Free world literature Kindle books for 11 Aug 16

THE DRAGON’S TEARS (The Exciting Dragon Saga! Book 2)

by Katryn Ali

This book has been in the making for my sister and I ever since 1995. I am so glad to get it published. It accomplishes quite a dream…

Star Books, Inc is very pleased to present Book 2 of this wonderfully exciting Dragon Saga…

Queen Sharayah of the dragons has just been made to drink a nasty concoction by Drumin the Terrible, a hideous and horrid troll king, bent on taking over Dragon-Land. But he says there is no hope for Sharayah now and that she must flee to the other side of the ocean and live in seclusion for the rest of her days because she is contagious to the other dragons.
The Lord sends Wintella with an urgent message. Will she get it in time? Can Drumin be stopped before it is too late?

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