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The Andromeda Project: FULL COLOR (The Cluster Chronicles Book 1)

by Jason Primrose

The Cluster Chronicles is a series detailing the events that lead to fall of the Universe as we know it. It begins on Earth where an alien has escaped a war raging in the Andromeda Galaxy and sought temporary refuge in the Milky Way, 2.5 million light years from his enemies. But his arrival into the Sun System means our immediate future has one of two results, human evolution or extinction. The fallen King warns of ancient power hidden beneath Earth’s crust.

The world’s strongest governments form “the Andromeda Project” to fund an initiative to obtain a power they can’t UNDERSTAND or CONTROL. This power holds the key to much needed advancement in human capabilities.

Time is running out, we must evolve.

In 2026 A.D., over thirty years after “the arrival”, Allister Adams faces all of the woes of young adulthood; amnesia from childhood trauma, an emotionally distant mother and the loss of purpose that comes with being stifled by peers and authorities. In a final effort, the secret organization approaches Allister to see if he qualifies for their group of recruits, tasked with locating the elusive power. But the Andromeda Project isn’t the only organization after the gems and they aren’t the only organization after Allister either. How do you decide between who’s right, who’s wrong and what’s necessary?


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Sundry Days

by Donna Callea

When women are rare├ó?┬Ž

In a future shaped by a cataclysmic flood that has swallowed the coasts of North America, females have stopped being born in adequate numbers. No one knows why or how to fix the problem. The population is dwindling. And the only form of marriage allowed is polyandry. Women are required to take multiple husbands.

Yet the desire for monogamous love survives. And young lovers, determined to be sexually intimate only with each other, brave the unknown to find another way to live.

Cartesian Coordinates

by Kara Hale

Cameron Peterson joined the Brigadiers on a dare. No really, a stupid drunken dare.

One and a half years later, now a First Lieutenant, Cameron is the best intergalactic Pilot in the whole damn fleet (well, according to Cameron that is). Now out on the rim with Brigadier Eagle, the crew is in charge of escorting supply ships and keeping the war on Rio Prime from spilling out into space and causing even more chaos.

On Rio Prime, Darien “Exodus” Enoch has been fighting for independence for as long as he can remember alongside his partner, Alexander “Luminar” Savin. In charge of a rag-tag crew of renegades, Darien has been leading the resistance for only a handful of months and is starting to doubt himself. The realities of war are grim and he’s not sure how much longer they can hold out against the Coalition.

Unwittingly, Cameron and Darien are more closely connected than they think and about come face-to-face with what it really means to fight the good fight.

Beyond Science Fiction Issue 5

Beyond Science Fiction is packed full of science fiction and fantasy stories from a host of great authors. The April issue contains stories from the following authors:

After Hours – Written by Luke Schamer
Against the Dying of the Light – Written by Cyn C Bermudez
Hate is a Human Weakness – Written by Van Hall
Alien on Ebay – Written by Paul Williams
Indicator Trait – Written by Lawrence Aron
Inspire: On Magitek and Steampunk – Written by Jesse Rebock
The Hardest of Steel – Written by Seth Frederiksen
Contact Day – Written by Daniel Thompson
Derelict – Written by Erik Menches
Memory Leak – Written by Matt Sayer
Re: The On-Site Storage of Hazardous Materials – Written by Dylan Otto Krider
Piper Jack and the Ray-Man Escapade – Written by David Castlewitz

The Consequences of Time Travel

by E.L. Ryan

Dr. Jacob Rusen and a team of scientist have finally done it! They have invented the first time machine. But when Dr. Rusen uses the time machine he finds that there a couple dire consequences he and his team had not thought of.

The Zeusian Chronicles

by G. Stewart Smith

The Zeusians are an alien race that has been experimenting on humans for millennia. They are about to terminate their experiment, along with the human race. The aliens’ secret is out but can a handful of young warriors succeed in their quest to save humanity? Their efforts to prevent us from going quietly into the night are chronicled within. Can human ingenuity and determination succeed against an empire that encompasses multiple constellations?

