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Planet Rothschild (Volume 2): The Forbidden History of the New World Order (WW2 – 2015)

by M King

From the days of the American Revolution, to the Jacobin French Revolution, to the coalition wars against Napoleon, to Andrew Jackson’s war on the Central Bank, to Karl Marx’s war on sanity, to the U.S. Civil War, to the Reds’ shocking wave of 19th century assassinations, to the conspiratorial founding of the Federal Reserve, to the horrific First World War to enslave Germany, to the Rothschild-Communist subversion of Russia’s Czar, to the horrible World War against Hitler and Japan, to the Cold War, to the JFK assassination, to the “women’s movement” to the Global Warming Hoax, to the “fall of communism”, to the 9/11 attacks & the “War On Terror”, and finally, to the looming confrontation with Russia and China – the common thread of the New World Order crime gang links all of these events together.
At the heart of this self-perpetuating network sits the legendary House of Rothschild – the true owners of รข??Planet Rothschild’. Though an alliance with other billionaire families, universities, corporations, think tanks and media moguls worldwide; the cabal has, for 250 years, manipulated world events and political players like so many pawns on a global chessboard.
Now, you can earn your ‘Phd’ in NWO studies by reading the epic two-volume timeline thriller – PLANET ROTHSCHILD. It is a unique “blurb by blurb” chronological and photographical review that will enrich your depth of historical knowledge like no other work of its kind.
“Absolutely mind bending research… I was hooked immediately! I had studied the NWO for years but had no idea of so many of the critical events revealed in PLANET ROTHSCHILD.” – Carl Norris, Davenport, Iowa

Dump Trump: It’s Still Not To Late

by Peter Smith

There is no doubt that discontentment is a world-wide problem. People are looking around trying to find a way to fix it. As they get more disgruntled, people tend to act more from a gut reaction than from a planned method to solve their problems. It has been happening at an alarming rate all over the world, with 2016 appearing to be a tipping point.

One example of this is the Brexit.

The end of the first half of 2016 gave the world a look into what a disgruntled group of people is capable of doing – something that is entirely self-detrimental. Logic and reason said that leaving the EU would be one of the greatest mistakes that the UK could make. Analysts, political junkies, and economists largely agreed that there was no way it would happen.

The day after the vote, the world woke up to an economic meltdown as the UK proved that it was able to ignore facts and logic and basically shoot itself in the foot to spite everyone else.

People said that they voted for the Brexit precisely because they thought the proposal wouldn’t succeed.

Now Scotland is seriously considering leaving the UK because one of the few reasons that they remained a part of the UK in 2014 was because of how long the process would be to rejoin the EU as a new country.

The Pound has seen a most serious decline in value, reaching a low that dwarfs the problems after the financial crisis.

The problem is that people did not bother to understand what it was they were voting for before it happened. And now they are feeling a significant sense of voters’ remorse. The outlook for the future is entirely uncertain.

The UK isn’t the only nation with this problem, but it is the one that most directly correlates to a huge problem in the US right now – the rise of Trump.

As the UK begins to feel the full weight of their massive mistake (and the EU considers dropping English as its language), the US has a rare chance to really see the detrimental effects of trying to be subversive or blindly acting without researching, thinking, or even paying attention. The US can see all of this without having to make a similar mistake themselves. In the event that Trump is elected to the Presidency, the US will again prove that any mistake our parent country can make, we can make 10 times worse.

The problem is that there are already far too many problems for Americans to be able to afford such an obvious and unprecedented mistake.

The problem isn’t that we need to wake up. It’s that we need to use our brains instead of just blindly reacting or trying to “stick it to the man.”

People like to think that Trump is doing the honest thing and being politically incorrect. Well, yes he certainly is being politically incorrect, but not in a way that is refreshing. His words are everything that minorities and women have been fighting against literally for centuries. It’s not subversive, it’s perverse.

Nor does he care about making things better for anyone else unless there is something to gain from it himself. Since when does a person saying they have the best anything mean that they do? People are taking Trump at his word, fully knowing that he doesn’t mean it. And that is precisely where the problems lies? They hear the horrible things and think he won’t actually do them. How does that make him less like the politicians that people have come to distrust? His rhetoric is incredibly dangerous, and there is no guarantee that he won’t try to go through with any of it.

