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How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse: The Complete Prepper’s Guide

by Ajax Black

Welcome fellow preppers and zombie enthusiasts, my name is Ajax Black and this is my eBook – The complete guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. It will include: the 11 types of zombie, prepping, the ultimate bug-out bag, your bug-out location, bug-out vehicles, best weapons and the 21 golden rules of survival. This will teach you everything thing there is to know about zombies and how you too, can survive the apocalypse!


– An in depth description for each of the 11 zombies.

– How to prep, why you should prep, and what to prep so that you can become the best prepper possible.

-The ultimate bug-out bag, what type of bag, what it should include

– The best bug-out location, defence, supplies and accessibility.

– The best weapons for a zombie apocalypse firearm, projectile or melee, top ten weapons for each category.

– The best bug out vehicles, big,small,fast,strong also includes a top 10 list.

– The 21 golden rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

All this and much much much more.

Every single question you’ve ever had about zombies, will be answered in this book. It’s got more information on zombies and how to deal with them than any other book out there. This book is a preppers dream, its factual, realistic, informative, motivational and quite humorous at times. If you buy this book I guarantee that you’ll have no regrets.

So do yourself a favour, scroll up, click buy now and and I’ll see you after the apocalypse.

Cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰

Life in the UK test – The ultimate revision guide

by Pierre Martin

Are you looking to become a British citizen or to settle in the UK? Then you will need to pass the Life in the UK test. If you like to use short notes, straight to the point and focused only on the important facts without too much words then this is exactly what this guide is about: the facts, key dates and the details you need to go the test centre in confidence.

Nigeria’s Pot Pourri: What’s Cooking? (Suffering in the midst of plenty. Book 3)

by David Olufon.

Nigeria’s Pot Pourri in a nutshell.

The word “Pot pourri” comes into English from the French name for a Spanish stew with a wide variety of ingredients. In cookery, pot pourri means a stew of meat and vegetables; in literature, miscellaneous anthology or collections of short stories and humorous verses; in horticulture, a mixture of dried naturally fragrant plant materials placed in variety of pots to provide gentle natural scent inside residences; in music, a medley of popular tunes etc. The French word “pourri” means “rotten”!

Nigeria’s pot pourri signifies the covetous attitude of a few greedy “leaders,” armed with flesh-hooks with which to grab by force, assorted meats and vegetables from the collective POT in which over 250 diverse ethnic groups, contributed their quota ingredients to prepare!

An English adage states that, “Too many hands spoil the broth and the rottenness which the unrighteous leaders have forced into the nation’s POT of very expensive, alluring and delicious stew is what this book serialisation is poised to continuously EXPOSE until the WILL OF GOD IS DONE IN NIGERIA AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

In the Old Testament [OT], times, the nation of Israel experienced a similar assault on their pot pourri by shepherds and judges who reneged on their oath of allegiance to GOD and His people!

Hophni and Phinehas, were “sons of Belial” who knew not God and abused the use of flesh-hooks in Israel through their unorthodox methods of grabbing assorted meats by force from the nation’s cauldron or pot!

In the biblical record of 1 Samuel.2:12-17, 22-25,27-34; 3:11-14; 4:11-22; the stories are told of how these perverts polluted the LORD’S sacrifices through forceful acquisition of the people’s offerings and were eventually destroyed by God!

Nigeria started off at independence in 1960 with great enthusiasm of becoming an economically viable and politically stable nation but those CHEFS IN THE KITCHEN have despoiled the cauldron and have deprived the poor masses who contributed all ingredients from all benefits of their investments!

This serialization will unfold how the flesh-hooks will be rescued from the usurpers who must be cast out of the Kitchen!

This book is a รข??must read’ for all universal patriots who believe in righteous governments and who will always rise in defence of the down-trodden!

Zero Minutes to Midnight

by Max McCoy

Forty-one years after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, award-winning journalist Max McCoy traveled to Japan to interview and photograph the survivors. “Zero Minutes to Midnight” is the result, a nonfiction narrative in eight parts which gives voice to those who witnessed nuclear apocalypse.

In Japanese, the survivors are called hibakusha — literally, “those who received the bomb.” Featured is the story of Yoshito Matsushige, the newspaper photographer who shot the only images of Hiroshima the day the bomb fell. A special section includes some of those historic photos, as well as black-and-white portraits of the survivors made by McCoy in 1986.

In a new introduction, the author recalls the effect of that trip on his own life, and in the afterword–written in the wake of Japan’s March 2011 earthquake and nuclear meltdown–he reminds us that apocalypse is always only a minute away. At about 65 print pages, “Zero Minutes to Midnight” is long enough to present a compelling and historic portrait of the hibakusha, but short enough to read in a single sitting.

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