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African Me & Satellite TV

by Jo Robinson

For many years Suzette has managed very well to live her life without actually taking part in it, avoiding any possibility of pain by very carefully ignoring reality. Until something happens. Something so terrible that she has no choice but to abandon her cocoon of safety.
After the brutal beating of an elderly domestic worker, Suzette takes her in, and sets off a chain of events that leads to devastating heartbreak. And an unexpected hero changes everything. Finally finding her voice, she speaks out, and her world explodes, culminating in the death of a very special man.
On her path to make amends, she discovers the story of his life, connects with the people of his past, and finds the chance to fully live her life once again if that’s what she chooses to.

Highlander Romance: Highland Blazing: Highlander Romance Collection (Historical, Scottish, Medieval) (Historical Scottish Highlander Short Stories Book 4)

by Raina Wilde


War. Passion. Vengeance. Love.

Claimed by the Enemy Highlander

War is everything to Aigneis McGowan. Since her father’s death, her life has been driven by one thing: revenge.

She is twenty-oneâ??a beautiful, fiery woman; leader of her clan and undisputed swords-woman. But when she comes face to face with the object of her hateâ??the heir to the clan who killed her fatherâ??the views which have shaped her life are challenged in ways she did not think possible.

On the battlefield, leading her clan against the man she has come to love, Aigneis finds that some questions have no easy answers, and sometimes vengeance entraps us.

The Rebellious Highlander Bride

Highland feuds are brutal. And sometimes their resolutions are just as devastating.

At eighteen, Isabeal McNottâ??only daughter of the grimly powerful warlord Daniel McNottâ??is given in marriage to a man she has never met, in exchange for land, titles and a truce with their enemy.

Feisty, and determined make her loathsome new husband’s life miserable, Isabeal finds herself tossed into a world of dark secrets, hidden intrigues, and powerful men who stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

But, in the midst of all the chaos is a growing tenderness for the man she has been bound to so reluctantly. Will Isabeal and her new husband rise above the pain and danger of their childhoods, clearing their own path in this dangerous world? And will Isabeal choose to love this man, or will her vow to dissent against her father win out over true love?

Forbidden Highland Love

In Frances McCraig’s harsh world, marriage is an act of duty, not of love.

Innocent and gentle, her childhood is shattered when her father, indebted and desperate, barters her hand in marriage against his mounting debts to Laird Jamie McNeil. Arrogant, brutish and cruel, Laird Jamie is nothing a young lady would ask for in a husband.

After a desperate attempt to end her own life results in a burgeoning love affair with Duncan, the handsome son of a neighboring Laird, Frances is torn between joy and danger, as her possessive, thwarted husband seeks vengeance on the lovers.

Duncan’s family has secrets. And Frances has allies. Will that be enough to let them rise above the odds and make a life together?

Three stand alone tales of passion, love and war; set in the stark and lofty wild of the Scottish Highlands.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains mature themes and language intended for 18+ readers only.

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Romance: Clean Love Story Romance Collection Box Set (Westerns First Time Love Inspired Regency Holiday Romance) (New Adult Clean Fiction Victorian Scottish Duke Collection)

Collection of 11 Clean, Warm-Hearted Romance Stories.

Enjoy over 100,000 words of 11 clean, sweet romance stories that will surely warm your heart!

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This collection includes:
– Hopeful Heart
– Uncivil Discord
– Love Endures All
– Begin Again
– The Range War
– Annah’s Hope
– Oregon Trail
– The Long Road Home
– When Two Hearts Meet
– Turn the World Around
– Stealing My Heart

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Historical Western Romance: Clean Romance – Hoofbeats as Heartbeats (Westerns Happy Historical Second Chance Romance) (Inspirational Sweet Contemporary Urban Short Stories)

by Rachel J. Moore

A Standalone Short Story
She was a lady, and he was not a gentleman. That’s all there was to it, in the eyes of Grace. She had followed her family to America, in the hopes of success and striking it rich. And yet, things weren’t quite as easy as they seemed. Gone were the frills they were accustomed to, traded in for leather boots. Horses, too, were a part of the equation, but as adorable as they were, they were turning into quite the problem.

