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The Notebook: A Story for the Heart

by Van Kim Le

If you had to let love go, how long would you await its return? For Mei, an awkward and reserved girl from a poor immigrant family, falling in love with worldly Lawson, a rich kid from Hong Kong sent to America to be educated, is easy. But burdened with family duties that neither could shrug off they must part ways after graduation, he to try his best to live up to his father’s expectations of an only son, and she onto law school to fulfill her parents’ dream. Moving on is hard but Mei and Lawson would soon realize that finding their way back to each other is even harder.

ROMANCE: Taken by my Cowboy (Historical Western New Adult Romance) (Old Wild West Comedy Romance)

by Amanda Knight

What would you do to conquer his world?

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Willameena was not looking forward to moving from Boston to the Wild West frontier of Montana. Her husband was bent on being a grand cattle and ranch man, and so they packed up and made their way out west. Willameena knew it would be a harsh environment, but she was not expecting that their was already an elite group of polite society and a grand house waiting for her. Still she knows that she will spend a lot of time alone as her husband was not the passionate loving type, he was all business. That was until she met a true cowboy, Aidan Trumer. He is part of elite society but he grew up on the frontier and is a real cowboy with an arrogance and dark mysterious look that has Willameena hypnotized. When Willameena and her husband throw an elegant welcoming party at their elegant ranch house, Aidan barges into her room and shows her what passion really is. Her husband’s Wild West antics and gun slinging take a toll and ends up changing everything forever.

Taken by my Cowboy is a standalone novel with a happy ending.

This steamy novel is guaranteed to make your knees quake!

Warning: This book contains Explicit Erotic content and is intended for adult eyes only!

About the author:

Amanda Knight is the celebrated author of the best-selling shifter-romance “Bear Devil”. With several years of experience as with writing, Amanda is a seasoned writer who always deliver an engaging and exciting story and plot!

If you only want to read romance of the highest quality, Amanda Knight is your go-to author!

ROMANCE: Becoming The Shifter’s Mail Order Bride (Multicultural Mail Order Bride Romance Bundle) (BBW Billionaire Alpha Male Paranormal Fantasy Short Stories)

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Book 1: The Billionaire Wolf Shifters

Book2: Tamped By My Alpha Vampire

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

Romance: Forbidden Romance Collection Boxed Set (Steamy Taboo Alpha Male Virgin Secret Baby Romance Novels) (Contemporary Women’s Fiction Young Adult Western Cowboy Anthologies)

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This collection includes:
– Can’t Go Back
– Hero Stepbrother
– My Stepbrother
– Finding Her Bear
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WARNING: This book contains SUPER-SEXY-HOT scenes and mature content, intended for 18+ readers only!

ROMANCE: Finding You: (New Adult Dark Romance) (Contemporary Alpha Male Standalone)

by Viva Fox

Brad Wyatt has been a solid business man in his entire life. He has it all-a billion dollar company, one of the wealthiest families in Seattle, and a hot actress wife -Stella- whom he’d do anything for. It’s the perfect life.

OR so he thought. Things quickly start to unravel when his father dies leaving him the entire company. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing-if his brother hadn’t expected to be dealt half of the company. Not to mention Brad has an illegitimate son his wife knows nothing about.

All the while, Stella is receiving cryptic death threats from fans of her television show. Brad is so busy dealing with his own drama he tries to convince her that they’re nothing, but is that the truth? Or is Stella in danger?

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Finding You is a standalone novella with a HEA plus bonus books for your reading pleasure.

WARNING: Hot and steamy adult content included. 18+ recommended.

Sabella: For The Love Of Gods

by April Joanne

5 Challenges
5 Days
1 Winner

Sabella thinks her life is perfect. Engaged to the love of her life, she feels nothing can ruin her bliss. Until, a dark secret from her childhood is revealed.

Andronicas will do anything and everything to keep the love of his life and take her as his bride. Even going as far as using his powers inherited from the Gods.

Hagen is content with the way he lives his life. Hunting and being free, until, the demands of the Gods leads him to a blue – eyed beauty. Can he complete his challenges or will he lose everything?

ROMANCE: THREESOME: Secret Bad Boy: (Alpha Male Bisexual Menage Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

by Sinfully Sweet Books

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Collection Contents:

1. Country Club Affair

2. Price of a Princess

3. What He Didn’t Know

4. Naughty Professor

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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ROMANCE: Gift From the Grave: (New Adult Dark Romance) (Contemporary Alpha Male Standalone)

by Viva Fox

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Elizabeth Werner moved to the small New England town of Canver to follow her grandmother’s wishes to reopen her bed and breakfast. Fortunately for Elizabeth, the first person she meets is Rick, the handsome son of the contractor and caretaker for the property.

