twenty-something Laura Martin has always wanted to travel. She never thought she’d spend her first vacation outside of the Midwest on a little-known Florida resort island as someone’s nanny. With two rambunctious twins in tow, she has to deal with her snippy and emotionally distant rich employers the DeVilliers while trying to make the most of spending her every waking moment as the only responsible adult on the trip.

But when she meets Josh Philips, the handsome activities director at their luxury resort, the little time she gets to spend with him makes it all worthwhile. He shows her what life on the island can be like, and they talk about their shared dream of running a bed and breakfast one day.

There’s a storm brewing though, as she realizes the trip will only last so long. With a real tropical storm on the horizon, how will they make their summer romance last and become something more?

Sir John & the Quest of Proving

by R.P. Edwards

The prequel to “Sir John & the Dragon’s Boast,” this volume explores the early years of Sir John from hopeful apprentice to Champion of the King. However, before the title of “Knight” can be rightly claimed, each “called out one” must go through the “Test of Proving.” As with the earlier novel, “Sir John & the Quest of Proving” is a Christian Allegory; with double meanings throughout. Yes, Kings and kingdoms; dragons and knights; but the connection to “our” time is very real. And the battles fought and won (or lost) THERE, are the same battles fought in “our” reality.

The Everlasting Monday

by Ruth Calder Murphy

The Everlasting Monday takes Rob and Kate, star-struck lovers whose families have been estranged for twenty years, into the most startling adventure they could never have imagined. Their own story runs alongside a more ancient story, into which they are drawn and which grows into something terrifyingly immediate and scarily out of their control.Through dreams that are more real than reality, angels who appear in their living rooms and lives that are more rollercoaster than routine, Kate and Rob are drawn inexorably back together – and at the same time, back to something altogether bigger.

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