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Heart and Flower Designs: 52 Hearts and Flower Inspired Patterns for Creative Art Therapy and Stress Relief (Flower Designs, Heart Designs, Stress Free)

by Jess Love

Heart and Flower Designs

52 Hearts and Flower Inspired Patterns for Creative Art Therapy and Stress Relief (Flower Designs, Heart Designs, Stress Free)

KINDLE USERS – We Are Thinking Of You. Since you can’t download this book from your Kindle device – We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book.

Print the PDF on large 8.5×11 high quality paper and let your creativity to do the rest.

Are you ready to relieve stress and get creative?

Our Heart and Flower Designs is exactly what you need. You’ll benefit by reducing your stress and anxiety after a long day. Coloring has also been shown to increase your creativity.

How does coloring help stress for adults?

It’s been scientifically proven to help you take your attention away from your problems. This is the first step to stress relief. Because coloring regulates your amygdala, you get therapeutic relief from stress. You get a small dose of dopamine when you color which helps reduce anxiety and fear. Neuroscience has proven that when we stimulate this area of our brain to produce positive feelings, it can literally rewire our brains.

Coloring can now be thought of as a very inexpensive and creative therapy session. Since it requires focus, even if you only color for a short period of time, it can improve symptoms associated with ADD.

Why choose this coloring book? This book provides 52 patterns to provide you with the ultimate coloring experience. You get to be creative and be transported back in time to your carefree childhood days.

It’s time to unwind with one of the most popular relaxation methods available: adult coloring. Find out for yourself just why adult coloring has become amazingly popular. Choose the best picture that suits your day and start coloring. Our digital version means that you can print out high quality digital images and color until your heart’s content!

Thoughts from the Road: I Should Have Looked Where I Was Going

by Amarra Sarakova

Volume 1

I will know that I’ve “made it” when I finally own a useless cow. Yes. A useless cow. A cow with no use.

The joy of motherhood

by Bola Gales

Cute and lovely African children’s photographs.

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