Almost immediately, strange incidents begin happening in the house. A creepy toy monkey appears in the house. Odd footsteps echo through the night. Elizabeth tries to brush it off, but when the incidents go from bizarre to downright creepy, she finds herself seeking safety in Rick’s arms.

Elizabeth suddenly makes a sickening realization and she finds herself deep in a mystery which has been going on for generations.

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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Matthew Yancey: Taking the High Road (Taking the High Road series Book 2)

by Morris Fenris

As the child of a Mexican father and a Cherokee mother, Goldenstar Mendoza has known the stigma of being called “Half-breed” since childhood. As an adult, selling her parents’ stock of homemade commodities in 1861 San Francisco, she has dealt with being shunned by women; and with being intimidated and harassed by men.

This is very apparent with Franklin Bower, a wealthy rancher who has set his sights on installing Star at his Condor Ranch. He wants her, and he doesn’t care how he gets her.

While Star has detractors, she also has defenders: close friend Frances Goddard, and her brother, William, sheriff of San Francisco. Also a new friend, Sarah Coleman, governess for five-year-old Rob Yancey and housekeeper for his widowed father, Matthew.

Recently, Texas Ranger Matt and his son had arrived in San Francisco to attend the wedding of his brother, John, and stayed on at the request of Sheriff Goddard. Matt can’t help being attracted to beautiful Star, and she to him.

Their dinner together with the Goddards and a walk home afterward results in a setback to their fledgling relationship, however, when Matt overplays his hand. A quick good-night kiss turns into serious lovemaking.

Stunned by her own response, agitated by his advancesâ??as if, given her background, she were just one more floozy to be taken advantage ofâ??she flees inside and refuses to hear his apologies.

Eventually, defeated, frustrated, he heads for home. Tomorrow, when both have cooled down, he will try again.

Tomorrow sets up a whole different mix of problems.

At mid-morning, Franklin Bower arrives. By revealing that he holds a secret about Adsila Mendoza, Star’s mother, and will use it to have her jailed, he blackmails the girl into leaving with him for the Condor.

There, he forces his former bedmate, Raquel, to tend his new lady. Despite the servant’s resentment, she and Star bond when she eventually reveals that she, too, has been blackmailed; her brother, Benito, was taken as a slave to work in Bower’s silver mine.

Star allows him to drag her back to the bedroom. Just as he is ready for his seduction, she whips the hunting knife out and slashes him, twice. Roaring, bleeding, he starts toward her, only to collapse on the floor: Raquel has cracked him over the head.

While they are able to escape, Bower comes back to life far sooner than they had expected; he and his cowboys hunt them down. No more messing around. This time, Star will be sold to Suarez, a bandito leader.

Meanwhile, Matt and Frances, all unknowing of the danger Star is in, have paid a visit to her mother, finding out the facts of Adsila’s past and Star’s disappearance.

Back in town, Matt loads up his horse and heads south, tracking the bandito leader to his lair. He is able to rescue Star, and they flee, but the gang follows. The pair is forced to hole up in a shack and battle it out, guns blazing. During one quiet interim, Matt admits his love for her, and she for him.

In the middle of another barrage, help arrives: Sheriff Goddard and his posse. Loose ends are tied up on the scene; others later on, with a side trip to the Condor to rescue Raquel and find that Bower had been killed by his outlaw compatriot.

Another longer trip, with more lawmen, to the Sierra Nevada silver mine, frees the slaves and reunites Benito with his sister.

Matt returns wounded, but not too badly to wed his bride a few weeks later, in a ceremony for which all the Yancey brothers have gathered.

ROMANCE: A CONTEMPORARY SPORTS BBW RODEO COWBOY ROMANCE: In Mitch’s Arms (Action and Adventure Secret Baby Billionaire Bad Boy Cowboy)

by Tully Hawkes

The Mitch Clifton Series – Book Two: In Mitch’s Arms A BBW Western Romance.

Mandy couldn’t go on hiding the fact that she was pregnant from Mitch.

Even though what they’d shared could only be described as a one night stand, she couldn’t see denying him the opportunity to be a parent.

What she hadn’t expected, was that he would welcome the opportunity – and the possibility of having that romance she’d thought she’d never had.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a deliciously bite-sized read of over 11k words. Perfect for the coffee break reader seeking a break from the everyday.

A stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains mature themes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

ROMANCE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: ROMANCE COLLECTION: Our Happiness, Our Love (Regency Victorian Historical Scottish Medieval Western Romance Highlander) (High Hills Series Book 3)

by Chandra Allen

The third book shows how the baby gives new meaning to Jane‘s life, while Richard continues to do his work and has little time for his family. At Christmas, the family gives a big feast and for the first time Jane meets with Richard’s cousins from the East, Ian and Elisabeth. Sadly, the two young cousins couldn’t accept Richard’s choice of wife. Elisabeth had always wanted to be the new Mrs. Richard Hardstone and, therefore, sees Jane as an imposter.

During the next week, there are a few confrontations between the two women and between Richard and Jane. The young mother is hurt and tries to stay out of the way, taking care of her child and her aunt, but Richard would not accept that. He wants her by his side and during an outing in the mountain, Elisabeth scares Jane’s horse and she gets hurt. Unfortunately for Elisabeth, instead of leaving his wife to go home alone, Richard sends them to continue the trip and returns back whit Jane.

The two of them stop to rest near a small stream and that is where they finally open to each other. Richard is surprised to find out that Jane secretly has feelings for him and confesses to her that he had fallen in love with her the moment he saw her for the first

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!

ROMANCE: PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Immortal Underground: (Paranormal BBW Vampire Alpha Male Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Shifter Stories)

by Elli Hunt

On the eve of their 25th birthdays Nancy and Clint – two orphans who grew up together and are best friends – decided to take their relationship to the next level. After a night of pent up wild passion, their lives take a twisted turn when a strange woman knocks on their door.

She unlocks a hint into Clint’s past as she claims to be his sister. With the possibility of meeting his biological father, Clint and Nancy follow this mysterious woman blindly into the Underworld.

A world full of Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies. An enchanted and terrifying world where the sun is forbidden to shine and Werewolves roam the forest. In the end, is King Ross, king of the Vampires, Clint’s true father or is this just some elaborate ploy?

Will they live to see the light of day? Or are they destined to the same fate that all other humans have met at the hands of vampires?

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WARNING: Adult content. 18+ readers recommended.

ROMANCE: FOOTBALL CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE: FIRST TOUCH : The Good Girl’s Bad Play (Bad Boy Alpha Male Athlete First Time Sports Virgin Romance) (Bad Boy Contemporary … Sports Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

His Dad wanted him to play football. He wanted Abbeyâ?¦

The day I met Marcus, he was naked and he made absolutely no effort to cover himself up to spare my embarrassment.

After that I just thought he was a real jerk and I didn’t have a good word to say about him. He was my roommate’s boyfriend and seemed to behave just a badly as she did. I was at college to work hard and qualify with good grades. It appeared all they wanted to do was party and have sex. Well, no me, or so I thought until Marcus told me how beautiful I was.

Some days I wished I’d never bothered with him, other days I couldn’t get enough of him. He led me on a roller-coaster of emotions I found it difficult to cope with.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

ROMANCE: FOOTBALL CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE: FIRST TIME : The Good Girl’s Bad Play (Bad Boy Alpha Male Athlete First Time Sports Virgin Romance) (Bad Boy Contemporary … Sports Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

She’s a feminist bookwork and he’s a bad boy college quarterback. They should hate each otherâ?¦but their stubborn attraction to each other is hot enough to defy all logical thought!

It all started with a star quarterback, naked, passed out in my dorm room. What’s an ambitious girl to do with so many distractions?

Just the way Ken Kraig talks, that arrogant demeanor and that entitlement gets me livid! He needs a good talking to, so he can understand something about political correctness.

But then I lose concentration when I see his body. Perfectly chiseled and sculpted. His killer confidence and devil may care attitude revs up my engine. I find myself ashamed of my attraction.

All the more so becauseâ?¦I’m secretly a virgin. I’m always afraid of sex being awkward or weirdâ?¦so why I am being tormented by fantasies of Ken? He’s no one special, my mind tells me. But oh my body is so stubborn. The fantasies are so intenseâ?¦something’s got to give!

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

Hope for Tomorrow (Hope Series)

by Catherine Winchester

When housemaid Martha began an affair with her Master’s son, Lucien, the future Earl of Marchwood, it was always destined to end badly.

Single, pregnant and unemployed, Martha struggles to forge a new life for herself and her daughter, only for Lucien to inadvertently destroy it.

She and her daughter are homeless and starving when they come to the aid of a man who proves to be their salvation.

Lucien is still obsessed with his lost love, the only woman who has ever rejected him.

A chance meeting seven years later could spell disaster but can they put their pain and pride behind them and seize this opportunity, or will old ghosts ruin their last chance at happiness?

