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Ode to Potted Meat: A Poem for André

by Jimmy Fox

A poem of celebration and engaging humor at the slow but sure recovery of our brave, dear cat, André. He’s a handsome black-and-white, lithe and lean tomcat who has stood by our side through difficult times, as we are now standing by him with all the strength and inventiveness we can muster. Come share our grief and joy and the surprising discovery of André’s hitherto unknown food fondness that probably saved his life. Adorable photos included of André and his two kitty housemates, Big Boi (a shaggy black, lovable bear of a cat), and Aja (part Siamese, all acrobat, operatic in her vocal range).

Hesperia Jack and the Desert Rose: Life and love in the American West

by Della West

Take a journey through the American west in this story told through poetry.

Winter on the Glen: Father and Daughters journey through poetry

by Eugene Williams

A Fathers thirty-year journey to be reunited with his two daughters, through the missing years his poetry and thoughts were collected now they have found each other this is their shared journey through the beauty of poetry as they rebuild their lives together.

New Beat Newbie

by Harry Whitewolf

Written in a frantic blur of inspiration over the first two months of 2015, this collection of contemporary neo-beat poetry is a passionately delivered, in your face dose of pop prose for the digital, conspiratorial, twenty first century world.

Political poems like Kissinger Can Kiss My Ass and Frack Off ride alongside conspiracy themed odes like Illuminate Me Illuminati and Fly Your False Flags. There are beat homages (Cider With Snyder, The New Beat Newbies), mystical musings (Bye Bye Bao Bao, Mystic Prison), poems mimicking and mocking the modern age (#Smiley Face, Googling Goo), as well as tales of timeless hedonism (Legless Pub Crawls, Malbec Green Bottle Neck).

Both comic and tragic, angry and compassionate, this collection of new poems is ultimately Whitewolf’s howling for a peaceful revolution. Beginning with rhythmic baby new beats.

By the author of Route Number 11, The Road To Purification.

Romantic Poems Collection: The Greatest Romantic Poems Ever.

by Sara Williams

The Greatest Romantic Poems Ever.

Heart Felt Poems

by Dina Husseini

Chathuri and Charuka shine to their limits. They are my best students and have out done themselves in this book we put together. Please enjoy and do not hesitate to contact them and join in the poem club we created (peace, love, rainbows).

Sloppy Poems & Other Senseless Banter Barely Worthy of a Bar Napkin

by J. Lee Glassman

Sloppy Poems and Other Senseless Banter Barely Worthy of a Bar Napkin is a collection of writings that range from the clever, to brutally honest, to just simply offensive. They are birthed and composed as a product of imbibing spirits and the keen desire to explore every square inch of Lake Worth, Florida and its unusual inhabitants. The muse was there, and the author saw it through foggy rum goggles and began to scrawl it out on the bar napkins of the dank music venues and funky corners of the city that hosted his many friends, including a cross-dresser, a one-eyed dog, a dead spider, a truck stop waitress, and the Road Kill Fairy. These are quick reads that will bend your mind as they have a flavor similar to the writings of Charles Bukowski. You may even laugh; If you don’t laugh, there’s something wrong with you and you’ll likely end up in the next batch of poems.

The Book of Hope

by Aries Knight

At times our modern world seems to be tumultuous terrain we stumble through as we strive for success. For some of us these stumbles make us lose Faith and or Hope, For others however, these same trials and tribulations produce champions of perseverance. Which one will you be? The choice is yours but Hope is the key…!

A Teenage Life (to everyone from no-one)

by Scott Woollett


The highs, the lows and the really lows about being a teenager, from a teenagers perspective, written by a teenager.

Each poem tells a different story ranging from Birth to Death, and, Joy to Sadness.

Covering a wide spectrum of subject matter, such as War, Homelessness, Teaching and Drugs.

All have the same desired outcome – HOPE. The Hope that life will get better, or, living in the Hope that it can’t get worse.

5.0 out of 5 stars A teenage life 3 Feb 2013
Some hard hitting emotional stuff… Powerful and gripping! Enjoyed the read! Would give this a 5 star rating ***** well done

Random Thoughts Of A Nobody: A Collection Of Contemporary, Love, Modern, Inspirational & Motivational Poems

by Fayil Shaukat

Lifeâ?¦. It’s the greatest teacher of them allâ?¦. It never ceases to amaze, always full of surprises. In our journey of life, we go through various phasesâ?¦. some good, some not so good, but each and every one of these phases is equally important for us to move ahead in our journey of life. Be it falling in love for the very first time or be it falling right out of it, heartbreak in itself is an experience worth experiencing. Be it growing up while coming to terms with various aspects of life or be it forming an opinion about the various issues that irk our society, things going around do create an impact on us in a major way. Be it dreaming every night about changing the world or be it the various roadblocks that we face in pursuit of our dreams, we still spend most of our time in the world of dreams. It does not matter whether we like or not going through a particular situation but we most probably will end up learning something from it which will go a long way in shaping the way go about our life, this book which is basically a collection of contemporary, love, modern, inspirational & motivational poetry is inspired by these different situations and phases that almost all of us experience at some point in our lives.

Feverish Dreams: Poetry of SS Matthews

by Scott Matthews

Poems from the darker side of dream. Including Pagan fantasy, Native American Myth, Ocean Myth and the quest to awaken illuminated. Including, ‘The Fangs in Heaven’s Jaw’ and ‘Angels Fall.’

A Criminal Is Born

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Sick and Twisted Thoughts of a Warped Mind

The 18 fictional poems in this crime poetry book explore the dark side of life and humanity. The book comes in two parts. In the first and titular part, a criminal is born when a doctor goes for a psychiatric assessment and it reveals that he has some serious mental disturbances, and he goes over the edge before treatment can begin. A murdering spree ensues in which the man commits horrible crimes. The story is told in ten poems, and they may disturb sensitive readers.

The first part relays the story to the second part, which starts its own story inspired by the last stanza of the first part. Titled “Grim Reaper,” it portrays death and its effects on our lives. It features eight poems in which the Grim Reaper (death’s personification) is seen going about the business of taking people’s lives.

Thoughts From The Heart Of A Young Man

by Denzel Norris

A very passionate book of poetry & art. Poems of love, agony & happiness in which anyone can relate. There’s 20 poems total in the book along with original art beside each poem to match the feel of it.

Kingdom Expressions Prayers and prose: James Mitchell (Kingdom Expressions Poetry, Prose, and Prayers Book 2)

by James Mitchell

An inspiring collection of soul stirring prayers coupled with an amazing arranged ancient biblical based prose with an urban cultural twist that is palatable to the literary mind. A quick feel good read that weaves in and out of modern times and centuries old history.

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