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Buggered at the Battle of San Sebastian

by Samuel Roberts

Drunken adventures at the Siege of San Sebastian, 1813. Rogue Prize Agent Taf Reknaw falls foul of an unjust world and finds himself at the mercy of a cruel and oppressive naval regime. He must battle his tormentors, inveterate drunkenness and the French at the bloodiest siege of the Napoleonic War.

ROMANCE: Boss’s Order: (BBW Mail Order Bride Alpha Male Romance) (New Adult Billionaire Bad Boy Romance)

by Jane Price

Ella Bostwick has been working her way through culinary school with a hope of opening her own restaurant, but when she graduated, the only job she could find was a minimum-wage gig making wraps for the hoity-toity business-folk that work in the Lorde Corporation building. Until she sees an ad for a private cookâ?¦

Michael Lorde, CEO and Billionaire who has spent his entire life working to grow his start-up investment firm into one of the most successful companies in the country. Known for being cold and standoffish he can be very intimidating.

Turns out Ella is cooking for Michael Lorde.

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WARNING: Adult content. 18+ readers recommended.

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This story is one of those “what if” stories. In this case “What if Jesse James had met Wyatt Earp. However, aside from these “what if” events this story steers as close to the actual history of these events as I could manage. Every named character in this story is historical and portrayed as accurately as I could make him or her. As far as we know Wyatt Earp never met Jesse James. As far as we know!

Yakuzawa: Rising Son

by Cory Tsuhako

In the dirty and seedy underbelly of present-day Los Angeles, Daniel Goya finds that he is torn between his fading dental laboratory, his love for a new woman who has entered his life and the inescapable obligation to a family he hasn’t seen in over twenty years.

As Daniel becomes more and more involved with the “family business” he finds there are limitless rewards for the right man, but what will be asked of him. And what sacrifices is he prepared to make in a game with so few rules?

Yakuzawa: Rising Son is an action packed, sex-fueled story of Daniel’s journey of self-discovery and corruption as he descends into the world of porn, prostitution and murder in a city which might ultimately consume him.

Sine Patre

by Mary Blonigen

“I never knew my father.” So declares Martin Green as he begins the story of his life. Gifted with an extraordinary intellect, and inspired by a mother who leaves him orphaned while still a child, he is determined to acquire an education and rise above the shame of his illegitimate birth. Along a journey that takes him from a small town in Ohio to the halls of Harvard University, from impoverished farm boy to respected teacher, he discovers friendship, ambition, love and betrayal. And when a tragedy threatens to destroy him, he finally learns who his father truly is.


by Jamie Zerndt

Douglas doesn’t like to fish, which pretty much makes him a leper in his small Wisconsin hometown where talk of Northern Pike and fishing rights are a daily ritual. But after the death of his father, Douglas finds himself running the family’s auto repair shop. When racial tensions over Native American fishing rights start to escalate, Douglas sides with his Ojibwe neighbor, Shawna. Both powerful and deft, This Jerkwater Life is a beautiful, moving tale of redemption.

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