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Against the Odds: Survival on the Russian Front 1944-1945

by John Stieber

John Stieber was twelve-year-old schoolboy in Ireland when he was sent to secondary school in Germany. Caught there by the outbreak of the Second World War, he was unable to return to his parents for seven years.

In due course, he was called to serve in an anti-aircraft battery and in the National Labour Service. Just after his eighteenth birthday, he was sent to the Russian Front with the elite Paratrooper and Tank Division, Hermann Göring. He lived through an amazing series of events, escaping death many times and was one of the few survivors of his division when the war ended.

In this narrative of his early life, John Stieber describes how he went from a carefree childhood through increasing hardships, until every day of his life became a challenge for survival.

Grandfather (A Memoir)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

A Funeral’s Rude Awakening

Loss teaches you the importance of what you have lost, and more appropriately who you have lost. This short memoir expresses the humbly unforgettable experiences that helped the author to gain invaluable understanding of the importance of relations, as well as a deeper appreciation of life and the ephemeral state of being alive.

The story of his grandfather’s funeral is intertwined with epiphanic moments and humbling admissions that deliver life lessons encountered when reality bit. Differences in culture and beliefs grace the story with educative experiences.

This short memoir is a lesson learned; to cherish the loved ones we have, and live life in honor of the departed we still love. Written as a memorial to the author’s grandfather, it starts by telling a brief history of his grandfather’s life, and then it goes on to recount the events and circumstances surrounding his death and funeral.

Arnold Sodeman: The True Story of the Schoolgirl Strangler: Historical Serial Killers and Murderers (True Crime by Evil Killers Book 1)

by Jack Rosewood

Captured in the 1930s before the words psychopath and pedophile were part of common vernacular, notorious serial killer Arnold Sodeman murdered four young girls with little thought of remorse. Without guilt, the evil serial killer strangled them to death with their own clothing and left their small bodies alone in the Australian brush, earning himself a chilling position in the annals of Australian crime.

The first victim in his child murder spree, 12-year-old Mena Griffiths, showed signs of having been sexually assaulted, although the man who would become known as The School-girl Strangler denied the assault, and blamed the killing of both Griffiths and the other girls on his inability to control himself after he’d been drinking.

The horrific story of this true-life murderer – a tale of mental illness, childhood abuse, brain damage and alcoholic blackouts – is true crime as its most terrible, and ranks among the worst child murders in world history.

After his arrest, Sodeman calmly confessed, saying that when intoxicated, he became overcome by thoughts of revenge, and like a real-life Jekyll and Hyde, transformed from doting husband and family man into a barbarian who strangled four little girls.

He chose children and teens, he said, because he could lure them away much easier, but the cold-blooded killer really didn’t seem to recognize the abhorrence of taking a child’s life.

Experts now say the handsome but strange Sodeman would likely have been unfit to stand trial for his crimes, given his family’s extensive background of mental illness, but in the 1930s, the serial killer’s biography was a tale that left Australia stunned.

Drifting in the Push

by Daniel Garrison

This book contains adult language.

Drifting in the Push is a fast-paced, comical romp that takes the reader on a journey through the unintentional adventures of one man’s reality. From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from Mexico to Alaska, missteps, stubborn obstacles, and fate are his constant companions, along with an offbeat assortment of entertaining characters. From time to time, his escapades include his two childhood friendsâ??Bryan, who follows him to the unforgiving Arctic, and Shane, who steers him down an unpleasant alley or two. Amid this craziness, he picks up another friendâ??Hank, his devoted dog. This chronological series of interdependent short stories will take you from fear to love, amusement to surprise, and it just might occasionally leave a tear in your eye.

Pablo Escobar: Beyond Narcos

by Shaun Attwood

The mind-blowing true story of Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel beyond their portrayal on Netflix.

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was a devoted family man and a psychopathic killer; a terrible enemy, yet a wonderful friend. While donating millions to the poor, he bombed and tortured his enemies – some had their eyeballs removed with hot spoons. Through ruthless cunning and America’s insatiable appetite for cocaine, he became a multi-billionaire, who lived in a $100-million house with its own zoo.

Shaun Attwood’s War on Drugs trilogy – Pablo Escobar, American Made, and We Are Being Lied To – is a series of harrowing, action-packed and interlinked true stories that demonstrate the catastrophic consequences of drug prohibition.

Under The Ground

by Garry Rodgers

The Truth Lies Buried

Under The Ground is a psychological suspense thriller based on the true crime story of Kristen Madsenâ??a troubled eighteen-year-old victim last seen with her ex-boyfriend, Esa Raasanen in a small city on Vancouver Island at Canada’s southwest coast.

When conventional police procedural techniques fail to find the buried truth in the mystery of Kristen’s disappearance, a highly-complex criminal undercover operation is set upon Esa, slowly sucking him into a fictionalâ??yet completely believableâ??world of organized crime run by a shadow figure known only as The Boss.

