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DIY Essential Oils: Tips On How To Make Your Own Essential Oils + 10 Essential Oil Recipes

by Adrienne West

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DIY Essential Oils (FREE Bonus Included)

Tips On How To Make Your Own Essential Oils + 10 Essential Oil Recipes

In this world we live in, people as a whole are becoming more aware of the substances we use, whether that be what we use on our bodies, what we eat, what we fill our houses with, and the list goes on.

More and more people are becoming concerned with how natural the items they use are, and more and more people are turning to using all natural products for one reason or another. At the top of this natural list, you are going to find the use of essential oils being one of the most common things people do to embrace natural living.

If you have ever shopped for essential oils, you may have noticed that they come in different sizes, styles, and for different prices. You can get them here in the United States, or you can order them and have them shipped to you. You can buy them locally in most department stores, or you can find exotic and special oils online if you are careful of where to buy them.

All in all, you will find that the door is open if you are interested in the use of essential oils, and you will be able to get nearly anything you can think of. But, even there, you know that if you truly want to know where your product comes from, you have to make it yourself.

And that is where this book comes in. In it, you are going to find what you need to make your own essential oils, from start to finish, and how to keep them fresh and usable for whenever you are ready for them.

  • Learn how to make your own essential oils that will last
  • Learn how to store your oils to keep them in their best possible condition
  • Have fun and make the kind of oils you want
  • Discover how easy the process is, and how you can make oils for yourself
  • And more!

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Janie’s Miracle: The Power of Faith and Prayer

by Pat James

Imagine it’s just another day, and the unthinkable happens. The one you love is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and your a thousand miles away.

You have no idea what’s wrong with them, and neither do those who are with them. Communication is unreliable, time is of the essence, and all you can think of is getting to them. This is the true story of how faith and prayer, along with family support, got us through one of the toughest times in our lives. Janie’s miracle is an inspiration to those that may be experiencing like situations. I hope you enjoy.

intro to deal with ocd from a ocd sufferer in remission.: report

by james crook

a report on the real book

Natural Antibiotics: The 10 Most Helpful Natural Remedies to Protect and Cure You from Illness (Natural Antibiotics books, natural antibiotics and antivirals, natural antibiotics homemade)

by Michael King

Do you often worry about the pills you’re ingesting on a daily basis that has been given to you by your primary care provider?

Have you been reading up on some worrisome things about synthetic antibiotics, also known as the antibiotics you receive from the hospital or a doctor?

There are many out there just like you who are worried about what they’re putting into their bodies. They’re finding out that the antibiotics, recently discovered in the early 1900’s, are actually not as beneficial to our systems as they once thought. In fact, antibiotics created in laboratories are now creating â??superbugs’ or antibiotic resistant bacteria that are causing some serious complications across the globe.

If you don’t want to be a part of the creation of antibiotic resistant bacteria or at least want to know more about alternatives you can use in lieu of antibiotics prescribed by your regular doctor, then you might want to take a peek at this book. In it, you’ll find information pertaining to the following:

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The difference between bacterial and viral infections.
  • Why you shouldn’t use antibiotics for minor illnesses
  • How to use natural antibiotics.
  • The top ten antibiotics use today to prevent and cure infections, both bacterial and viral!

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Healthy Gut Solution: Healing Herbs & Clean Eating Guide for Optimal Digestive Health (Gut Flora, Digestion, Intestinal Health, IBS, Leaky Gut, Candida, Microbiome Diet, Weight Loss)

by Carmen Reeves

Healthy Gut Solution: Healing Herbs & Clean Eating Guide for Optimal Digestive Health

Learn how to improve digestion, modify your diet, and use herbs and lifestyle changes for better energy and health today!

The path to a healthy gut and better digestion doesn’t have to be difficult. Placing priority on a healthy gut is incredibly important in bringing your natural wellness to its very best state. Ever wonder why you struggle with certain digestion symptoms and issues, reaching out for specific remedies or even medications for better gut health – and seem to find no improvement? Do certain steps you take fail to work right away, whether digestion-based or related to other aspects of your health? Do you even go on healthy regimens or diets, in spite of your busy, hectic scheduleâ?¦ and still can’t experience the changes in health and energy you’d hoped for?

The digestive system is quickly becoming one of the health world’s #1 targets for overcoming and improving health today, and it’s at the very root of all well-being in general. Without a thorough focus on how your body assimilates foods, health supplements and even medicines, any amount of effort you place on eating better, more nutritiously, or taking control of your life will fall short! There is a re-surge of interest in healthy foods and herbs these days, along with many other natural remedies and clean eating tips, proved to turn your wellness and energy around. But without making a healthy gut a priority, a lot of these wonderful new explorations and discoveries might be rendered less effective. Only through empowering digestive health can we truly grab the reins of energy, happiness and nutrition from foods and herbs – and you can experience all the knowledge you need right here in this book!

Why you must have this book:

– Learn about how the digestive systems works, how it is at the very root of health everywhere else in your body, and the major macronutrients vital to maintaining a healthy gut

– Learn how to make use of nutrition information, knowledge, and wise, naturally-informed eating tips that build up your health, rather than create more symptoms

– Read about how a plant-based, fiber-rich diet with less refined fats can turn digestive health around

– Explore and experience the author’s own personal journey in turning her gut health around, in the face of common modern-day food sensitivities and allergies

– Learn what various digestive symptoms are telling you, what major diseases they could lead you towards, how to avoid them and more about what major digestive disorders to watch for

– Introduce yourself to a wide variety of healing, digestive herbs to enhance gut strength, nutrition, and gastro-intestinal health

– This book will help you to understand how plant-based probiotics like kimchi, kombucha, and shrubs can boost intestinal health

– Understand better how intestinal flora and healthy bacteria in the gut are vital to digestion and great nutrition

– This book will give you confidence to create your own healthful journey: let these tips inform your own unique path, tackle your own digestive issues, and come up with a nutritional and herbal approach to bettering wellness overall!

The benefits you’ll receive from â??Healthy Gut Solution’:

– How to approach basic nutrition for optimal gut health

– The benefits and effects of digestive and accessible herbs you can use in supplement form

– The wonders of certain vegetables, some of which tout their own digestive, medicinal values

– The importance of changing your lifestyle, routine, and stress outlets to get back on top

– Getting a better grip, perspective, and knowledge of the sources of digestive disease

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