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Like Petals To A Rose: Volume II

by Sahe Sahe

Saleem Little, Shavar Thompson Kuami Wright, Infinite and Eza

Picking up where he left off – Poet/Author “S.A.H.E.” recruits a few friends for the second installment in his “Like Petals to a Rose” series and offers a collaborative collection of contemporary “Conscious” and “Love” poems.

literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

Asteroids And Asterisks (The Poetry of James Burns Book 3)

by James Burns


Dancing With Dancehall: Love and Dancehall

by Shanan Mullings

Dancing with Dancehall is the story of Tracey Forde who is determined to conquer her obstacles and become a prosperous individual despite her limited resources.The story is set mainly in Kingston, Jamaica and focuses on Tracey’s growth and relationship with her dancehall artiste boyfriend, JC. Dancing With Dancehall chronicles the ups and downs of Tracey’s life, relationship and she juggles all this to the soundtrack of dancehall music.

Impetus: Ghazals

by Andrea McKenzie Raine

This chapbook of ghazals explores the struggle to reconcile life’s duties and artistic pursuits; to essentially stop the proverbial wheel and carve out valued time for indulging in our soul’s work, or simply being. Our bodies can become drones or cages, often feeling constricted or boxed in, searching for a small space to forge a different way, a porthole or exit point; to spread quiet, burning wings.


by David Wahl

Poems of history, family stories, myths, images, travels and imagination.

Spirit of Nature: Poetry for Contemplation

by Yvonne Ruby Hughes

This selection of adult poetry is written from a deep passion for the beauty and mystery of nature. Each piece is complimented by beautiful photography.

Slices of Life – Short Stories & Poems

by Paul Clifton

“Slices of Life” – an anthology of short stories and poems based on a reflection of life seen through the eyes of a young person.
Each of the stories and poems deal with: young love, old age, social networking and death with observant sensitivity. Much of what lies within the pages of this book will strike a chord with each reader.

“Paul’s first collection has an interesting mix of topics and genres. Paul gets great pleasure from writing and I enjoy the quality of his work, his honesty and relevance.”

Aled Lewis Evans


Ranked number 12 & 20 in Kindle free reads.

The Best Top 3 Inspirational Poems

by Creeyative Lyfe

Life is about finding our creator, but also helping others in need along the way. There are those who go through great trials and tribulations in life, and I hope that these poems “Will” help to inspire them. For Love is not a treatment, Love is a Cure. So please get, and most of all; “Give” as much Love as you can. For you never know who is in great need of care or even just a little comfort. Love made us all, so let’s not keep going on acting as if it doesn’t exist.

Traveling in the interim: New poems 2014 – 2016

by Chris Wanten

Another fine selection of unique poetry by award-winning artist Chris Wanten, teacher for Creative Writing, member of the International Writers and Artists Association (IAW) and founder of “poets online”, one of the first global poetry networks on the internet.

(ebook contains 60 poems = 4,252 words or 51 printed pages)


by S.A.H.E.

Poetry is so intimate. It allows you to be you without a care in the world which brings your readers and listeners to the fore front of your soul heart and essence.


Thoughts to Myself

by EZA

My objective in releasing Thoughts to Myself is to stir emotions if nothing else. That’s the beauty of poetry, either it makes you see what you refuse to see or send you on an emotional rollercoaster. Whether the topic be love or worldly events, many will find that they themselves are confined deep within these pages. So strap in, open your mind, and enjoy the ride as you travel through my thoughtsâ?¦

Looking Up

by S.A.H.E.

In “Looking Up” Author and Poet S.A.H.E. explores esoteric and symbolic knowledge and attempts to espouse it- even if only allegorically – to the modern physical world. Utilizing metaphysical concepts, S.A.H.E. offers simple solutions to life’s adversity and simple inspirations to encourage all to keep…Looking Up!

The Angel: A tragic poem

by Gabriela Arellano

When loves knocks at our door at the wrong time, consequences might be devastating.

Riddles of the Mind: 20 Poems of Emotions

by Travis Hoskins

This poetry book includes 20 poems from positive emotions to very dark emotions. Many poems have meanings that relate in many different ways. A poem may have a very simple meaning to me, while someone else could find a deeper meaning that relates to themselves. There is a poem in here for almost everyone that enjoys poetry.

The Prophet: A journey from Misery to Bliss

by Zakir Hossain

A collection of original poems on human misery, love and the search for ultimate freedom…

Misery-love-freedom, that is the philosophical order of the book. The last poem â??The Prophet’ is the target point and all else is an educational journey within this very life to reach the final destination- the prophetic wisdom, the ultimate freedom. Our struggle, frustration, confusion, fear- through all these we search for the ways to be free; we try to love, we try to be loved, conditionally and unconditionallyâ?¦all these experiences slowly grow us up over a period of time; through all ups and downs, someday, some of us find the ways to the ultimate freedom, the ultimate peace, the path of a prophet.

These selected original poems were written over the period 1992-2013.

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