The truth is uncovered through a sophisticated psychological manipulation of Esa, carefully planned and scripted by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police undercover team who developed the amazing Mister Big Sting. Forensic psychologists from the RCMP’s renowned Behavioral Science Unit who teach the truth-gathering technique to police departments worldwide oversee the murder investigation.

Under The Ground sweeps you through the emotional turmoil in an abusive relationship to the high-rolling lives of convincing “criminals” who preyed upon Esa’s lust, greed, ignorance, and brutally violent, psychopathic personality.

With skillful handling and focused purpose, Jake the lead undercover operator, builds a trap for Esa Raasanen which can only be escaped by confessing to The Boss what truthfully happened in Kristen Marsden’s murder.

Where she lies and what he’d done shocked the entire investigative team of detectives and undercover operatives.

Under The Ground is based on a true crime story and written by Garry Rodgersâ??a retired homicide detective and forensic coroner, now Amazon Bestselling author. Here are what readers say about this psychological thriller of suspense and mystery:

She’s “under the ground,” prophetic words of a streetwise homicide cop and the title of the latest by Garry Rodgers is a not-to-be missed thriller. Based on a true story, involving real-life undercover tactics and a time-consuming, demanding undercover investigation this book is captivating, addicting, and frightening.

“Under the Ground” reveals the lengths to which the detectives and police force went to catch a vicious murderer. Their psychological manipulation of the murderer was ingenious – and will be of great interest to True Crime buffs, like myself.

I highly recommend “Under the Ground” to fans of the True Crime genre – and to readers of quality non-fiction books everywhere.

Apollo11: When Men Walked on the Moon: The incredible mission of Apollo 11 (Hashtag Histories Book 5)

by Philip Gibson

“We choose to go to the Moon not because it is easy but because it is hard!”- President John F. Kennedy, 12 September, 1962.

If you were not fortunate enough to be able to witness the entire historic mission of Apollo 11 as it unfolded (or even if you were), this gripping account will put you believably back inside those eight incredibly tense and dramatic days in 1969. The unique social media format of the book allows us to experience all the drama and achievements as if we were following them live, and as if the participants were speaking to us directly in real time. The narrative is based on actual astronaut accounts, NASA transcripts of the fascinating continual communications with the astronauts, broadcasts of the all main TV networks covering the mission and the thoughts of many laypeople and expert observers. The account also includes details that were not publicly available at the time, such as the secret speech to be delivered to the nation by President Nixon should the astronauts fail to return from the Moon. There is an extensive list of major sources at the end of the book.

This is not a book, therefore, written in the usual book format. It is the story of man’s first exploration of Earth’s nearest neighbor, the Moon, told as if in real time in the form of imaginary social media posts by the main participants and observers. By using the fictional (at the time) vehicle of social media, the book is able to give an accurate account of the historic mission, revealing what the people involved in, and those witnessing, the momentous events were thinking, doing and saying at each stage of the mission.

The account covers the entire mission, from the tense build up and countdown to the launch, to the heart-stopping descent to the lunar surface, the first moonwalk, the experiments on the surface, the journey back to Earth, re-entry, recovery and the triumphal reception back in New York.

The darker I fall

by Sebastian H. Alive

Lleyland Hickey. The name is synonymous with a serial killer responsible for the brutal murders of 26 people over 2 decades. One day, 23 years after his first murder and at the age of 36, he walks calmly into a police station and confesses to the crimes he had never been caught for. He chose to end his story this way.

But how and why did he become such a prolific murderer that enabled him to forge a lifestyle that revolved around his psychosis at such a young age? How did the darkness grow? After all, the seed to becoming a killer starts somewhere.

This is his story…

Something’s Wrong: When Doctors Don’t Have the Answer

by Laurie Penner

What single disease is like having arthritis, heart failure, dementia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, a bacterial infection, and a thyroid disorder, all at the same time? Struggling through eight months of health issues that three doctors couldn’t decipher, I knew something was wrong with me, but there were no positive tests to prove it.

Travel with me through my mysterious array of symptoms, some as humorous as they are deadly, in my search for the correct diagnosis. After months of doctors, labs, and physical therapy visits, I had nothing else to go on but my faith, compassionate friends, and what was left of my mental abilities to search online for some disorder that sounded right. At last a friend steered me toward a specialist that could help me, before I slipped off into a place where I could no longer help myself.

Fred’s Diary 1981: Travels in Asia

by Robert Fear

Fascinating time capsule from the 80’s

Have you ever wanted to read someone else’s diary?

Would you like to experience travelling in Asia without leaving home?

Then this book is for you. Fred’s Diary 1981 is a fascinating insight into a young man’s travels around Asia in the early 1980’s. This is a unique opportunity to delve into Fred’s daily diary, which details the 158 days he spent travelling around Asia. Follow Fred throughout his extensive travels to Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Nepal.

Appreciate the many friendships formed along the way with fellow-travellers.

