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Farm Animals (Leveled Reading)

by Red Cat Reading

Want Your Children to Read with Confidence?

Your Kids Will Fall in Love with Easy Books by Red Cat Reading!

Start Reading in Minutes: Big, Easy to Read Letters & Pictures per Page

Listen & Repeat: Comes with Audio Pronunciation

FAST Progress with Guided Learning – Each Page Builds Upon the Last

Improve Reading Skills & Learn New Words

Improve Comprehension: From Understanding Simple Words to Full Sentences

1,000,000+ Books Downloaded & 1,000,000 Kids Reading!

Learn About The World: Animals, Food, Health, Nature, Arts, Recreation, etc. Perfect for Ages 3-7. From Pre-K to 3rd Grade

For Young Readers of All Levels: From 1-Word-a-Page Books to More Complex Books

Your kids will learn to read with fun, easy leveled books by Red Cat Reading. This is the fastest and easiest way to improve your children’s reading skills, page by page. With every book and our guided reading method, your kids will learn vocab plus improve comprehension and their ability to communicate, page by page.

This book is perfect for any parent that wants to get their children to learn to read.

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Shortcut To Ielts Writing: The Ultimate Guide To Immediately Increase Your Ielts Writing Scores


Shortcut To Ielts Writing – The Ultimate Guide To Immediately Increase Your Ielts Writing Scores!

-        Are you nervous about the coming IELTS writing academic test?

-        Do you expect to get the score you wished?

-        Would you like to learn how to get high scores in Task 1 and Task 2 writing?

If your answer is “yes” to these above questions, then this book is perfect for you.

This book contains proven formulas, tips and stratergies to help you achieve a high score in the IELTS Writing section (Academic). This book will also walk you through step-by-step on how to develop your well-organised answers for the Task 1 and Task 2; clearly explains the different types of questions that are asked for Task 1 and Task 2; provide you step-by-step instructions about how to write each type of report and essay excellently.

As the author of this book, I believe that this IETLS guide book will be an indispensable reference and trusted guide for all students who want to maximize their score in IELTS academic writing. Take action today and start getting better scores tomorrow!

In this book you will learn:



-        Task 1 Writing Structure

-        Task 1 Band Scores And Marking Criteria

-        Task 1 Introductory Expressions

-        Vocabulary For The Introduction Part

-        Vocabulary To Show The Changes

-        Vocabulary To Represent Comparison In Graphs

-        Vocabulary To Write The Conclusion Part

-        Useful Time Expressions

-        Useful Expressions Of Measurement

-        Structures For Describing Trends

-        Structures For Writing Introduction

-        Overview Paragraph

-        Detail Paragraphs

-        Tables

-        Line Graph

-        Bar Chart

-        Pie Chart

-        Mixed Type (Line And Bar Chart)

-        Process Diagram

-        Map


-        Different Types Of Ielts Academic Task 2 Writing Tasks

-        Type 1:  Discussion

-        Type 2:  Argument (Opinion)

-        Partly Agree/ Disagree Template

-        Totally Agree/ Disagree Template

-        Outline For Advantage – Disadvantage Essays

-        Outline For Discussion Essay

-        Outline For Problem – Solution Essays

-        Task 2 Writing Type “2 Part Question”

-        Outline For Opinion Essay (Agree/Disagree)

-        Discuss + Opinion


-        Vocabulary For The Opinion Part

-        Vocabulary To Show Comparison

-        Vocabulary To Show Consequence, Effects Or Result

-        Other Transitional Words / Connective Words

-        Vocabulary For The Conclusion Part

-        Vocabulary For Generalising A Statement

-        Vocabulary For Expressing Condition

-        Vocabulary For Expressing Agreement

-        Vocabulary For Expressing Disagreement

-        Vocabulary For Expressing Partial Agreement

-        Vocabulary For Expressing Certainty

-        Vocabulary For Adding Further Information

-        Vocabulary For Presenting Time Or Sequence

-        Useful Words To Show Relations

-        Useful Words For Classification

-        Useful Words For Definition


-        And Much Much More!


Don’t delay any more seconds, scroll back up, DOWNLOAD your copy TODAY and start getting the highest score in IELTS academic writing tomorrow!