Cookie wouldn’t cooperate, and at the risk of potentially losing her sister’s horse, Grace set out to look for a horse trainer, without much hope. But then she met Smoky, and he had stepped in and offered his help. And, in the words of her sister Jo, her mother, and father, he’d turned out better than they’d all expected. And though she had been dubious at the start, Grace couldn’t help but find herself slowly roped in to the carefree, happy-go-lucky cowboy more and more.

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Brandi sighed. It was yet another day in this stupid town and another day in her boring life. As the daughter of a ranch owner, she didn’t have much to do. She was supposed to be a dainty woman, a woman who was supposed to cater to her future husband and do domestic duties, which included raising the kids. She didn’t want children, rather she thought of them as a bore. She would rather eat dirt than participate in that sort of thing, so she was definitely looking for a new way to get out of this. That’s why she was here, at the saloon and trying to figure out something new to do.


To say that Paula was having a bad day was to put it lightly. She thought that she would just have a normal day going to the general store, but the, she got caught in something that she never expected to happen.

Paula stepped inside, looking around at the place, wondering just how the hell she managed to end up here. She was the daughter of a wealthy family, but she wasn’t looking for that. She was looking for adventure, and she wanted an escape.


Polly whistled as she walked down the road toward her yoga class. She loved it, even if half of the girls there thought she had no right to exercise because she was a big girl. She knew it was her right to be healthy and do anything she liked though, and decided that the other girls would just have to deal with her big, beautiful body in her tight yoga leotard just like she had to deal with theirs. It’s not like they were the most spectacular sight to see either, bending and twisting with their faces in ridiculous expressions and completely missing the point of the meditations.


Tara sat the lab table in class, wondering how in the world she was going to manage this. It was the start of a new semester, and she knew that the teacher was already planning on assigning a lab. She hated working with people, but there was one person that she would work with if she had a chance to do so. It was a man that she thought about many times, a guy that she liked. She wondered if he felt the same way about her.


Alexius knew that it was going to be hard, especially when she wasn’t supposed to even be a part of the military, but as she continued to pretend to be in this whole mess, she wondered if everything would be okay. Pretending to be a part of the samurai was certainly something hard, and she worked pretty hard to perfect her ability to be like this. But then again, the other person that kept looking at her started to catch on.


Lia sat amongst the men in the city square as the philosophers were speaking rapidly about what they believed the nature of the universe to be. She found their lectures fascinating, but was usually chased away by the men who were strong followers of Aristotle and believed women to be just above children, animals, and plants when it came to intelligence and significance in the world. Of course men were at the very top, and were always going to be there no matter whether she liked it or not.

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WARNING DISCLAIMER : Adults 18+ Only . All Characters depicted are of the age of 18+. Story line Is Purely Fiction And For Entertainment Purposes . Contains MATURE Explicit Content! Please Make Sure This E-book Is Stored Somewhere That It Cannot Be Accessed By under aged 18 readers. THIS E-BOOK IS FOR SALE TO ADULTS 18+ ONLY!

ROMANCE: MENAGE: Complete Pleasure: (Threesome Alpha Male MMF Pregnancy Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Romance Short Stories)

by Jane Price

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Some people don’t believe in luck.

But luck was the only thing Lily had that wouldn’t run out at the end of the month.

Loving a band and not having the money to see them in person was the hardest thing.

Luckily, by some miracle, she managed backstage passes to a Plant Mansions concert.

She didn’t know what to expect.

Just that it would be the best time of her life.

And indeed, when she was saved by Anton and Riley, her life changed forever.

A faithful trip to their tour bus ended in a night of passion and lust she would never forget.

While Anton is loving and affectionate, Riley is cold.

Will they personalities meld together into a perfect dynamic or will they constantly butt heads until someone walks off the tour bus permanently?

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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ROMANCE: Wild Night: (Alpha Male Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Bad Boy Romance)

by Charlotte Sloan

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Teresa is a down on her luck, out of work, a graphic designer who has had to take a job at her old college town coffee shop. And if that weren’t embarrassing enough for her, things go from bad to worse when her long-time boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, walks into that very same coffee shop.

