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A Certain Death (Shiloh Series Book 2)

by Phillip Bryant

The battle at Pittsburg Landing altered the course of the war in the west and changed the lives of thousands who fought there and survived.

Will Hunter’s pursuit of higher command has been interrupted by his capture, the fault of his jealous commanding officer. Stuck far behind enemy lines with little hope for exchange, escape seems improbable. Neither high prison walls nor hundreds of miles of Ohio backwoods trails will keep him from trying.

Philip Pearson survived Shiloh but wonders if his luck will hold much longer. Pursuing reinstatement in the Methodist Episcopal Church brings him full circle: his battlefield experience calling him back to the collar he left behind. Only convincing the bishop of Dayton and surviving the coming assaults on Corinth stand in his way of a chaplaincy.

Ohio, far from the theaters of war, will test both men’s ambitions and trust in their fellow man.

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LAVENDER BLUE (historical romance)

by Parris Afton Bonds

The Frenchman was everything Jeanette St. John detested. A mercenary, a man with no morals, a renegade. But Kitt was reckless and daring, cautious and calculating – and he was captain of one of the fastest ships on the ocean. And so she bargained with the devil – on his terms. In exchange for transporting her cotton and turning it into medical supplies and ammunition for her beloved Confederacy, she was to let him ravish her for every shipment he delivered.

The Prophet, The Disciple, The Cross, and The Tomb: A New Account Of The Last Days Of Jesus Of Nazareth


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FIRST EASTER? Every Easter holiday we are confronted with the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. They are Passion Plays held around the world. There are dramatic movies and documentaries available to entertain and educate us. Yet, almost without exception, these stories are inaccurate. Why? Because they attempt to tell you “the story” of the Passion of the Christ. The problem is that there isn’t one story. There are four stories.   –
Every portrayal of that fateful Passover holiday relies on the first four books of the New Testament as their source. However, each one of the Gospels has its own unique story to tell. In many cases there are numerous similarities between the stories, but there are also many contradictions. Each writer and screenwriter wishing to tell the story of Jesus is forced to choose between the different versions provided by the New Testament. What did Jesus say when he was arrested? What were the last words of Christ? Who visited the empty tomb? What did they see there? Each Gospel gives us a different answer. There are many more questions like these with very many more different answers. There simply is no single story of the Passion. –
While it is correct to say that there are four separate Gospel stories dealing with the death of Jesus, it is also certain that there is only one historical truth that lies behind all these different versions. This book aims to find that truth. However, in dealing with the history of events that occurred two thousand years ago, we have to accept that there are limits to our knowledge. We will never know with absolute certainty what happened so long ago. Given this, it is perhaps better to say that this book attempts to give a plausible account of these events.
-This is certainly an ambitious undertaking, yet this book will also go one step further. As we uncover the true nature of these events, it will become clear that the authors of the Gospels were keeping secrets from us, secrets about the life of and death of Jesus of Nazareth. This book will reveal those secrets. –
Intrigued? Read on.

Jesus, an Obedient Son

by Michael Phillips

For many years, best-selling author Michael Phillips assumed he clearly understood the life of Jesus. Though Jesus was in truth his Savior, and even his Lord, Phillips felt challenged to understand more of the remarkable life lived two thousand years ago in Palestine. Then came a crisis in his spiritual pilgrimage when circumstances forced him to open the book of his life in a new way, and delve more deeply into the fundamental why of Jesus’ life.

Challenged to discover the New Testament imperative for his life, Phillips takes a fresh look at the Bible to find out what is the essence, the foundation, of spirituality. Boiled down. The raw reality of the gospel. No frills. No excess baggage. No trite little phrases learned in Sunday school or youth group.

He discovers a key that gives validity to an entire life’s purpose and perspective as a Christian for right now. Not in some grandiose, far-reaching way . . . but the link between belief and practice, between eternity and now, between Christianity as a world religion, and Christianity as a practical guidebook for going about the business of life in the trenches. For if ever a man walked in harmony between ultimate purpose and the next five minutes, that man was Jesus Christ. And that key to Jesus’ life was obedience.

An Idea Called Camp Gallagher

by James Nugent

A story about a summer Camp.
I feel I am uniquely qualified to tell some of the story; mostly because my tenure at this remarkable facility was longer than most. Trying to tell the story of my experiences from 1985 until 1991 will give you just a glimpse of what it was like.

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