Hack the FSOT: Biographic Questionnaire Edition

by L. W. Wilson

An unprofessional guide to understanding, preparing for, and passing the Biographic Section of the Foreign Service Officer Test.

A Beauty Contest for Men: What Country Am I?

by MC Paquin


Have fun gueesing what country you’re in.

The “What Country Am I?” series of books gives you personal and fun hints about 10 countries, and then asks you “What Country Am I?”


Which country would you be visiting if you were staying in a hotel made of ice? If you saw wrestlers covered in olive oil, what country would you be in? And where in the world do people say, “I like you. Have a chicken!” Read A Beauty Contest for Men to find out. Other fun titles in the “What Country Am I?” series are Possums in the Attic and Look a Gorilla in the Eye.


Check out our “What Should I Do?” series of 9 books, which let you pretend for five minutes that you are various famous people from the past.

“My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.” (William Wordsworth, poet, 1802)

Pooka Shows His Stuff (Bimi and Bentley disABILITY Book 3)

by Jo-Elyn Hand

The Bimi and Bentley disABILITY Series is the inspiration of author and illustrator Jo-Elyn Hand.

She mixes pen, brush and whimsy with a dash of poignancy. In doing so she has created a refreshing and realistic library of “children with disABILITY” tales.

Woven into the storyline of each is the cornerstone theme of “disABILITY”. Like the word suggests, children, given the proper care, love and encouragement, have the ability to overcome the most serious of health challenges. Thus proving to themselves and those around them that miracles can happen.

Look a Gorilla in the Eye: What Country Am I?

by MC Paquin


Have fun guessing what country you’re in.

The “What Country Am I?” series of books gives you personal and fun hints about 10 countries, and then asks you “What Country Am I?”


Which country would you be visiting if you saw a mountain where 1500 monks live? If you saw people eating rolexes, what country would you be in? And where in the world would you have a business meeting in a sauna? Read Look a Gorilla in the Eye to find out. Other fun titles in the “What Country Am I?” series are A Beauty Contest for Men and Possums in the Attic.


Check out our “What Should I Do?” series of 9 books, which let you pretend for five minutes that you are various famous people from the past.

“I am a citizen of the world.” (Laertius Diogenes, 4th century BC)

Textbook Money Savings: 10 Simple Ways (Thriving in School 3)

by Shea Hasenauer

Are you a new (or current) college student faced with paying high textbook prices?
This eBook provides 10 straightforward techniques to consistently save money on textbooks throughout college. It focuses on clarifying with professors exactly what books and editions are required, exploring ways to obtain books without having to purchase them, and purchasing and reselling books with online retailers.

This book is great for new (or current) students who think their main choices are to either buy books new or at bookstore prices.

After paying $800 on textbooks his first semester of college, the author paid about $300 the last seven semesters combined.

(Customer reviews below are greatly appreciated.)

Organize your Day + OneNote GTD Two in One Bundle!: Book 1: Learn How to Organize your Day, Declutter your Life and Become Productive + Book 2: The Ultimate Guide on How to Use OneNote for GTD

by Marian Williams

Book 1 – Organize Your Day

The Ultimate Productivity and Organization Guide: Master Time Management Skills, Learn How to Organize your Day, Declutter your Life and Become Productive to Get Things Done (GTD)!

This book is The Ultimate Productivity Organization Guide. Its aim is to bring the user to the understanding of time and its management therefore helping them effectively manage their time to increase their daily productivity. It is focused on helping you as the reader organize your day and manage your time. It will enable the readers understand the areas they go wrong when it comes to using their time. It will further show the reader the various home and work processes and conditions that make it impossible for them to manage their time therefore giving them ideas on how they can declutter their offices and homes which eventually paves way for a smoother day with enough time for every important thing that needs to be done. The book will provide valuable tips on how they can keep track of their time, prioritize to-do things and manage to perform them with ease and satisfactorily. The book is going to cover the following time management topics:-

– Organize your home, Organize your day

– The Month-Down-To-Day Plan

– Organizing a Particular Day

– Prioritize, Sort, execute; 23 Time Management Tips

– Three effective steps that get things done on time

Book 2 – OneNote

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Getting Things Done

OneNote is your notebook for capturing what is important in life. Is it not better to have an app where you can write and take down notes or even create a to-do list than carry a book with you everywhere you go? OneNote is the best Microsoft program that you can use. If you have ignored digital note taking app because you think it is just more software that will take up your disk space then it is time to reconsider. Microsoft have made it possible for OneNote to be downloaded everywhere Mac, iOS, iPad, Android, chrome, and of course windows. Keep reading to know more about creating a paperless life with OneNote.

