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The Life and Death of a Salesman: Amazing memoirs of a pitchman who beat the taxman for $1,000,000 by dying twice

by Daniel Hunter

Many grandiose autobiographies begin with:

“This is the culmination of my life’s work.”

Bullshit. This book is short and sweet.

It tells the stories of some incredible events

that happened over 50 years of my life.

Inside these â??pages’ you will read about:

The day I decided that in the interest of my financial health, it was time to die.

The day I saved a baby girl’s life by somehow recalling a fact learned at age 10.

The novelty golf product I created that went global in 72 hours.

My new PayPal account that went from $50 to $250,000 in 30 days and what they did to me.

And the elephant in the room. How the hell did I beat the taxman for so much money?

Looking for SHE A writer’s spiritual quest

by Roy Lester Pond

â??Looking for She’ is a personal, spiritual quest by a modern writer that has its roots in Africa and the mysterious civilization of ancient Egypt.

Part search for a creative muse, and part an archaeological dig into the layers of an author’s growth, Looking for She tracks the seminal influence of Rider Haggard (She, King Solomon’s Mines) and Ernest Hemingway (A Farewell to Arms, The Snows of Kilimanjaro) on his writing. In different ways, both fired his search for She – a luminous idea of the eternal feminine.

Roy Lester Pond was born in Africa and has authored a vast body of mystery adventure fiction, much with an ancient Egyptian and archaeological theme.

Three Years in the Klondike (Illustrated)

by Jeremiah Lynch

The author of this book went into the Klondike early in the season of 1898, when the first rush had scarcely subsided, and spent three years there, alternately as traveler, trader and miner. He had, therefore, full opportunities of seeing the country and its life from various points of view. He has utilized his observations in an entertaining book. It is not â?? and does not pretend – to be a scientific work, or technical in any sense. It gives, however, an excellent idea of conditions and ways of living in the Klondike at all seasons, and of the hardships which the pioneers had to undergo. These have been indicated to a certain extent by five years of settlement and by the improvements in transportation and supply which have followed. They have not disappeared, since some hardship must always be endured In a winter climate as rigorous as that which prevails in the Yukon country. Nothing but gold â?? the prospect of wealth â?? could induce men to live in such a climate, and to combat the many difficulties which it entails.

The Freedom Fighter: A memoir of a member of the Donbass Militia in the War in Ukraine

The Freedom Fighter is a first-hand account of the Donbass Uprising in 2014. Vitaly Fedorov was a managing partner in a small casino in West Africa. Then the people of Donbass rebelled against the authority of an unconstitutionally installed Kiev government, which was trying to take away their land for large gas shale companies and to prohibit them to teach their children their native language. Being a man of conservative-libertarian views, Vitaly has left behind his well-organized life, travelled to Ukraine, joined the people’s militia and fought against government troops, participating in the defense of “Russian Alamo” – Slavyansk.

In this book, you won’t find knights in shining armor, but simply good people who rebelled against an oppressive regime, for the right to live on their land as they wish. There are a lot of good books about a successful uprising of common people against an oppressive government. This one is no different from the others, except that this one is real.

leo of gold (book on rock music the 20th)

by pascal talbot

leo of gold is an audition

also cover music festival heavy montreal book series 20th on rock music

new book by pascal talbot author


by Garrett Cook

Jeremy Jenkins is a pharmacist living a nightmare. America has made serial killing provisionally legal. What was once a crime is now a game. Juvenile delinquent Reapkids dressed as history’s deadliest murderers roam the streets causing chaos. Cannibal Godless Jack Cavanagh is on every morning show. And Jeremy’s girlfriend Cass, the love of his life, can’t get enough of it. Could be worse. Creatures from another dimension could be infiltrating ours getting our women pregnant. He could live with the guilt of being history’s most prolific serial killer. The fate of a world not worth saving could rest on his broad shoulders. Maybe they are. Maybe he is. Maybe it does.

Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie

by Andrew Carnegie

A critically acclaimed autobiography by one of America’s greatest philanthropists

Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie worked his way up from bobbin boy to telegraph operator to railroad man, learning key lessons along the way that would eventually lead to his unparalleled success in the steel business. Documenting a world of tariffs, insider deals, and Wall Street sharks, The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie opens a window into the great industrialist’s decision-making process. His insights on education, business, and the necessity of giving back for the common good set an inspirational example for aspiring executives and provide a fitting testament to the power of the American dream.
This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Split: A Life of Madness

by Amy D. Brooks

In the chaos of rapidly alternating moods, a suicidal drug and alcohol addiction, and the wreckage they both leave behind, how does a young woman find the path to a happy life and stay guided down it?

This is not only an astounding look into the psychosis of mania and the distorted thinking of depression, but insight into the broken treatment system for mental illness in the United States and the taboo that prevents education that could save lives from being spread. Addiction memoirist Amy D. Brooks shares the unique struggles of managing a dual-diagnosis, detailing her experiences navigating sobriety while facing a severe mental illness and learning how to treat it. She fumbles over the basics of living life as an adult following rehabilitation from heroin addiction and alcoholism and becomes tortured by the looming and growing threat of intense moods that endanger the stability she manages to create in spite of her turbulent past.

A Story of the West: John and Agnes Borrowman

by Wayne Borrowman

The biography of John and Agnes Borrowman, pioneers of the western United States and early converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. John Borrowman worked on the Nauvoo Temple, served in the Mormon Battalion, fought in Utah Indian Wars, and was an outstanding missionary. Agnes Park married John Borrowman and became his life partner in raising a family on the frontier. This fully documented account is the first to detail their lives. It is a compelling account of remarkable people living in remarkable times.

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