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Relaxing Insects: 30 Fun and Stress-Relieving Designs for Meditation and Imagination Boosts (Stress-Relief & Creativity)

by Susan Rice

Coloring books aren’t a new trend, but their increasing popularity may have you asking what on Earth is going on. While you may be tempted to think that this is a fast passing fad, you may be surprised to know that there are a vast number of benefits to be had from joining in on the adult coloring book trend.

Our exclusive book shares just about everything you ever wanted to know about this budding craze. In addition to learning more about the benefits of coloring, you will find unique and creative pages so that you can try your hand at this new hobby!

Whether you are looking to understand the coloring “fad” or whether you are looking to understand just why you love this new trend so much, this book explains it all!

Forget the books that contain generic coloring designs and a paragraph about the benefits of coloring, this book delves into it all!

Inside you will find plenty of amazing patterns as well as explanation of some of the benefits of coloring including:

The increase of sociability

A reduction of stress and anxiety

An increase in focus

An increase in fine motor skills

After getting started on these unique patterns, you will find yourself spending more and more time enjoying the benefits of coloring!

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Mandala Animals (Volume 1): Animal Mandala Designs and Stress Relieving Patterns for Anger Release, Adult Relaxation, and Zen

by Jade Summer

Enjoy 25 highly-detailed “Mandala Animals” designed to relieve stress and aid relaxation.

This book is non-interactive and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone product. If you enjoy adult coloring books, please consider purchasing the print version.

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The Brown Phoenix: An Erotic Dialogue from The Indies

by Sirijs Karu”

By Amazon’s formula, Aug 6 2012, this book hit #1 in the Erotica category of Amazon US & UK. An extraordinary book created from 10 years of a couple’s private correspondence about their relationship and themselves. Beautiful, erotic, intense and relentlessly honest. It has the impact of something many times its short length.

If a naive Khalil Gibran had written explicitly, it might have read like this book. It is a small masterpiece of poetry and prose in short excerpts.
The book is as much a piece of near great Art as it is a lesson in the workings of the human psyche and its sexuality. It can be read on several levels; erotic, purely sexual, academic or all three; like this couple handles itself. It is a certainty that the universe planned the meeting of these two souls, however their story fulfills its destiny.

We are privileged to be able to read it.

Par la formule de l’Amazone, le 6 août 2012, ce succès de livre #1 dans la catégorie d’Art érotique d’Amazone Etats-Unis & Royaume-Uni. Un livre extraordinaire créé à partir de 10 ans de la correspondance privée d’un couple au sujet de leur relation et eux-mêmes. Belle, érotique, intense et sans relâche honnête. Il a été l’impact de quelque chose de nombreuses fois sa longueur courte.

Si un naïf Khalil Gibran avait écrit explicitement, il aurait pu se lire comme ce livre. Il s’agit d’un petit chef-d’Å?uvre de poésie et de prose dans de courts extraits.
Le livre est autant une oeuvre d’art très près car il est une leçon dans le fonctionnement de la psyché humaine et de sa sexualité. Il peut être lu à plusieurs niveaux; érotique, purement sexuel, académique ou tous les trois; comme ce couple gère lui-même. C’est une certitude que l’univers de la réunion prévue de ces deux âmes, mais leur histoire remplit son destin.

Nous sommes privilégiés d’être en mesure de le lire.

Durch die Formel von Amazonas am 6. Aug 2012, dieser Buchschlag #1 in der Erotika Kategorie von Amazonas USA & Vereinigtem Königreich. Ein au�ergewöhnliches Buch, aus 10 Jahren eines Paares private Korrespondenz über ihre Beziehung und selbst erstellt. Schön, erotisch, intensiv und schonungslos ehrlich. Es hat die Auswirkungen von etwas oft seiner kurzen Länge.

Wenn ein naiver Khalil Gibran ausdrücklich geschrieben hatte, könnte es wie dieses Buch gelesen haben. Es ist ein kleines Meisterwerk der Poesie und Prosa in kurzen Auszügen.
Das Buch ist ebenso ein Stück in der Nähe gro�er Kunst, wie es eine Lektion in die Funktionsweise der menschlichen Psyche und ihrer Sexualität ist. Es kann auf verschiedenen Ebenen gelesen werden; erotisch, rein sexuelle, akademische oder alle drei, wie dieses Paar Griffe selber. Es ist eine Gewissheit, dass das Universum das Zusammentreffen dieser beiden Seelen geplant, aber ihre Geschichte erfüllt seine Bestimmung.