Two years before she had broken it off with him because of a job opportunity that she couldn’t turn down and ended up driving her boyfriend, James away. But now that he’s back in town she’s looking for a second chance at love.

Will James be able to overlook what she said and did two years ago and fall back into the rhythm of their storybook love, or has he been holding onto her words ever since he moved away?

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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ROMANCE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Passions From The Past Collection (Regency Western Duchess Romance) (Sweet Inspirational Wholesome Romance)

This collection contains four beautiful and entertaining romantic stories from the past. Download now and enjoy!

The Duchess Runaway: In age of arranged marriages, Lady Eleanor must follow the wishes of her father and marry the much older and uncaring Earl of Southerland.

With no way out of the upcoming wedding to Lord Southerland, in what cruel ways will fate intervene to ensure Eleanor’s happiness while maintaining her allegiance to her family traditions?

Download this riveting and inspiring story of honor, love and hope among the aristocracy during the glory days of England!


The Earl’s Runaway Bride: Meet Wesley Pendleton, the seventh Earl of Winchester, a no-nonsense aristocrat with serious business and little time for frivolities. But time has come for him to find a wife, and in keeping with his straightforward ways he has arranged to be married to Melanie, the daughter of Lord Seaborn, without laying an eye on her. Done and dusted!

But then a series of events puts all his carefully laid plans in jeopardy. He can’t make his wedding day! But that’s no problem, he’ll simply arrange a proxy, a stand-in, until he has time to attend to this niggly matter.

… or are things really that simple?


Charity: Seth Bernstein is a handsome frontier rancher, happily living alone on his homestead, much to the chagrin of the girls in town, who would give anything to become Mrs Seth Bernstein.

Seth’s docile existence on his farm with his psyhic, dry-humoured right-hand man Jonesy changes forever when a letter arrives for them in the mail, announcing the arrival of the young and pretty Charity, who secretly steals Seth’s heart.

But Charity carries a dark secret with her that soon threatens to ruin both her and Seth’s lives. Who is the dark stranger that arrives unexpectedly on Seth’s doorstep, and how far will he go to ruin their lives?


Martha is the mother of three and wife to a good man, Mathew. They’re obedient, God-fearing Amish folk.

She’s happy, she tells herself.

Then a stranger from a long time ago returns to the community, and Martha’s carefully organised world is turned upside down.

Throw into the mix the troublemaker gossip, Anne, and Martha has to make some very, very difficult decisions.

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Romance: Steamy Romance Collection Boxed Set – Game Time (Contemporary Holiday Virgin Billionaire Spanking Romance) (Women’s Fiction Pregnancy MFM BDSM MC Biker Anthologies)

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This collection includes:
– In the League of His Own
– Off The Field
– For Love or the Game
– Stormy Love
– Game Changer
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WARNING: This book contains mature content with **BURNING HOT** scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

ROMANCE: THREESOME: Obsessions Unleashed: (Alpha Male Bisexual Menage Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

by Sinfully Sweet Books

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I love to run.

For the most part, I’m a happy woman.

I’m out for my daily jog, I see a HOT man cruise by.

I have seen him before.

We see each other on the run path.

One thing leads to another.

My husband finds out about us- only his reaction isn’t quite what I might have expected it to be…

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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Blizzard: A Story of Dakota Territory

by Cindy Rinaman Marsch

A homesteading farmer, his pregnant wife, their daughter, and the grandmother wake to a beautiful winter morning on the prairie. And then it descends upon them – the infamous Children’s Blizzard of 1888. Who will survive?

With characters from Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan, “Blizzard: A Story of Dakota Territory” captures in one sod shanty the dramatic effects of a storm on the bodies and spirits of people who have internal storms of their own.

Cover painting and design by Betsy Marsch, illustrator and cover designer for Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan.

