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Dead Moon: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

by Matthew James

My name is Frank Moon, and I used to be a detective with the NYPD. I say ‘used to’ because, ever since the demon, Abaddon, came for a visit, nothing’s been the same.

Okay, so technically it wasn’t the fallen angel himself that arrived in Manhattan. It was actually a meteor, and due to its blood-red coloration, the description stuck. Almost immediately after â??Abaddon’ arrived something horrifying happened. People started changing, turning into the things of nightmares right before my eyes. Some were my friends. Some neighbors. Some were just people passing through. Either way, they didn’t deserve that fate. No one did.

Now, I only care about one thingâ?¦
Finding my wife and getting the hell off this island alive.


“Matthew James is electrifying!”
–Rick Chesler, Bestselling author of HOTEL MEGALODON

“Once you begin, you’ll be bitten by the virus of his imagination!”

“If you like thrills, chills, and nonstop action, then Matthew James may just be your next favorite author!”
–John Sneeden, Bestselling author of THE SIGNAL

“A talented new voice!”
–Richard Bard, Bestselling author of BRAINRUSH

The Emerald Duellist (Five Empires Book 2)

by Steven J Shelley

Five Empires have risen on the ashes of history.

Five dynasties determined to grow. To expand and colonize. To seize as many planets as they can find.

These civilizations will fight and kill for their people, their loved ones. Amid the chaos of war there are heroes and villains on all sides.

Who will win this deadly game of planets?

THE EMERALD DUELLIST is the second in an epic science fiction series.

Empire Profile 28

The Nostroma Meritocracy

The Nostroma are the most cryptic and enigmatic of the four primary species. Descended from humans, the Nostroma have, over the course of their evolution, been hunted and feared for their unique abilities. Possessed with an unusually active frontal lobe, the Nostroma are able to manipulate the emotions of others. Some races, notably the powerful Cava05, are particularly vulnerable to neural influence. For this reason the Nostroma are rarely successful in their attempts to settle in mixed communities. Indeed, their highly individualist tendencies have resulted in a fractured, dispersed society. The Nostroma have never developed a standing army, nor have they invested in advanced military technology. The Nostroma achieve political and military objectives through the deployment of tandems. Typically comprised of cybomancers and duellists, tandems are widely traveled and can be found in all corners of the galaxy. Cybomancers are highly skilled in the art of neural manipulation, whilst duellists invariably handle more conventional tasks. Widely believed to be the most insidious and lethal of military units, tandems are feared across the galaxy. The Nostroma also possess two of the modern wonders of the world, the Emerald Senate and Knowledge Archive, both of which are housed in the glorious Caravan of Light. The Archive is the most comprehensive repository of information the galaxy has ever known. This seat of Nostromic government is highly mobile and does not require a heavy military defense. As long as the Nostroma maintain their unique physiological advantages over other primary species, their outlook is solid. It is this editor’s opinion that the Cava05 will seek to align with the Nostroma rather than initiate a war with such an unpredictable enemy. From lepers to respected intellectuals, the Nostroma have arguably been the fastest developing race of the past millennium.

Nautica City

by Bobby Underwood

Nautica City is an idyllic beachfront town along the California coast during the 1960s. The laid-back lifestyle of surfing, fast cars, girls in bikinis and music leads Sheriff Jack Riker to believe he has the best job in the world. With no crime to speak of and a girl he’s just met on the beach who may be the love of his life, life couldn’t be sweeter. But then the owner of the Nautica Beach Gazette is murdered. With no official deputies in the small seaside town, Jack enlists the aid of locals Boogie, Davy, Mike and Cassie to help search for a supposedly dead hot-rodder. But Jack and the gang realize all too soon that what they are dealing with may not be of this world. Blending the California beach culture of the 1960s with sci-fi from the same era, Nautica City is a place where you’ll have such a good time, you’ll wish it were all real.

Stewards of the Flame (The Hidden Flame Book 1)

by Sylvia Engdahl

Crime is considered illness, untreated illness is crime; ambulance crews are the only police. Dead bodies stay on “life support” forever. Can anyone gain freedom?

When burned-out starship captain Jesse Sanders is seized by a dictatorial medical regime and detained on the colony planet Undine, he has no idea that he is about to be plunged into a bewildering new life that will involve ordeals and joys beyond anything he has ever imagined, as well as the love of a woman with powers that seem superhuman. Still less does he suspect that he must soon take responsibility for the lives of people he has come to care about and the preservation of their hopes for the future of humankind.

Winner of a bronze medal in the Independent ublisher (IPPY) Book Awards, this controversial novel deals with government-imposed health care, end-of-life issues, and the so-called paranormal powers of the human mind. Despite being set in the distant future on another world, it appeals not only to science fiction readers but to others who question the dominant medical philosophy of today’s society, or who value personal freedom of choice.

This is the first book of the Hidden Flame duology, and is followed by Promise of the Flame. They precede the Rising Flame duology, consisting of Defender of the Flame and Herald of the Flame, which is a separate story set two centuries later that can be read alone.

