Free world literature Kindle books for 12 Aug 16

The Vision

by Sunanda J Chatterjee

“You have been given a gift! Use it!” the guru said.

All Divya wants is to become a great pathologist and save lives, something she must do to redeem herself for a childhood blunder. But when her wish for a “good eye” comes true, she starts getting visions of the future. Terrified of her predicament, Divya wonders if the guru is right or if she’s losing her mind. 

Her estranged lover Krish follows her to Los Angeles, complicating her life as she struggles with her new-found ability. Krish claims he has only ever loved Divya. Then who is the woman Divya keeps seeing in her visions?

As premonition and truth begin to blend, Divya struggles to retain her sanity. Krish warns her that playing with the future distorts cosmic balance and could eventually hurt her. But Divya plunges headlong into what she believes is her duty, helping those she can with her visions.

But will her gift become her nemesis? Will she ever find redemption, or will the attempts consume her?

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