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Happiness: Happiness For Beginners Hand Book: A Complete Guide for Beginners, Practical Proven Step-By-Step Methods To Help You Heal, Motivate, Achieve Fulfillment And Becoming Happy In Your life

by Robert Z Hadese

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Practical And Very Effective, Proven Step-By-Step Methods To Help You Becoming Happier And Achieve Fulfillment In Your Life (Mediation Exercises Included)

In this book you will discover very vital information about what is happiness? and how to take it back and achieve inner peace, how to be able to control your life and quite down all the distractions around you that are holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Everyday, there are responsibilities that need to be performed at work, church, school, home, and other places. These responsibilities sometimes cluster our lives with hoards stress because we take on too much. It’s almost impossible to be happy while operating under these conditions. You have to understand that being happy is a required birthright that should be given to you and not taken away.

It’s something that is absolutely essential, unfortunately, because of the world we live in, certain situations are hindering us from being happy. If happiness is a far away entity that you are scouring the depths of the earth to look for, then some serious changes need to be done.

It’s time for a true intervention and change of behaviour for action steps and a plan to help you become a truly happy person.

This book is going to cover what happiness is and what you can do to get more of it with the best practical and very effective proven methods.

Topics Covered In This Book:

  • What is Happiness?
  • Things That Can Affect Your Happiness
  • Frustration and Stress
  • Diseases and Health Conditions and How To Overcome Such Obstacles
  • Clutter and Worry
  • Jobs You Hate
  • Avoiding Addictions
  • Protecting Your Happiness
  • Getting In-Tuned With The Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Love
  • Mediation Exercises
  • Ultimate Steps to Becoming Happy
  • Complete Action Steps to Becoming Happy
  • Achieving Fulfillment

And Much Much Moreâ?¦

Take action today to transform your life and remove all the distractions that are holding you back and achieve happiness by downloading this book “Happiness For Beginners Hand Book”, for limited time discount for only $2.99

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Apseudoism: The Path To Solving Today’s Spiritual Problems

by Joseph D. Smith

Apseudoism means that you control your own reality, and this book tells you how, when, and where you take control over your own life!

It’s simple; reality and the afterlife are relative to the individual, much like how time is relative to your location and altitude, or even your age and state of mind!

The Rock & Roll Theory (A musical methodology)

by Aries Knight

Out of the rubble of the horrifically discordant World War One & Two emerged a new light of Harmony. Perhaps intuitively knowing a third war would almost surely equate to a strike out for humanity popular cultural began to shift and devise a new answer to the System. Perhaps after the hardships and pains of those trying times there was something innately different about the people. Perhaps it was just good old Love? Nevertheless Rock and Roll was born! Born with a purpose…

Right and Wrong: An Ethics Primer

by Aparna Tulpule

Why do we hold a queue? Why should we obey traffic signals? Why should we not read other people’s letters? What is fair competition? Why should I care how others feel?

Children and adolescents face these questions just as adults do. This introduction to ethics explains four basic ideas in ethics in simple language, using examples that will be meaningful to young Indian readers. The book is written to be read independently by high school students, but parents and teachers could use it in discussions of a range of ethical questions.

The whole of life: Five Dialogues on Human Relationship (Thinking Together Book 10)

by Paul D

The war on the military battle-field or in the streets of the foreign city, where it is now usually fought, is no different in kind from the war being waged constantly within the individual human mind. There may be a difference of degree but essentially they are one and the same thing. The individual human mind has amassed a wealth of evidence to support the notion that it is an important separate identity and, put very simply, that sense of being a separate identity is the first step to murder. From the idea of my self comes all the rest of itâ??my self-esteem, my values, my family, my tribe, my nation, my culture, my beliefs, my rights, and so forthâ??and thus the foundations are laid from which one views the whole of the world. One may view that world positively or negatively, or sentimentally or coldly, depending upon the nature of the personal foundation; but whichever way one views the world, it is a personal viewpoint born out of all the accumulated memories and interpretations of one’s own experiences and responses both good and bad. This notion of individuality is bound to bring about conflict with others, conflict in varying degrees and with varying forms, from our minor domestic disputes to the full-blown military campaign.

If we don’t transform societyâ??which is equally where we work or where we liveâ??then who will do it? Who will transform society? Who or what will bring about the end of our conflicts both internal and external? Or is conflict the eternal human condition and nothing will change it? The great organised efforts of the past have all failed whether those efforts have been made in the religious, in the political or in the philosophical arena. They have all failed. Man is still fighting man, still hiding in his own corner of the world trying to stay safe, still self-protective and defensive, perhaps angry at some things, guilty about some things, fearful about some things, puzzled about some things. That is the life of man, generally. Either he is doing what he can to make his own corner more comfortable and secure or he is waiting for something better than all thisâ??whether through good fortune, blind chance or fateâ??or he is just waiting for the peaceful oblivion of death. There are so many ways of escaping from this mess of the world, so many distractions.

You and I are society. Whatever relationship we have with one another here right now, that is the relationship we have with the rest of the world. To me that is quite obvious and I wonder if you see it too? Whatever relationship we have with each otherâ??whatever is the essential quality of thatâ??the same quality must also be in our relationships with other people, from the closest life partner to the remotest stranger. And outside of our relationships with other people, there is no society. Society is our relationship. So society is here today between you and Iâ??whoever you are and whoever I am.

Is it possible for us to look together at some of these questions? That’s the whole import of these books.

Which tree are you eating from?: Subtle temptings

by Daniel Bryant

A study in decision making

Life is a series of choices. Every day we are faced with many situations in which we need to decide how we are going to respond. Essentially, we get our information about how we choose from either one of two sources, we either choose to believe the lies we are constantly bombarded with, or we choose truth.

From the oceans to Akasha

by Rose Cross

A fast-paced journey of discovery around the world in search of answers to 5 key questions that will unlock a secret. No one has managed to answer all 5 questions correctly. Can you?

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