A King Ensnared: A Historical Novel of Scotland (The Stewart Chronicle Book 1)

by J. R. Tomlin

On the dangerous stage of medieval Scotland, one man–in an English dungeon–stands between the Scots and anarchy. Robert III, King of the Scots, is dead, and Scotland in 1406 is balanced on a knife’s edge. As he eyes the throne, King Robert’s ruthless half-brother, the Duke of Albany, has already murdered one prince and readies to kill young James Stewart, prince and heir to the crown. James flees Scotland and his murderous uncle. Captured and imprisoned by the English, he grows to be a man of contradictions, a poet yet a knight, a dreamer yet fiercely driven. Hardened by his years in the Tower of London and haunted by his brother’s brutal murder, James is determined to find some way to recover his crown and end his uncle’s misrule. But the only way may be to betray Scotland and everything he believes in.

Wrath of the Furies

by Robert Southworth

The new magistrate of Justitia has a difficult task before him. Rome is a bed of deceit and murder and with the Emperor travelling the empire, it falls to him to keep order. However, with a highly skilled assassin slaughtering members of Rome’s elite and a mysterious organisation plotting to take power in the Emperor’s absence, the magistrate will face constant danger. Magistrate Lucius Magro Decius must learn the ways of Rome with all hast or find himself bleeding in the dirt.

ROMANCE: THE DUKE’S WIFE : A Secret Baby Regency Historical Romance – Historical Bad Boy Regency Secret Baby Romance (Regency Historical Rake Pregnancy Victorian Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

She was promised to marry his father. She never meant to fall for him.

She was quiet and reserved, at least on the surface. When Isabelle came to our estate, I immediately found her attractive. She was different than the other women I had been with, and something about her continued to draw me to her. The only problem? She was engaged to marry my father.

Marrying The Duke of Hampshire was nothing more than a means to an end for me. I needed to get my son back, and The Duke had agreed secretly to let him come live with us. My plan was going along perfectly until a very unexpected surprise came along. William, The Duke’s rakehell son, was brazen and confident. I tried to fight my attraction to him, but the tension between us was impossible to ignore.

When the passion that spreads between them becomes too much to handle, will she risk reuniting with her son to be with him? Will he defy his father to be with the one woman he can’t have?

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

ROMANCE: A MAN OF VALOR DELIVERS : A Secret Baby Regency Historical Romance – Historical Bad Boy Regency Secret Baby Romance (Regency Historical Rake Pregnancy … Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

Forced to love a man I hate and irresistibly attracted to a man I cannot and should not have. Both of them have power over me and I fear what I’m going to do next…

Losing my first love and having a baby out of wedlock destroyed my reputation. Now I am not permitted to see my own daughter unless I agree to marry the Duke of Feltwell, a truly odious and evil man. But what truly worries me is his son, the rake Charles, the so-called “valour” lover. He has seduced every other women in the estate and now he’s set his sights on me!

He is such a handsome man, but arrogant and without self control. He has come to my door, knocking at night with God only knows what on his mind. I had my heart broken once before and I cannot live through it again. I can only do what I feel, and all of my instincts are telling me to move in the wrong direction. But between Charles and his ghastly father battling for my attention, how can I possibly know what the “right” thing to do is? I need a miracleâ?¦

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

ROMANCE: OF FATHERS AND SONS : A Secret Baby Regency Historical Romance – Historical Bad Boy Regency Secret Baby Romance (Regency Historical Rake Pregnancy … Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

Can Paige Waterford Escape Her Secret?

Paige Waterford is a twenty-two-year-old girl with a secret. Her daughter, the aftermath of a violent rape that took both Paige’s virginity and innocence, has been thrust into the arms of an unforgiving orphanage by an angry king – who wants Paige to marry in order to satisfy his guilt over keeping her deceased parents’ fortune.

Raised to be wild and free, Paige is now forced into an engagement with the Duke of Southgate. Though her original intention was to refuse him, she accepts his proposal when he promises her a permanent reunion with her daughter as a wedding present.

Paige believes her life is finally going in the right direction when her engagement is complicated by the Duke’s only son – Sam McCalligan. Sam is a hopeless rake, interested only in sleeping around. But Paige sees something more in him and, together, they begin to discover a softer side of his personality. With the wedding date set and her daughter’s childhood on the line, will Paige choose love or practicality?

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

Dogfight: A J-3 Pilot’s Call to War

by Michael Bierwiler

Eighteen year-old Red Hines is training to be a J-3 pilot on a grass airfield when World War II breaks out. He joins his instructor in a civilian observation mission over the shipyards of Beaumont, Texas searching for U-boats known to be plying the Gulf of Mexico.