The Essential Metamorphoses: A Synoptic Retelling of Ovid’s Masterpiece with Maps and Annotations.

by Matthew Ostgard

Ovid’s Metamorphoses is one of the foundation texts of the West, whose pages have inspired artists, poets, and storytellers since its writing in the first century A.C.E.
The Essential Metamorphoses contains within it an entirely new, summarized version of Ovid’s text, complete with maps and annotations, and is an entirely fresh and accessible take on one of the most crucial books in the history of world literature.

The Harlot’s Adventures: Two Short Stories

by Jennifer Stevenson

TWO SHORT STORIES set in a fantastical pseudo-Byzantine city, where the powerful and beautiful Monatin is the proprietrix of an elegant putatorium.

“The Harlot’s Escape” – Monatin gets more customer than she bargained for.

“The Harlot Deserts” – Monatin leaves her putatorium to wage war against her city’s enemies…only to return and find the war on her doorstep.

Scottish Shifter Billionaire Romance:: Highlander ‘s Keep

by Michelle Leigh

Billionaire highlander Lord Conner Grey has been bedding women for over thirteen centuries, he knows exactly what they desire between the sheets.

Linda Ford’s overbearing father has controlled her every move and choices in life. She’s now finally free from him. Independent and pursuing a career. She’ll never let another man tell her what to do.

* * * * *

Once the King’s trusted assassin and hero to a nation. A dangerous man to cross, even more foolish to fall in love with. Noble Conner is a shifter wolf warrior.

Wrongly accused of a heinous crime, sentence to death. Conner’s world is torn apart. Betrayed, hunted, driven from his clan’s homeland.

Despairingly he stumbles upon a powerful religious community, offered a place of sanctuary in exchange for special services rendered. Kept in chains he tries to rebuild what little hope he has left for a normal life but a shifter can’t outrun what they truly are. Inevitably the savage beast that dells within Conner is unleashed, destroying all that he holds dear.

Broken, afraid of what he’s capable of Conner falters into a recluse. Existing on the fringes of society as an outcast. Disappearing he becomes the stuff of myth and legend.

Slave to his wolf lust, beyond Conner’s control, forces his loins to consistently seek a string of female lovers whilst his heart endless yearns for a soulmate. All he wants is to peacefully settled down and start a family.

No man is complete without a women but he’s a shifter, what earthly women could handle his animal passion?

* * * * *

Linda Ford works as a location scout for a Hollywood film company. The assignment to research Europe’s ancient castles was just the perfect excuse for her to flee yet another ticking time-bomb relationship. In all honesty she self-destructs her own chances of happiness. Kamikaze in love.

After reviewing the gothic romance of French chateaus she heads northwards to Scotland’s wild highlands for inspiration. Car trouble unwittingly causes her to take refuge at a small coastal village.

Hearing rumours of an isolated fortress, that doesn’t appear on any maps, it sounds ideal for her latest production. The only problem is that the island is completely off limits to the public. Telling Linda that she can’t go somewhere is basically handing her the keys to go straight there.

Risking her life she sets sail on a fateful journey.

Waking up in bed behind the walls of his forbidden Castle. Linda’s saviour is nothing like the stories she’s heard. Conner is a youthful alpha male. Educated and master of many professional professions, doctor, lawyer, architect to name a few. Just who is this Adonis and why is he alone?

As Linda recuperates under Conner’s ever watchful eye she’s shown a wondrous world of possibilities but beneath the breathtaking surface she senses that he’s hiding something.

Conner’s tragic history is slowly revealed as Linda breaks down his macho defences. The two tenderly share their hearts then each others beds but what she learns about Conner’s past is nothing in comparison to her own dark secrets.

* * * * *

Highlander’s Keep : Scottish Shifter Billionaire will take its reader on a thrilling sexual adventure into a magical realm of wolf lovers.

Founding Father: The Life and Times of John Neely Bryan

by Jimmy Clay

Based on a the life of John Neely Bryan, the founder of Dallas, Texas.

Born in 1810 and educated in Fayetteville, Tennessee, John Neely Bryan became a successful lawyer in Van Buren, Arkansas. After a financial panic devastated the town and his real estate holdings, Bryan settled west in the new Texas Republic.

In the late 1830s, Bryan went to work at Holland Coffee’s Trading Post on the Red River, and from there he moved to the land that would become Dallas. He was the first non-Native American to permanently live in Dallas County, and for many months, he was the only white person living there. His homestead would later be called Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was killed. In his travels and business dealings, he met and befriended many Native Americans, learned their languages, and was instrumental in bringing the railroad to Dallas.

Bryan married and had children, but during his last years he succumbed to mental illness. He died in 1877 at the State Lunatic Asylum in Austin, Texas.

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