Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 13 Aug 16

Excel Conditional Formatting: Tips You Can Use Immediately To Make Your Data Stand Out (Data Analysis With Excel Book 3)

by Scott Hartshorn

Conditional formatting is very useful for many different functions. You can use it to spot trends in data, make outliers visible, or make intuitive tables. Conditional formatting allows you do to all the formats that you would want to do if you could manually go through and examine all your data, but that you typically don’t have time for. This book walks you through how to set up different types of conditional formatting in Excel, including applying it to a full table of numbers, or just targeting specific cells.

Excel Random Numbers: Quickly & Easily Generate and Use Random Numbers (Data Analysis With Excel Book 2)

by Scott Hartshorn

Random numbers have a lot of useful and fun properties. Not the least of which is that if you run into a problem that is too hard for a closed form solution, simulating it with random numbers is almost always easier. Excel has a fairly easy to use pseudo-random number generator. Coupled with Excel’s other good functions, it is very useful for generating a moderate quantity of random numbers for small to medium simulations. This book walks you through how to generate random numbers in Excel, and some variations you can use them for such as sorting, or making a normal distribution.

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