In this book, we are going to talk about

– What is Microsoft OneNote all about?

– Making use of OneNote

– Some shortcuts that you can use in OneNote

– Tips using OneNote

OneNote for Windows has six Ribbon tabs

– Home,

– Insert,

– Draw,

– History,

– Review and

– View

Each of this ribbons gives you access to plenty of features. The Home Tab allows you to format text, add tags, mark items as important and more. The Insert tab has tools for inserting objects into your notes, including spreadsheets, date and time, pictures, audio and video you can record, equations and symbols. The Drawing tab has the usual drawing tools, while History offers you the chance to collaborate with others, so that you can find other users recent edits and comments, and so on. Review includes familiar Office features including a spell checker, a thesaurus, word count and a translation tool. And Finally, View has plenty of ways to change the appearance of your notebooks and their pages, such as adding lines, changing their size, changing the colors and so on. And all this makes OneNote unique compare to other apps like Evernote.

Choosing Classes: 8 Keys (Thriving in School Book 4)

by Shea T. Hasenauer

Just as friends can often “make or break” a college experience so too can class selection. This eBook contains keys for selecting college classes. Intentionality in the process goes far in learning all that you are meant to throughout college and being an informed consumer in light of the tuition money you pay.

This eBook has two main parts which focus on investigating the courses you should take and actually selecting them. It should help new students intentionally plan their academic schedules and become active participants in their college education and intellectual formation.

IN PROCESS QUALITY CONTROL (IPQC): Learn Everythings In Pharmaceytical Manufacturing(Quality Assurance,Quality Control,Product Development)

by Al Mamun

What is IPQC?


It stands for in-process quality control tests.These tests are essential to develop good quality products with consistent performance. These tests are varied from dosage form to dosage form. Generally they are of in-house specifications framed by the concerned manufacturers based on their experience.

Documentation Review – We review your work instructions, visual aids, and standards to make sure the production operators have the right instructions.

Process Review – if the step-by-step assembly process is inefficient or prone to allowing mistakes, we recommend improvements.

Documentation Control – “The guy that knew how to do that isn’t here any more.” Make sure procedures, work instructions, standards, and training guides are kept up-to-date.

Training – if the factory inspectors are insufficiently trained, we will get them up to speed.

First-Article Inspection – One of the most carefully controlled Engineering and Quality Assurance steps which is frequently overlooked by managers trying to rush into production.

Real-time Corrective Action Implementation – Problem solving rather than problem reporting. If there is a problem on the line, we trace it down to the source and fix it, then document it.

Most problems happen in the production process. Some processes are more manual, others more automated, but mistakes happen. Some occur due to negligence or ambivalence, some are design and material related, others are unforeseeable. If there are problems, finished goods inspection is too late – additional cost is borne by the manufacturer and shipment schedules are at risk.

Some factories just need professional help. They meet your price point, but it does come at a cost. We support the manufacturing process by having our inspectors on-site at the quality control steps in the assembly process to stop problems before they make it into finished goods and to back-track the problem for corrective action.

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QUEEN LIKE ME: The True Story of Girls who Changed the World

QUEEN LIKE ME: THE TRUE STORY OF GIRLS WHO CHANGED THE WORLD is a vibrant and adventurous learning experience that invites readers to explore the courageous and dazzling stories of 15 authentic women leaders of the past and present whose contributions to the world are captured in the form of rhyme! A dynamic array of women (including Queen Nefertiti, Coretta Scott King and First Lady Michelle Obama) are featured! With bold and majestic visuals, it’s terrifically fun and attractive and delivers quality content for teaching history, building self-esteem and developing leadership skills. Former Miss America Ericka Dunlap says, “it profoundly illustrates the direct correlation between strong queens of the past… with our present potential to achieve greatness.” QUEEN LIKE ME belongs in the libraries of families and schools interested in creating enjoyable avenues to education, providing multicultural exposure and nurturing successful children.

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