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The Earls of Mercia Books 1 and 2 including Swein

by M J Porter

Ealdorman – The Earls of Mercia Book 1

England: The Second Viking Age

United doesn’t mean together.

Five ealdormen bestride King Aethelred II’s Witan offering wise counsel whilst serving their king as his representative in the old Saxon kingdoms, united now for nearly fifty years.

Leofwine, newly created ealdorman of the Hwicce, is chosen to represent his king on a vitally important diplomatic mission escorting Olaf Tryggvason back to Norway after the peace accord of 994. When tragedy befalls him on the journey north he must fight for his survival and hold his own amongst men who call him friend but see him as a threat, and in the process make for himself an enemy, King Swein of Denmark, and an ally, Olaf Tryggvason, men who might help or hinder him in his endeavours to make the English king a strong man, a man to be feared, a man in the likeness of his great, great, great grandfather, King Alfred.

Leofwine: wily diplomat or pandered invalid? As the Viking raiders grow ever more determined to take what’s not theirs, forming alliances with the Norman Dukes and the Irish Kings, can Leofwine navigate the twisted paths of loyalty and self-interest to enable his king to fight for glory and self-respect? To stop the resurgence of the Viking menace before it costs England the lives of more of her men, before it costs England even more of her silver and coin?

Ealdorman is the first novel in the epic Earls of Mercia series, charting the final century of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom from 994-1071 through the eyes of the magnificent House of Leofwine, the only family to maintain their position for such a long period of time, outlasting even the mighty House of Godwine, akin only to the long ruling family of the House of Wessex. Find out how it all began in Book 1, Ealdorman.

Ealdormen – The Earls of Mercia Book 2

England: The Second Viking Age

United doesn’t mean together.

Leofwine, Ealdorman of the Hwicce, has proved himself in battle and won the support of his King, Aethelred II, but the specter of Swein of Denmark, the man who partially blinded him five years before, has suddenly become a harrowing reality.

As the Viking raids intensify, conflict at the King’s Witan and amongst his Councilors grows and Leofwine finds himself still treading a difficult path between loyalty and the twisted self-interests of the men the king surrounds himself with.

Can Leofwine weather more storms and grow his own power base, or will his king, once and for all, lose patience with his broken Ealdorman?

Swein, the Danish King – An Earls of Mercia Novella

Before his encounter with Ealdorman Leofwine on his fateful trip to Shetland, King Swein first had to wrestle Denmark from his father’s kingship and make his own name as a warrior of great renown.

This side story to the Earls of Mercia series tells of the early years of King Swein’s reign, his first raid on England, his encounter with Ealdorman Leofwine and his quest to once and for all negate the influence of Olaf of Norway, culminating in the mighty sea battle of Svolder in 999.

Swein, the Danish King is a companion novella to the epic Earls of Mercia series and should perhaps be read following Ealdormen, book 2 of the Earls of Mercia series.

Fatima Al Hassan-The Black Widow

by Captain Chris Felton

On a visit to a fashion show in Malaysia Davids group encounter Fatima Al Hassan, The Black Widow she had bombed the show and killed his four friends. He sets out to bring her to justice and gets drawn into a bloody conflict throughout the middle east, he discovers just how cruel and ruthless she really is This book will grip you as its full of tension and subterfuge. I hope the reader enjoys it. Novels should be evocative and thought provoking. Terrorism is an obscene act and all terrorists should be exterminated like the vermin they are. I make no excuse for the violence contained in this novel, it is unfortunately a fact of life.

Ghost Haunt

by ipam

Third e-book of the Royal Wars…

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