Fate intervenes when he becomes a P-51 Mustang pilot in the Army Air Corps and gets shot down over Germany. His only hope for escape is to locate his estranged paternal grandfather in Axis-held Prussia, and find their way back home to Texas together.

ROMANCE: THE WILDNESS OF KAT ASHBROOKE : A Secret Baby Regency Historical Romance – Historical Bad Boy Regency Secret Baby Romance (Regency Historical … Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

Rapscallion playboy Rex Monterre has every girl in England vying for his heart, but the girl he wants is his father’s fiancée.

Kat Ashbrooke is spoiled goods. Her teenage passions have ruined her reputation, and her titled fiancé has rejected her. Her only choice is to accept marriage to Lord Monterre, a widower who is a friend of her Great Aunt.

Kat thinks her wild days are over until she meets the Rex Monterre, infamous rake and rapscallion. She finds his bad boy charms irresistible, and he is intrigued by the irrepressible passion he senses within her. Their mutual desire begs to be fulfilledâ?¦ but Rex is the Lord’s youngest son and they both know that unleashing their emotions can only lead to disaster.

But when Lord Monterre beats Kat, Rex knows he can not stand by and allow the woman he loves to be abused. He has to protect her, whatever the cost…

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

1066 – Death of a Nation: Saxons! The Norman Invasion. (Historical dramatisations. Book 5)

by David Beeson

Experience Saxon life as 400 years of rule falls apart. King Harold should have beaten Duke William of Normandy at the battle of Hastings – yet he lost his life.

See the events unfold as seen by people who were, or could have been, there.

You will absorb the atmosphere of Saxon England in this lively book that will appeal to ladies as well as men.

The history in this book is accurate, so you will end the book feeling both entertained and educated. No super heroes here – just people living their lives.

Sit back and now be absorbed into the end of an era that fell apart with possibly the most famous single battle in the history of Britain.


Thimble of Soil: A Woman’s Quest for Land (Trail of Thread Series Book 2)

by Linda K. Hubalek

Thimble of Soil: A Woman’s Quest for Land, Historical Letters 1854-1860
Trail of Thread Series, Book 2

Experience the terror of the fighting and the determination to endure as you stake a claim alongside the women caught in the bloody conflicts of Kansas in the 1850’s.

Follow the widowed Margaret Ralston Kennedy (a relative of the author) in this second book of the Trail of Thread series, as she travels with eight of her thirteen children from Ohio to the Territory of Kansas in 1855.

Thousands of American headed west in the decade before the Civil War, but those who settled in Kansas suffered through frequent clashes between proslavery and free-state fractions that gripped the territory.

Told through her letters, Thimble of Soil describes the prevalent hardships and infrequent joys experienced by the hardy pioneer women of Kansas, who struggled to protect their families from terrorist raids while building new homes and new lives on the vast unbroken prairie.

Margaret was dedicated to the cause of the North, and while the male members of her family were away fighting for a free state, she valiantly defended their homestead and held their families together through the savage years of Bleeding Kansas.

Twelve old quilt patterns are mentioned in the letters, and the sketched designs are in the back of the book for reference.

Battleground: Elijah and the War With Jezebel

by L. M. Roth

From the pages of history they emerge into life: Elijah, the bold and powerful prophet of Yahweh and Jezebel, the vicious and evil Queen of Israel.On Mount Carmel the battle is waged and only one can emerge as the victor.

It is a dark time in the land of Israel. The weak King Ahab, so fearless in battle but reduced to a slave by his sly and manipulative Queen Jezebel, has eradicated the very identity of the people. The word has gone out: worship Baal or die. A ruthless war is waged on God’s prophets, and only Elijah is left to fight on. But in a day when it is dangerous to cry out in protest, does he dare to raise his voice?

From L. M. Roth, author of the Quest For the Kingdom series, Abelard and the Dragon’s Vapor, and Disenchanted In the Land of Dreams Come True comes an exciting tale of danger and drama in this vivid retelling of the ancient story of enemies locked in combat…to the death.

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