The Gospel of Matthias: The Unabridged Luna Chronicles Trilogy

by Philip Wik

Epic on the Extremes of Faith and Science

The Gospel of Mathias has three related novels. The great themes of science, faith, love, coming-of-age, and courage unfold in a world of brains in vats, global extinction from a comet, animal-human hybrids, interstellar and time travel, religious cultists, and mad scientists. As you read these novels, you will connect with Julie and her daughter Selene on their life’s journey as they confront their deepest fears and greatest challenges.

The fanaticism of mass movements is the greatest problem of our times. It becomes an especially potent problem when it is fused with religion or science. The Gospel of Mathias explores the twilight and the tension between faith and fanaticism and science and scientism.

Here are the books from this trilogy.

Book One: A Brain in the Vat

A new religious cult is sweeping the nation. Tom, a Chicago reporter, is investigating the church for its terrorist ties. The worship of the goddess Luna is attracting Julie, his girl friend. Intrigue in Asia and the Middle East that threatens to plunge the world into another world war entangles them. Their curiosity eventually leads Tom and Julie to a laboratory where Dr. James Evans curates living heads in glass jars.

Book Two: Global Extinction

The church is now facing the greatest challenge of its existence along with the rest of the world. A comet the size of the moon will destroy the Earth in a month. Global Extinction is the story of Julie and her fifteen year-old daughter Selene as they travel from Michigan to Washington, D.C., confronting along the way rape, cannibalism, child sacrifice, and radiation poisoning.

Book Three: The War of the Hybrids

It’s the year 2026 with moon colonies and space travel. Julie is now the leader of the moon cult and her daughter Selene is a twenty-five year old West Point graduate. Evans’ research has taken a dark turn with animal-human hybrids. These hybrids are exterminating humanity. The final world war has reached its climax in space and on Earth.

“The Gospel of Matthias has everything: thrills, action, love, horror, coming-of-age, satire, and science fantasy. Written with the feeling of a poet and the vision of an architect, this epic has strong characterization, a well-developed plot, and relishes the romance of ideas. It’s a story that connects with us. The fears and passions of Julie and Selene on their life’s journey become our fears and passions.”


by Wayne Meyers

Professor Douglas Keller meets extraterrestrial Aldrea, a beautiful Quenterian scientist stranded on Earth, while hiking in the Adirondack Mountains. Hunted by the FBI and a warring faction of Aldrea’s people called the Radicals, she turns to Doug for help. Doug is no hero, but after Aldrea used her telepathic abilities to heal him from a lethal wound, a psychic bond formed between them that opened their minds to each other in ways Doug cannot understand and Aldrea cannot explain.

In a nightmarish turn for the worst, Doug, Aldrea, and the FBI agents find themselves very far from Earth in the middle of a violent galactic coup engineered by the ruthless Radical leader, Veera, who aspires to dominate the galaxy. They must defeat Veera before Earth is enslaved├ó??or destroyed. Out of their league and out of time, only the bond between Doug and Aldrea might prevent disaster, if they can figure out how to use it to defeat Veera before it’s too late.

At Last Goodbye (Diary of the Displaced Short Story)

by Glynn James

Ten years after the apocalypse destroyed the world that she knew, a survivor returns to her home town, hoping to piece together the bits of her past that have troubled her so much ever since.

Sometimes the past is best left behind us, but sometimes we all need to say goodbye.

“At last, goodbye” is a short story set in the world of the Diary of the Displaced novel series.

Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour

by Jake A. Strife

Zachary Mastiff has always been a master of Survival Horror video games. Naturally, he always thought he’d be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. Don’t all gamers think the same?