Relive the highs and lows that he experienced during this fascinating journey.

Recognise the huge differences in technology, particularly communications.

Become immersed in the different cultures, peoples and surroundings of Asia in the early 1980’s.

Understand more about the drug culture of the 1980’s, especially in Thailand and Nepal.

Learn from Fred’s youthful mistakes, especially if your dream of travelling to Asia becomes a reality.

Favourite reviews

Not only a time-capsule but a cautionary tale of gems, drugs, and jail time as he explores waterfalls, Buddhist temples, and snow-capped peaks. Doug E. Jones

Fred’s heart-felt awe towards the beauty and the intensity of the place, his appetite for living the adventure, the mishaps and his clear narrative “takes you there”. Richard Klein

I came to this diary with some expectation, having written a very similar diary myselfâ?¦and only a few years after this one. And I was not disappointed. Frank Kusy

A real rollercoaster of a read written in a very clever and informative style. This really would make a fascinating movie. Caryl Williams

This book is written with respect and so is not about an Englishman patronisingly describing his trials in another country. Graham Higson

Robert Fear has written a masterpiece. Writing a story in the form of a daily diary is always a challenge but Robert Fear has shown how well he has mastered the art. Pankaj Varma

This book allows for reflection and thought whilst experiencing the culture of Asia in full technicolor. Rukia the Reader

I was attracted to this diary as I was backpacking through some of the same places 33 years later, and I love travel writing. From start to finish I was hooked. G. Hughes

What a wonderful throwback to the 80s. Colour, sounds & sights of Asia are detailed, thoughts dissected which makes this book both fascinating and real. Paul Johnson

I learned what it is to be a traveler as opposed to a tourist. Well written and interesting, and at times, harrowing and turbulent. Bonni Morrison

Quotes & Biography: Quotes & Biography of 50 greatest people ever been on earth

by Daniel Smith

This book covers the life events, biography and famous quotes of the 50 greatest and most influential personalities that ever existed on earth. The 50 greatest personalities are divided into seven different categories such as great conquerors, most influential leaders, great administrators, philosophers who seek wisdom, discoverers and historians, great scientists who changed the life of humans and currently the world’s most famous and influential politicians.
The book compiled by the author may contain some controversial personalities and there will be people who may not agree with the mentioned personalities with the likes of JOSEPH STALIN and ADOLF HITLER etc. but the fact of the matter is these bad people had so much influence on the human race that we cannot neglect them.
The people chosen by the author of this book are the ones who had a great influence on humans thinking in their respective fields.
There is only one great personality which we mentioned above all, namely the prophet MUHAMMAD because he exerts so much influence on the humans way of thinking and life which cannot be matched. He also was a conquerer who lead a tiny army of 300 warriors and built a giant state; he was a leader who raised a great movement for humans right at a time when the Arab community was passing through a dark period. He was an administrator who administrated the STATE OF MADINA so brilliantly that the different tribes of Madina pledged allegiance to the state of Madina voluntarily. He was a philosopher who changed the way of thinking of the entire human race towards life, women and justice, he was a scientist who showed the humans methods of curing many fatal diseases which even modern day science is following. These are some of the reasons which give prophet Muhammad a place in the history that has no rival.

Left-Handed Athletes : Southpaws Dominate the Sports World (Being Left-Handed Book 3)

by Russell Cope

Left-Handed Athletes dominate the sports world. Being left-handed can be an advantage in many sports activities. Only 10% of the population are lefties. Throwing, hitting, striking, and kicking are different when it comes to a dominate left-handed person.

Sports and southpaw athletes this book expands on include;

  • Left-Handed Baseball
  • Left-Handed Football
  • Left-Handed Golf
  • Left-Handed Tennis
  • Left-Handed Soccer
  • Left-Handed Hockey
  • Left-Handed Olympics

In addition, there is a bonus section that includes an extended list of players in these sports and other sports.

Left-Handed Athletes: Southpaws Dominate the Sports World is inspirational for fellow lefties and an excellent historical reference of sports for anyone.

BUY NOW and become a part of the left-handed revolution!

Familicide: Harrowing True Stories of Family Murders

by August Crumb

Familicide details the worst family murders. Ronald Gene Simmons killed 14 family members, including his wife, children, and grandchildren. Elmer Crawford electrocuted his wife and kids, then pushed them over a cliff. Marty Bergen hacked his family to death with an axe. Jean-Claude Romand paraded as a medical doctor for 18 years, then killed everyone who ever loved him. Marcus Wesson made his children sleep in coffins, gave them vampire names, then shot them through the eyes.

These hair-raising true tales of family murder delve into the minds of the most evil people in society, and there are no generalities. These killers are men, women, teens, and come from every race and nationality. Explore what makes them tick in Familicide: Harrowing True Stories of Family Murders.

This short but fascinating collection of true crimes comes to you from true crime author, August Crumb. Well researched and annotated with grizzly details, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat.

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