Wir sind privilegiert, in der Lage sein, es zu lesen.
Por la fórmula de Amazonas, el 6 de agosto 2012, este éxito de libro #1 en la categoría de Literatura Erótica de Amazonas EEUU & RU. Un libro extraordinario creó de 10 años de una correspondencia privada de la pareja acerca de su relación y acerca de sí mismos. Hermoso, erótico, intenso y sin descanso honesto. Tiene el impacto de algo muchas veces su longitud corta. Si un ingenuo Khalil Gibran había escrito explícitamente, quizás había leído como este libro. Es una pequeña obra maestra de poesía y prosa en extractos cortos. El libro es tanto un pedazo de cerca de gran Arte como es una lección en el trabajo de la psique humana y su sexualidad. Puede ser leído en varios niveles; erótico, estrictamente sexual, académico o todo tres; como esta pareja se maneja. Es una certeza que el universo planeó la reunión de estas dos almas, comoquiera su historia cumpla su destino.

Somos privilegiados para poder leerlo.

Strangeville Part 2

by Kenneth Tingle

Need a good laugh? Strangeville is a different kind of story that draws the reader in and keeps them wondering what will happen next. The story is a dark comedy about a suicidal young man named John Campbell who, after a failed suicide attempt, heads to Virginia to visit an aunt he hasn’t seen in ten years. But his rental car runs out of gas deep in the mountains. When he decides to walk in the middle of the night, he winds up in a town that is isolated from the rest of the worldâ??Strangeville. Unable to leave, he meets an assortment of loveable oddball charactersâ??the beautiful Delilah, Klemm Johnson, Clarissa Puddworthy, Biff Flannigan, Jeboriah Varmint, Cleetus McChoparooski, and others.
So if you want a different kind of reading experience, and you’re tired of the same old cookie-cutter writing, check out Strangeville . Readers love it!

About the Author:
Kenneth Tingle is the author of The Girl in the Italian Bakery, a memoir that has been read all across the world and spent a week in the Kindle Top 100. Ken is a former U.S. Marine and has spent the last seventeen years as a registered nurse. He enjoys spending time with wife, Kathy, son, Ken Jr., and daughter, Nicole.

Digital Photography: 23 Pro Tips to Dramatic Digital Photos (Digital Photography, digital photography for dummies, digital photography book)

by Robert Brown

The digital revolution has affected every area of our lives and photography is no exception. It’s claimed that today anybody can create great, dramatic digital images with little or no effort. However, this claim ignores the fact that art, skill, talent and sheer hard work are all still required to become a great photographer. If you’ve ever wondered why your images lack that certain something, despite using high quality digital technology, then this book is for you!

The book covers not only technical tips and tricks to get you taking great photos and creating dramatic images, but also the “secret” ingredients required to capture images that will stun – and even sell. Packed with practical information and advice, the book covers all the main aspects of photography plus also takes a look at the key creative skills and practices that can transform your images from “just another digital snap” to high quality professional images.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The types of digital camera – and how to choose the right one for you
  • The basic tips of using exposure to your advantage
  • The rules of composition and why you need to use them
  • When and when not use zoom lenses and how to make the most of them
  • Creating stunning shots from new angles
  • Insider creative tips and tricks for working in the “digital darkroom”

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Photography for Beginners: DSLR Photography Crush Course:Discover Secrets on How You Can Get Visually Stunning Images Using Your DSLR (Photography, Digital … Portrait, Landscape, Photoshop)

by Olivia May

Photography for Beginners

DSLR Photography Crush Course:Discover Secrets on How You Can Get Visually Stunning Images Using Your DSLR (Photography, Digital Photography, Portrait, Landscape, Photoshop)

Do you want to start a new hobby in photography? Did you just buy a DSLR camera? Or, have you had a DSLR camera for some time now but you want to know more? Maybe you even have tried your hand at photography but want to deepen your knowledge on the topic and take better pictures? If so, then this book can help you!

Photography his one of the most popular hobbies out there but also one that takes expertise and the right forms of education to do it well. Furthermore, photography with a DSLR camera is even more complex, with more options and even more opportunity! With your DSLR and an eagerness to make photography your next hobby, you have so many opportunities for amazing pictures and lots of fun taking them!

However, adding photography to your list of hobbies and getting that perfect shot can, at the beginning, seem overwhelming and frustrating. There are so many things to consider! Lighting, the settings on your camera, the correct focus and the right framing techniques. Furthermore, there are just so many options on a DSLR camera that you might not know where to begin! That’s okay! This book is written with your worries as best interested in mind! This book will not only educate you on how to use a DSLR camera and take the very best pictures you can but also relive any stress you may be feeling about the topic! This book includes:

-An introduction to DSLR cameras and a simple explanation to what they are

-Information on the different settings of a DSLR camera and how they work

-Information on how lighting affects your our pictures and camera

-Helpful suggestions on focusing your camera no how this will impact your pictures

-Different framing techniques

-Information on different types of pictures (such as landscape, portrait, etc.) and how to go about getting the best shot of each different type

-Tips and tricks along the way to make your pictures the very best they can be!

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