Pay attention to the words themselves. There is nothing noble, honest, refreshing, or acceptable about nearly anything he says.

We are the ones who are going to suffer for such a terrible decision. And the rest of the world is not going to make it any easier for us to bear the burden of such a colossal mistake.

WHITE PRIVILEGE my ass. White Slavery in 2016 for what it truly is.: WHITE PRIVILEGE MY ASS, it’s White Slavery

by Enigo Montoya

Proof that today’s white privilege and it’s use as a tool to control the weak minded has placed Caucasion males into slavery.

Factory farming and animal liberation: The New Zealand experience

by Michael Morris

This book is about the rights of animals, specifically those farmed for the table. But it is also about human rights; namely our rights in a democracy to have our voices listened to and acted on by our democratically elected leaders.

The book starts with an introduction to animal welfare in New Zealand and other countries. It then summarises the science around animal welfare and the difficult question about how we can know what an animal is feeling. The next chapter touches on questions of value; of what is important to animals, and our ethical obligations around the ways animals should be treated. Public perceptions towards animal wellbeing and public demands for better welfare conditions are described and discussed. The effectiveness of the political and legal system in translating these demands into action is analysed.

The book then spells out the shocking way factory farmed hens, broiler chickens and pigs are treated in a supposedly enlightened western country, and compares this with animal welfare regulation and practice in other states. It also describes the author’s personal experience of the endless lengths industry and government will go to deny, intimidate and bluster in their efforts to hide the truth, and profit as much as possible from animal misery.

Though much of the material on animal treatment is bleak, the book also aims to give a message of hope, by describing ways that angry, organised and active people have made a difference for animals. It spells out ways that readers can encourage change for the better, both through their own buying habits and through influencing their communities, neighbours and the wider society. The final chapters includes guidelines on ways to tell truth to power and be effective, and they outline the political and legislative changes required for a more compassionate society.

This book is about the ethics and politics of animal welfare in one small Western country. However, issues around exploitation of the vulnerable, suppression of truth and the power of determined individuals to change are universal. I am confident that the lessons from this book can be applied to many situations world wide.

Deterring Rapes in the Fields: By expanding the ability to proceed anonymously in court proceedings

by Shea Hasenauer

This e-book focuses on sexual assaults against immigrant workers. The principal concern is the corrupted power that some supervisors use against illegal immigrant workers to make them especially susceptible to wrongdoing, the relevant laws regarding the matter, and a proposed legislative solution to help deter immigrant rapes while respecting the importance of law for an ordered and protected society.

This e-book has three main sections: First, the background and importance of the issue of sexual assaults in worker fields is explained. Next, relevant law is highlighted. Thirdly, a solution to help deter the problem is proposed. The matter of illegal immigrant worker sexual assaults is of special importance because it concerns two illegalities: (1) The illegality of sexual assault and (2) the illegal status of undocumented workers. The delicate balance and interaction of these two illegalities creates unique difficulties for deterring such sexual assaults. Thankfully, the travesty of field worker rapes has recently gained greater light. (The e-book is written in a traditional law review format.)

Lesbian Illuminati

by Alexandra del Torre

WARNING: Contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sexual acts. Intended for adults over the age of 18.

Daria Blake, a newcomer to West Hollywood and to the lesbian scene, finds herself slowly slipping into a mysterious and erotic underworld, thanks to the encouragement and guidance of her vivacious, flirtatious neighbor, Kori.

After Kori introduces her to a secret underground lesbian society, Daria participates in a series of ritualized games and initiations in a quest to become an elite member of the Lesbian Illuminati. Before the night is through, Daria comes face-to-face with the threat of not only her own destruction, but that of every other member of the secret society to which she is now bound.

Living on the Edge of Civilization

by James Nugent

A mile from Mud bay there is a “y” in the road. To the right Highway 101 begins a 326-mile loop. The loop goes some 326 miles around the circumference of the Olympic Peninsula and eventually returns to Mud Bay via the pacific coast and stretch of Highway 8.
To the left Highway 8 travels to the west and what the federal government has called, “The New Appalachia.” The area is from just west of Olympia out to the coast for a hundred miles of the loop. It also includes more of southwest Washington State. There is no official sign or line delineating “The New Appalachia.” However, when you leave mud bay there is a different natural environment and human culture.

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