The Lovely Harbor: A Matt Ransom Mystery

by Bobby Underwood

Two years have passed since the shattering climax of The Gentle Tide. Matt and his wife LeAnn, blessed with a young daughter who has made them a family, are on the Amalfi Coast of Italy to attend a wedding. Earth is finally beginning to recover, and the future seems bright. Matt becomes fast friends with a backpacker from Mars he meets on the beach. She brings into his life a special light at exactly the right time. But when he discovers she is being watched, and then someone attempts to kidnap her, he knows he must keep this gentle soul from harm. Matt’s search for answers as to why someone would want to harm a penniless backpacker from Mars unearths dark family secrets affecting all mankind. The thrilling conclusion to perhaps the most romantic entry in this unique series, will bring about great changes in Matt’s life, and prove to him in the tenderest of ways that everyone is brought into your life for a reason.

Descent – The Complete Novel: A Story of Black Love In Apocalyptic Times

by Henrick Smith

I am a warrior of the Descent.
At night, I am visited by the Anointed Ones.
Garvey, Douglas, Malcolm X, Elijah, and others come and visit me in my home and speak with me.
They have enlightened me to the schemes of the European Colonialists
I am becoming wiser. I can hear their double speak. I can discern their wickedness.

I met Mother Africa at an art opening.
She goes by the name Mya…for reasons of personal security.
Sometimes, I think she tests me by acting as if she is not Mother Africa.
We make love daily.
Sometimes several times a day.

This is our story.

A Heartbeat from Tomorrow (Part 1)

by Dave Pierro

Professor Gene Schilling is a smart man. Smart enough to know most people are not going to believe his stories about the future. Mention time travel, then combine it with a discussion about advanced computer systems with superior artificial intelligence, and your audience has dwindled down to a few die-hard computer geeks who like science fiction.

But if you are smart, you adapt. You change your target audience to include more people. A lot more people. Meet Professor Gene Schilling, one of twelve contestants on a popular prime-time TV reality show with multiple 24/7 live feeds to the Internet. When the show ends in a couple of months one person will take home the $1,000,000 grand prize – but something more important has caught our attention. Now the whole world is watching Gene’s every move and analyzing every word he speaks. The debate over the value of openAI becomes a trending topic.

So how will the eleven other players in this game react to someone who claims to have access to some privileged knowledge about the future? The professor wants to share what he knows, but can he be believed? Is he telling the truth? Some would say the professor was ahead of his time; others, that he was the biggest con man alive.

But don’t take any sides until you have read the last chapter. There is a master plan beyond the singularity, and you are a part of that plan. The twists and turns found in the final chapter will have you thinking long after the last sentence is read.

The Night Train: A Novelette (The Strange Files of Modesty Brown Book 1)

by Evelyn Archer

In a place that isn’t there, between Beantown and the Big Apple. In a time that never existed, somewhere after the Flappers but before the Bobby Soxers, the Night Train gallops toward the broken beating heart of the neon-lit City. And between the Outskirts and the City, between her old life and a new one, Modesty Brown rides the Night Train, en route to her new job as typist for Jack Wonderly, Peculiar Detective.

The train is lousy with oddballs: palm-reading musicians, shape shifting low-lifes, bartenders with cryptic tattoos, and mysterious criminals behind closed doors. And in some peculiar way, they all seem to have a connection to the first file she received from Wonderly Investigations.

Equal parts cool noir and punk rock fairy tale, The Strange Files of Modesty Brown is a Decopunk Mystery, a short novelette where Red Riding Hood wears Sam Spade’s trilby hat AND a femme fatale’s lipstick.

Virus The Unknown (Season 1 of Dying Hope, Zombie Apocalypse:)

by Larry Finhouse

“When hope is busy dying, you should run and you should hide. But whatever you do, don’t pray for hope.”
– Season 1 of Dying Hope, Zombie Apocalypse

Kindle book description:

Brody had always wanted to live like the rich kids did, with their hot meals and shiny cell phones. Unfortunately, life had other plans for him and his sister Pippa. Struggling to pick up the pieces after their father’s mysterious death and coping with their mother’s drug use and her abominable new boyfriend, the children felt even more removed from hope. In this thrilling debut novella, Brody and Pippa are about to learn to rely on a completely different set of survival mechanisms â?? a set that would keep them alive while horror, a virus that slowly poisons the human brain, tears apart their small town. Amid the outbreak, tales of fright breed and people begin using the word zombie â?? something Brody, even though young, thinks is foolish.

The horror and fun begins here, Episode 1

Dove: A Zombie Tale (Byron: A Zombie Tale Book 2)

by Scott Wieczorek

Sabrina Dove makes her living exploring lost and forgotten places. Abandoned factories, ruined schools, and collapsed churches. Too bad she didn’t stop to watch the news. The zombie apocalypse arrived without her notice. Trapped in Philadelphia, Dove enlists the help of Byron Marks, a mysterious stranger, and his companions to rescue her aunt and get them to safety.

Dove: A Zombie Tale is the long-awaited sequel to 2013’s campy hit Byron: A Zombie Tale.

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