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Bear Shifter’s Best Friend Box Set: Bear Shifter’s Best Friend Box Set (Paranormal Werebear Alpha Male BBW) (Contemporary Best Friend Bear Shifter Short Stories)

by Alexis Diamond

What do you do when your’re in love with your best friend and he’s hiding a HUGE secret?

Introducing the complete box set of this new sexy werebear shifter series!

Bruce has lived in the town of Williamsburg at the foot of the

Syracuse Mountains for over five years.

He’s come to love the people there, especially Jenna, but he’s

scared to take their relationship further.

Jenna was in trouble once, a long time ago, and Bruce was the

handsome stranger that saved her.

His heroic act had caused her to fall in love with him, but she

doesn’t want to risk telling him her feelings either.

They both do it for different reasons.

Jenna doesn’t want to risk their friendship.

Bruce doesn’t want the truth to come out – that he’s really a bear.

And suddenly there’s a new female in Bruce’s life,

an alpha wereleopard, eager to push Jenna out of the

picture and seduce Bruce to mate…

For fans of Terry Bolryder and Lola Kidd shifter stories!

MYSTERY: Fade Away – Fear: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery Collection)

by Kelly Bell



Day after day in his endless cycle he followed the rules of his imprisonment. Playing nice with the others, talking to his doctor once a week. He ate the bland meals with his plastic spoon and took the medications to keep the visions at bay. But when he was alone in his room, his eyes burning against how bright it was, he felt the madness seeping back in.

The grief coursed through him as he stared out that singular window, waiting for the moment when he could re-join the world. The others laughed at him when he spoke of what he would do when he got out, but without that singular hope, he knew that he would fall into permanent darkness. He refused to accept that he was as far gone as the others believed.

So out the window he stared, like a gargoyle frozen in time. He bit his lips to try and restrain the screams building within him as his mind tore itself apart, in constant mental battle with himself.

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Still Born

by Cory Cason

Do you really belong in this world? Not everybody does. Some souls take a wrong turn at an intersection of space and time and end up in a lost existence. Vincent is one of the souls. It is not obvious to him in his youth, but as he journeys through life he slowly realizes who he is.


by Stephen Shea

“The best thing about being human, Rand, is that you can kill someone and enjoy it.” Then he laughed again and the laughter deepened and became wild.


It was a long, strange summer for Kinniwaw. The heat had brought drought and, with it, the stirring of a dark, ancient and evil secret. A supernatural spectre made mostly of hate walks the land, feeding off the pain of the town, off the damaged souls who live there. He is using his power to twist the minds of those on the edge, so that they commit acts of evil in his name. People begin to die. For twenty-one year old Randall Craig, his girlfriend, and his two closest friends, it seems like a normal summer. Then the murders start and they begin to wonder: is it one of us? Or has a serial killer come to town? And will they be able to face the spectre as it rises from the dead in a form that is truly terrifying?

A novel dripping with horror and suspense. A page-turner of a book.

About the Author:

Stephen Shea is the pseudonym of a semi-famous author who is experimenting with several genres. He lives next door to you. He is also the author of THE (NOT SO) SIMPLE LIFE.

Twelve People That You Will Meet During A Zombie Apocalypse

by Harold Smith

This book is humorous description of some of the types of people that you can expect to find wandering the streets after a Zombie Apocalypse.

Sevengraves: A Novella of Supernatural Suspense

by Greg James

Jim Hendrice thinks he’s going insane, or worse. Unemployed and living alone – he’s no-one important; so why is he being followed? Why does he see mysterious faces staring at him from the windows of empty houses? Something is very wrong with the town of Sevengraves, but Jim only begins to understand how wrong when he sees a woman die – and becomes a suspect for her murder.

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