Free fantasy Kindle books for 11 Aug 16

Dancing With Jesus: A Novel

by Linda Fitzpatrick

How can Abia ever become a useful and loved person when an accident causes her to walk with a limp and unable to have children? On that one horrible day, her fate is sealed, and those who don’t make fun of her shun her.

Although her parents and siblings are supportive, there is always something missing. Until one glorious day when she is baptized in the Jordan River and her lifeâ??body, soul, and spiritâ??is changed forever.

Then she meets the Person who can make all her dreams come trueâ??if she can get out of Herod’s banquet hall without losing her head!


Pulling The Wool: A Magic Garden Mystery (Book 1)

by Demy Watts

The small town of Thackery, England, is in an uproar: Sir Chesterton Pince-Wittington’s prize sheep have gone hoofs up for the long sleep, and the police have ruled it as poisoning!

Fern Amesbury, florist owner of The Magic Garden, must consult with close friends, new allies, and her own occult powers to figure out just who’s responsible for the countdown…before any more deaths occur.

The Unwilling Adventurer (The Unwilling #1)

by Heidi Willard

The first book in the COMPLETE six-book fantasy series!

A serious fantasy series that doesn’t take itself seriously.

An old man, a young armor-wearing girl, and a farm boy walk into a story, and this is what you get; a fantasy series of monsters and mayhem where each day leads them into new troubles and intrigue. Fred is the farm boy, a serf bound to his lord by the debt of his deceased parents. He’s thrown out into the world against his will and into the company of an armored young woman by the name of Pat and her cloaked, bearded companion, Ned. Together they make an unlikely group as they wind their way through troubles with perilous plant monsters, dangerous dog-beasts, and a good book that refuses to be put down. Literally.

The Unwilling Adventurer is a fantastical fantasy for lovers of sword and sorcery, action and adventure, panic and pandemonium, and a bunch of other epic adjectives.

Also in the UNWILLING series:

Book I: The Unwilling Adventurer –
Book II: The Unwilling Apprentice –
Book III: The Unwilling Ambassador –
Book IV: The Unwilling Aviator –
Book V: The Unwilling Accomplice –
Book VI: The Unwilling Avatar –

Forbidden Bond (Twin Curse Book 1)

by Rinelle Grey

Born together, wed together

Brianna has never questioned the ancient law that requires her to marry the same man as her twin sisterâ??until her sister falls in love with gentle and obedient Terion. Despite knowing he’s perfect for her sister, Brianna can’t bring herself to care for him, but unless she agrees to the marriage, her sister can’t marry either. In a desperate attempt to allow them both to live the life they want, Brianna fakes her own death and runs away. She knows she can never marry another, but she can live with that. What she hadn’t counted on was meeting Lyall, a handsome but mysterious man visiting the inn where she works.

A powerful mage and heir to the throne of Isla de Magi, Lyall could have his pick of women, but it’s not until he meets a simple serving woman while on a covert mission to the mainland, that he loses his heart. First fascinated by the raw magical power he senses in her, then by her forthright and honest nature, Lyall is smitten. He can’t understand why she keeps her distance, or why she refuses to talk about her past, but he is sure he can win her over.

As their love blossoms, and a fierce enemy threatens her home village, Brianna begins to discover more about the origins of the ancient law, and what happened to the last set of twins who broke it. Can she escape the curse, or will she have to choose between her love for Lyall, and the safety and happiness of her sister?

Twin Curse is a full length fantasy romance novel.

Fons Vitae

by Destiny Aitsuji

Five men.

Two ladies.

A missing cat.

The wheel of fate starts to spin. What should have been an easy retrieval mission ends up a battle with a 400 year old witch.

“Blood will be paid in full by blood.”.

Fons Vitae – a debut in the discriminating society. Eccentric. Fast-paced. Unpredictable.

Dark Indiscretions (Dark Indiscretions Series Book 1)

by Shakuita Johnson

Mature audiences only 18+ (Second ed. almost 6K added)

Jennifer’s family is scarier than any nightmare. But if she rebels against the family ways, they’ll turn their viciousness on her next..

At just a century old, a family dinner gone wrong shows Jennifer Johnston exactly why humans believe Mystics are evil, and the events that follow leave her with more than just a few tortured memories.

Jackson Dawls and Taylor Durham are a deadly species all their own as well, but even they fear the Mystics and their barbaric ways. Now, unforeseen circumstances bring them face to face with not one, but a few.

When the three meet, long-hidden secrets are brought to light. Secrets no one but Jennifer knew. But if they can’t learn to work together, their apprehensions will destroy their lives.

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