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The Call: Scamming a Nation

by Quoleena Sbrocca

Emotionally and mentally violated: this is how I felt for days after falling victim to the IRS phone scam. Their ability to manipulate and say the right things at the right time is like a study in human psychology. The scammers always seemed to know when to speak and when to shut up. They knew when to talk nonstop to convince me, not allowing me any time to think or consider what was happening. They knew when they had me. They had their sucker, and all they had to do was let me drown myself in fabricated fear. They must have cheered as it forced my hand and guided my steps toward financial downfall.

Fear defeats logicâ??at least it did for me.

The bane of this is that old thing called hindsight. It can’t exist in the moment. It’s all so clear and so obvious now. Sometimes they made lucky guesses. Other times I gave them clues about how to handle me. The thought sickens me. Every time they would stumble; every time they would speak faster because maybe I was on the verge of figuring it out; every time they commended me for my cooperation: it was all an act, and I fell for it.

I began writing this story two days after the incident and finished the first draft exactly one week later. I hope that by sharing my experience, it won’t have to be a matter of hindsight for someone else. I hope to help someone else know they can hang up the phone.

I hope.

The scammers can’t rob me of that.

HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS: Dirt, Gossip, Romance, Heartbreak, Biographies and True Stories. The Top Celebrity News Of 2015

by Gina Ford

Get The Book That Gives A Summary Of The Top Hollywood Stories and Celebrity News From 2015

Many of us know that we like to read about Hollywood Gossip, Scandals, Celebrity Books, etc. However, when that celebrity gossip gets verified… confirmed… proven to be true… and it makes the leap to The Evening News, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, etc. It then becomes a very big Celebrity Story. It becomes a Hollywood Scandal.

This kindle book is a collection of Celebrity Scandals, Hollywood Stories, Hollywood Romances, Hollywood Heartbreak, etc. These were the most talked about Celebrity News Stories of 2015.

We also know there has always been a fascination with Hollywood and celebrities. Which is why I have also included their photo along with the Celebrity Biography.

Celebrity Hook Ups, Break Ups, Caught On Tape, Arrested, Even Celebrities Charged With Murder, This Book Includes Celebrity Stories with:

* Justin Bieber

* Blake Shelton

* Will Smith

* Ariana Grande

* Khloe Kardashian

* John Stamos

* Nicki Minaj

* Bill Cosby

* Adele

* Donald Trump

* Charlie Sheen

* And Much More

There is not another Celebrity Book exactly like this in the entire Kindle store. It is not intended to be a Pulitzer Prize Novel. It was create strictly as an Entertainment Read.

It is your trip down memory lane. Your personal Hollywood Reporter. Some stories you will undoubtedly remember. Some you may have forgotten about. It includes the Celebrity Bio. Plus, when available, I also include links to videos.

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From cradle to grave: Children who Murder (Ready Research Book 2)

by Mindy M. Shelton

***PLEASE NOTE – This is a textbook and will not download to all devices. Under this description area is a drop down menu for ‘available on these devices’. Please make sure your device is listed before purchasing. Thank you *** Whether you are a true crime reader, or a criminal justice student, this Research is Ready for you. In Children who Murder, you’ll read about thirty-three people who have either admitted guilt and are pending sentencing–or already tried and convicted. Not included is anyone who was acquitted of committing a crime. However, I did include people over 18 years of age. These are not just teenagers who killed their parent(s), they are children of the victims.

Children who Murder.

Also, after the last chapter, you’ll see the data sorted in multiple ways. The same thirty-three people that are in this book and resorted them to include new lists. The first is by dates of murder(s); the next by geographical location where the crime(s) occurred; and the last is grouped by weapon(s) of choice.

Resources are included within each topic area, whether they were used as a resource, or not. The sources used are specifically cited, but there are a few extra resources listed so you have more information at your fingertips should you decide to read further on any particular case. There are at least four resources per case.

Books in the Ready Research Series:

Volume I: Mommies who Murder

Volume II: Children who Murder

Volume III: Serial Murderers

Volume IV: Siblings who Murder

Volume V: Spouses who Murder

Always Ready: Coast Guard Sea Stories From the 1970’s

by Mark Holmes

Always Ready – Coast Guard Sea Stories from the 1970’s chronicles the experiences and adventures of the author during his eight years of service in the U.S. Coast Guard. In his book, author Mark Holmes recounts fact-based tales of rescues at sea, liberty calls by energetic crew members, rowdy behavior and some raunchy antics by his shipmates, all with a unique perspective on the Coast Guard during the evolving 1970’s. You’ll read about life during boot camp, a daring rescue in mountainous seas, a miraculous recovery of a man overboard, and the inner struggles and successes of Mr. Holmes during the course of his two enlistments. Some dates and the some names of people, places, and institutions have been fictionalized, but the stories themselves are true.