But when the undead take over his school, the city, and possibly the entire world, he learns he was dead wrong. Alongside his fellow gamers, and a self-proclaimed, ├ó??Zombie Killer’, he must navigate this new world, and learn to contend with more than just those infected with the virus. To save his friends, he must face religious fanatics, a corrupted government, and an entire company of psychopaths that think it’s all a game. To survive, a serious lesson must be learned; kill or be killed, pull the trigger or die; and most of all, sacrifices must be made. This. Is. No. Game.

Hijack: Intellectual Repercussions

by Joshua Hamm

Shane Ushwin has spent his life in pursuit of a technological wonder and he has succeeded, but there is a problem. Black outs, loss of motor control, and temporary blindness all just inconveniences, he aims to change the world, consequences be damned. Now all he has to do is survive his own creation.

Alien Romance Box Set: Alien Cube: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Warrior Invasion Abduction Romance

by Ashley L. Hunt

Bonus: Include 2 Unpublished Completed Box Sets

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A Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) Alien Warrior Invasion Abduction Romance

Introducing Alien Cube Series, – Discover NOW the New Sci-Fi Alien Romance Series By Ashley L. Hunt

Fantasy- Romantic – Hot & Steamy!


– Alien Warrior – Book 1

– Alien Hunter – Book 2

– Alien Rescue – Book 3

– Alien Legend – Book 4

– 2 Unpublished Completed Box Sets

2.514 A.D. Earth has been long abandoned and humans have colonized the far edges of the galaxy. Yaerus, the new home planet, is the center of knowledge and diplomatic influence in the Known Galaxy. Humanity has entered a new age of space boom and thrive, and a great part of that progress is the work of the Chroniclers.

Eladia, a young woman having undertaken the important mission of the Chroniclers, aims to solve one of the biggest mysteries of the Known Galaxy. Smart, sensitive, and certainly courageous, Eladia visits the Primordial Earth searching for her next lead to the Great Mystery.

However, there she meets an ever greater mystery.

Jasih, the platinum-skinned Prime Officer, a general of his species, and a powerful Originator. Tall, strong, and unable to remember a thing of his life before his one-hundred-years sleep in the cryogenic capsule, he decides to follow Eladia on her quest.

Together, they face the countless dangers of the Primordial Earth. Hunted by every kind of predators, Eladia and Jasih both follow their own path.

Will Eladia succeed on her quest to solve the Great Mystery? Can Jasih get past his military past and work together with the rest of the crew to regain his memories?

And what will happen when Eladia faces a different kind of danger in the eyes of Jasih’s dark self?

*A hot and sexy Sci-Fi Alien romance, perfect for fans of A.G. Riddle, Ruby Dixon and Celia Kyle *

Note: This book contains some strong language. We felt it was important for the censorship theme of the novel. If such words offend you, you might not enjoy this book.

8 Thrills & Space Spills Boxed Set

by Luis Samways

Over 1800 pages of action-packed sci-fi, thrillers & suspense! And all for just 99 cents!

8 Thrills and Space Spills brings all the adrenaline-filled action that you’ve come to expect from Bestselling Kindle Author, Luis Samways! Keeping in tradition with his other boxed set collections comes an anthology set that has value and entertainment at its heart.

Read through eight full-length books that take you to places that you didn’t know existed. From the perspective of a space marine landing on his first ever mission, to a mercenary ship captain that has bitten off more than he can chew, to the discovery of a brand new planet teeming with ├ó??other-worldly humans” – to a murder detective hunting down a deranged killer who buries his victims alive – to a story of how money can change us all – to a home invasion gone wrong – to a holiday maker finding out the harsh reality of trying to smuggle drugs back home.

This box set contains eight brand new, never before bundled together books. Be sure to set some time aside├ó?┬Ž around forty-five hours, and enjoy this mega-collection for under a buck!

