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50 Things To See With A Small Telescope

by John Read

People love this book! 50 Things to See with a Small Telescope details the go-to objects observed at public stargazing events all over the Northern Hemisphere. People of all ages frequently ask, “How did you find that so quickly?” Well, this book will explain just that! The planets in our solar system, the International Space Station, sunspots, birds, nebula, airplanes, and comets are just some of the items that his book will help you find!

If you have been having difficulties enjoying your small telescope, this book is for you. There is something interesting about pretty much everything in outer space and it is exciting how many pop-culture references are derived from things in the night sky! Viewing the stars referenced in Star Trek, or talking about a character in Harry Potter named after a constellation, is just another way to make stargazing that much more fun!

I am very excited to share my knowledge of astronomy and I am sure you will enjoy this book for years to come. By working through the 50 items in this book you will achieve a well-rounded understanding of amateur astronomy.

HOW TO BE HAPPY: How to Cure Insomnia Naturally (Finally Cure Insomnia The Natural Way) (Sleeplessness Anxiety Depression Good Night Sleep)

by L. S. Louvain

How to cure insomnia naturally?

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You are about to finally learn how to get rid of insomnia

If you suffer from restless and sleeplessness nights, you are suffering silently, frustrating long hours trying to get to sleep or worse, you get to sleep and awaken in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.

I have been in this situation from the longest time and I study many ways to get myself able to rest. There was so much at stake. My work, my relationships, my health and even my sexual performances were affected by the simple fact that I couldn’t rest properly.

If you suffered from insomnia, suffer no longer and let this book be a guide to your well-being.

Here Is What You’ll Learn…

  • What is insomnia and how to get rid of it
  • What are the symptoms and causes of insomnia
  • What underlying medical conditions may Trigger Insomnia
  • What are the Natural Means to Remedy Insomnia
  • How to finally get a good night of sleep and get over this disease
  • Much, much more!

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Finally get the rest you need and deserve

You are about to learn how to cure insomnia, restlessness and long sleepless nights so download this book now.

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Weight Loss: 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge – Eat More Food Lose More Weight – Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality (How to Lose, Weight Loss Tips, Women, Weight Loss Nutrition, Diet Plan)

by Allen Williams

Do you want to lose weight, but don’t know how to start? Have you ever tried to lose weight, but have thought about quitting after a failed attempt? Do you want to have a healthier life that makes it easier for you to complete your daily chores? Do you feel like your friends are living a better life than you as they are slimmer as well as fitter as compared to you? I am sure that for most of the people, the answer to all these questions of most of the people would be YES. You need to start a process that would not only help you have a better body but also a better lifestyle.

Allen spent a lot of time on testing and researching some new techniques to accomplish his health and fitness goals. This is the main reason you do not have to worry about their authentication. You can stay confident that these guidelines that you are going to learn actually work. If you are highly committed and take action upon these guidelines, then you’ll immediately start seeing result as well as improvement in your fitness level and health. I’m confident that with the information that you’ll learn here. So, it does not matter whether your goal is to build muscles, lose weight, raise your metabolism or increasing your strength and energy. After following all these instructions, you will surely get the required results. 

So are you ready to look and feel slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you ever have?

The book that you are about to read is simple. There are no meal plans in this book and it won’t urge you to pay a heavy membership fee of an expensive gym. After reading the book, you won’t only be able to live a healthy life but there will be sudden shift in your life and a high level of positivity will become a constant part of your life. After reading this book and working on the given tips, you would be able to lose your weight forever and it won’t come back to haunt your life.

Why Should You Buy and Read the Book?

  • It will tell you Why you need to lose weight beyond just trying to look good.
  • Discover how a quick weight loss can be a healthy weight loss.
  • How will you start the journey of losing the weight and how would you end it?
  • What kind of food items should you take in, in order to have a healthy life?
  • The kinds of exercises that are needed to be used to be in a good shape.
  • How would you be able to get rid of extra fat in just a month.
  • And much more..!!

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Cannabis: 15 Easiest Hacks to Grow Marijuana Plants at Home: (DIY Cannabis Exracts, Gardening, Cannabis, Cannabis Growing, Gardening Books, Botanical, … strains, indoor growing, cannabis dabbing)

by Micheal Adams

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Cannabis: (FREE Bonus Included)

15 Easiest Hacks to Grow Marijuana Plants at Home

Numerous species of Cannabis are commonly planted in multiple parts of the world. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the growing hacks of cannabis. This, this book is written in order to facilitate the user.