Adoption saved my life: An inspiring story of success

by Dominic Munafo

This is an inspiring story of triumph over adversity and the success of a desire to help others…in Dominic’s own words. “There were plenty of ups and downs in my journey through life, from being a child with no family, to now being a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist – and this book lays them all before you. Through telling my story, showing you everything – complete transparency – I hope to inspire you, and show you that you, too, are worthy of greatness.
My story will show you that I am nowhere close to perfect, but that I took each situation and learned from it, in order to build a better me, and achieve wonderful things as a result.
My wish is for you, also, to build a better you and strive for greatness. If you have a dream, then chase it, and if you have a gift, then give it.
Let us all hear your voice.” Here’s what Vanna White had to say about Dominic’s story.
“I just finished reading your book. Firstly, it was great getting to know your family history and where you came from. Secondly, I am so proud of you for all the good you do in this world and what a positive attitude you have towards it all. Your book was very inspirational and touching. Even though it’s titled “Adoption Saved My Life”, it’s for everyone out there that is following a dream. Your dreams CAN come true! You are living proof! Great job Dominic! Love, Vanna”
– Vanna White – Television Personality

Depression, Drugs, & the Bottomless Pit: How I found my light amid the dark: (Depression, Anxiety, Drug addiction) (Depression, Anxiety, Drug addiction, Family therapy, Natural, Cure, Help)

by C.K. Murray

The Pit is Dark, Forever Dark

Because depression is never what it seems…

For some of us, the darkness encroaches slowly, slipping through the cellar door in silence–anxiety’s shadow. For others, the pain is all too real, and all too fast. And like a black hole, our depression envelopes us all at once before we’re gone. The people who love of us most, the ones who want to help, are left clueless. Many of them, never even know.

Is this natural? Is there a cure?

With depression and drugs, there is always pain. Without help, without professional therapy or family therapy, overcoming depression and anxiety is nearly impossible. And as that drug addiction deepens, the dark can only grow. Pain begets addiction and addiction begets pain, and in the end, as we rot amid that deathly anguish–dark and dying–we have but two choices…

Succumb to our demons, or Rise from the ashes.

Will you choose the light?

Depression, Drugs, & the Bottomless Pit: How I found my light amid the dark is part drug memoir, part help for alcoholics, part substance abuse counseling. It is a resource that asks us all to look deeper than what meets the eye. With the right questions, the right concerns, and the proper attention to detail, any person can probe the depths. And once that light shines through the dark, there is no telling what we’ll find…

Keywords: personal drug memoirs, stories of drug addiction, personal help for addicts, help for alcoholics,depression and drugs, substance abuse counseling, overcoming depression and anxiety

The Luxury of Dreams: An Autobiography

by Mark Automaton

Mark Automaton came to prominence as a founding member of the seminal “cassette culture” band the Instant Automatons, who were instrumental in spearheading the UK DIY music scene of the late 70s and early 80s. In “The Luxury of Dreams”, we learn the fascinating story not only of the Automatons, but of Mark’s extraordinary creative career spanning forty eventful years. This remarkable and candid memoir gives an unprecedented insight into how an unlikely amateur from the wilds of Lincolnshire became part of a movement that changed music.
Infused with Mark’s laconic wit and dry humour, this is an enlightening, vibrant and relentlessly honest account of a charismatic cultural commentator and the irresistible urge to create that drives him.

About the Author
Mark Lancaster was born in a small village in Lincolnshire and now lives in a small town in Scotland.
For the past forty years, he has led a double life as Mark Automaton; founding member of the Instant Automatons, songwriter, musical collaborator, producer and occasional live performer.
This is his first book and also, probably, his last.

On Time With Time: The Memoirs of George Hopkins

by George Hopkins

On time with time is a book of memoirs from George Hopkins; a man that was considered irreconcilable, irredeemable and to some a menace to society. It is the introspective views of a man that made a way when there was no way available. “People fear what they do not understand, and being that change is misunderstood, I shied away from it until I landed amongst the “Walking Dead.” For a while, I had no idea who I was, and it took some time to shed this façade for me to see that I did have a choice in the matter. Once I found that out I chose to change; for the betterment of myself and of others.”
-George Hopkins

Murdered Twice

by Linda Gerald

The Forgotten Coast of Florida contains the most beautiful beaches in the world. It also hides a secret. A viscous murder causes the area to lock doors; staying inside away from the glory of nature. Delicious Tupelo honey, the most desirable of the golden nectars, silently gathers in hives. Locals collect it lovingly as did ancestors before. Gulf County Detective, Sue Gibbs, also gathers something of worth. Slowly, she chips at family and friends as she gathers information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator. Even the revered ladies of the Panhandle Patriots, who know well secrets of the area, are not beyond scrutiny. These special ladies silently discover mysteries on yellowing sheets of crumbled paper from earlier generations. Detective Gibbs will find the killer regardless of consequences. This case will cause discussion for future residents. All of this waits for discovery on the Forgotten Coast.

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