Included in this boxed set:

Dropship One


Destroyer of Worlds

Second Earth

Dirty Cash

The People Outside


Wide Awake

Radio (Beautiful) Silences: A Novel

by Jonathan Elias Wamback

When Ordell Arrant is selected as the first participant of an innovative, psychological form of criminal rehabilitation, he is in for a journey, thrust into a world he never knew existed. Arrant is sent into an alternate reality where he becomes one with his victim, Gerard Auclair. Following the attack on Gerard, he becomes comatose. During this time, his caring mother learns that Gerard is paralyzed. Awakening from the coma state, Gerard comes to learn exactly what suffering means. Through thoughts and emotions, Gerard isolates himself, unable to see the positive things and beauty surrounding him. When his mother passes away, Gerard is sent to a psychiatric ward where he is often neglected and abused until his own death when he is reintroduced as Ordell Arrant. Arrant is returned to his own world and comes to view human beings with a greater sense of unconditional empathy.

Assault on Ambrose Station: A Seth Donovan Novel

by Jim C. Wilson

Book 2 of the Seth Donovan Novels:

“You have a right to be scared. You’d be a fool if you weren’t. Last time I was here, I lost most of the people I respected most. I saw thousands of my comrades die under the guns of the Ghantri. If you look out there hard enough, you can probably still see their frozen bodies drifting through space. There’s a very high possibility that we’ll be joining them…”

Following on from the adventures of the Dreaming of Atmosphere and her crew, Seth Donovan finally makes it back to the Gossamer System. As events in the Inner System worlds start to spiral out of control, galaxy-spanning dangers begin to reveal themselves. Seth has one last chance to make right the mistakes that were made years ago, during the Push, but is the crew up to the challenge? Can a handful of travellers achieve what thousands of star marines could not, even with an entire fleet of warships at their back?

What started out as a risky venture, right from the beginning, ends up a deadly mission with far-reaching consequences when Seth learns the truth behind what is at stake in the Gossamer System, and faces his fears head on.

The Battle for Alien Relish: How the Five Hive restored the Funk (a Futa Transgender Cthulhu Sci-Fi) (Triangulum Stain Book 2)

by Moctezuma Johnson

The Five Hive may have saved the world but they accidentally killed attraction. Lust and attraction are dead.

Many months ago Aliens attacked Earth. The aliens were defeated at the hands of the Five Hive (aka FFF). Unfortunately, this victory had the unforeseen side-effect of killing attraction and removing a piece of human history from the universe. The Five Hive (highly-trained, latex-clad Women in Black agents) do not have the power to fix what they’ve broken and the whole universe’s safety hangs precariously in the balance. They are going to need some otherworldly help. They will get it, but there are gods and goddesses closing in the destruction of this universe. Time is running out for the lovely and intelligent Five Hive and the entire universe is at stake.

A Loop in Time (Time Loop Book 1)

by Clark Graham

“We’re losing him!” came a frantic voice over the headset.

“I’m still here,” the pilot insisted.

“We’re losing–” the voice cut out and then there was silence.

“Control, do you read me? Control?” the pilot was panicking.

There was no answer. Suddenly flames burst out all around him. The last thing he remembered was reaching for the eject switch, before his thoughts devolved into an inky black void.

The mysterious pilot was brought into the military hospital unconscious. The base didn’t know who he was. Some thought he was an alien, some thought he was a Russian spy all because of the unknown, yet highly advanced airplane he was flying at the time of his crash.

When the pilot awakes, he has amnesia. He gradually gets his memory back only to find that he is not only in the wrong place, he is also in the wrong time.

Changed into his daughter’s little sister (Gender Swap Age Regression Fiction)

by Ivana Johnson

Amy Kwan is tired of her father’s overbearing rules. One night she wishes that her father could be cool. The next morning she wakes up to find her father has become her younger sister Cindy. But what happens when Cindy is too cool?

Mergence (Vibrations Book 1)

by Jim Townsend

An FBI agent is on a quest to discover why women are being killed around the world. She meets strange people telling incredible tales. She learns reality is not what it seems, and that monsters do exist.

First book of a series.

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