Free war Kindle books for 11 Aug 16

Vatican Of The Undead

by Joseph D. Smith

The Vatican City is the exclusive target of an experimental program, where the United States Government developed an experimental virus, that when infected, would turn anyone, or anything into a zombie. What will the Pope have to say about this?

The Coward Dies but Once (Frank Tracker Series Book 2)

by Johannes James

Sandhaven is a major transport hub in the Southern Wastelands. A wild town where human life is cheap. Frank Tracker is in town after months out in the Wastelands. Frank gets involved in a bloody gun fight. It wasn’t his fight but he is made to pay the price. But they didn’t factor in his rage and that Frank would seek vengeance.

Another Frank Tracker high-octane action thriller – the story continues – can you handle it?



Napalm is one of the most horrific weapons of war, but it is no equal to SCORCH.

รข??Napalm eats through skin with an intense flame that is almost impossible to extinguish. In the eyes, it instantly blinds and eats its way to the brain. On the cheek, it spreads in a white-hot pool of liquid fire, burning skin and muscle and bone in a silent horror. Silent, that is, except for the inhuman screams of the victims.’

John Page knew about Napalm. He had dropped it on many Vietnam villages while he was a bomber pilot for the US Airforce. But then he had seen the results and had vowed never again to become involved in such mass human killing.

But now, as flying instructor for a new experimental university, he was soon entangled with a liquid horror whose consequences were infinitely worse than those of Napalm.

They called it SCORCH.

Also by NEIL WILLIAMS, and available in Kindle ebooks:



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