This book covers various aspects regarding Cannabis. The types of the plants along with their benefits are incorporated in the beginning. Afterwards, the tips to grow marijuana plants at home are also included in this book. Furthermore, the appropriate setup to grow marijuana is also included to facilitate the reader. Above all, the precautionary measures are also added to avoid any mishap.

This book incorporates the following chapters:

  • Types of Cannabis and Their Benefits.
  • 15 Easiest Hacks to Grow Marijuana Plants at Home.
  • Environment and Set up Required to Grow Marijuana Plants.
  • How to use Cannabis to improve your health?
  • Precautions to Use Cannabis.

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Zika Virus: Zika Virus Infection: Everything you need to know about Zika Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment (Microcephaly Symptoms, Treatment of Zika Virus, Prevention of Zika Virus)

by Jason Jackson

Zika Virus

Zika Virus Infection: Everything you need to know about Zika Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment (Microcephaly Symptoms, Treatment of Zika Virus, Prevention of Zika Virus)

The Zika virus was very uncommon, until recently. Zika virus has been in the news for a while now, especially this year. This has been due to the recent widespread infections in parts of America, mostly South America. This has led to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention issuing travel alerts to anyone who wishes to travel to exercise extra caution while travelling to these countries until the situation is contained. Well, probably this is how you came to find out about the existence of this virus, few people know about it. There are many reasons why people in South and Central America and some parts of North America are freaking out because of this virus. This leads us to the more frequent questions in so many people’s minds; this book will answer these questions in a brief but in an all you need to know way. The following chapters will be used to provide an in-depth analysis of this virus.

1.) Introduction to the Zika virus

2.) How is Zika virus transmitted?

3.) Common signs and symptoms of Zika virus infection

4.) Zika virus in pregnancy and children: microcephaly explained

5.) Is Zika virus preventable and treatable?

6.) Conclusion

This book will tackle all these topics so as to provide the reader the needed information on zika virus. In a small subtopic, we will also look at the countries where the virus is more prevalent and the main reason for the widespread of that virus in those regions. There is the common belief that it is only in knowing what you are dealing with that you can be able to defend yourself. I hope you will find this book very useful in your quest to know more about this virus.


by Robert Smith

We use inventions daily and enjoy their advantages. But what do we really know about their origins and history? This book provides details about inventions that have changed the world. From ancient inventions such as the wheel to modern inventions such as the internet. Brilliant pictures enhance descriptions of each invention.


This book serves to remind us all about important inventions that changed our life dramatically.

I like the authors choice too…. I can’t imagine being without the wheel, the car and the INTERNET!!

-Wayne Joe Evans

Great history. Very concise and informative. Robert Smith not only covers the scientific basics, but gives historical context and significance in a clean comprehensive thumbnail. If you are science fan – this book should be in your library

-Chris Martineau

This is a very interesting and fun to read book about the history of inventions that starts at the cusp of history and works it’s way through 10 millennia to the modern items we take for granted, but could not live without. Smith covers everything from the creation of alphabets, the discovery of music and farming, the invention of the wheel to modern inventions like the microchip, cell phones, and satellite communications. There is just so much enlightening information in here that I have already read it three times. This is great for history buffs or as a reference for students working on a history paper.

-Kevin Lintner

Nootropics: The Anxiety Edition: A Guide to the Cognitive Enhancers, Supplements, and Brain Drugs that Calm a Worried Mind (Nootropics: The Anxiety Addition)

by Leo Doran

Do you hate the feeling of Anxiety?

Think about all the times that your worried mind has caused you to clam up in social situations. Anxiety can be debilitating at times. There is little worse than wanting to enjoy the moment, but feeling unable to because of your racing thoughts.

Has worry and fear gotten the best of you more than once?

Its time to start taking action.

This book goes into detail about Nootropics that have been researched and studied to help people with there Anxiety. It will help anyone that is looking for new ways to calm their worried mind.

There is so much information on this topic it can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are the type of person that bases your decisions of facts rather than anecdotal evidence.

Inside you will discover effective nootropics for anxiety such as


Fish Oil


Many Many More

Plus research and clinical trials that prove their effectiveness

The goal of this book is to inform and educate you about the Nootropics that I have researched and studied that have shown positive effects on subduing minor anxiousness.

Are you ready to take control? Learn everything you need to know in the new book Nootropics: The Anxiety Edition!

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