Free horror Kindle books for 13 Aug 16

Provenance (The Extinction Diaries Book 1)

by W.E. Clark

All stories have a beginning. This is the beginning for Brennan and Anne. Follow their journey through Brennan’s eyes.

Polly’s Haven (ScareStreet Horror Short Stories Book 2)

by A.I. Nasser

A woman tries to come to terms with repressed childhood memories while keeping the nightmare that has plagued her family for generations at bay.

Mystery: Brutal – CHASED: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) ((Suspense Thriller Mystery, Cozy, short stories, london, us))



They finally arrived back to the village of Eldenberg, They both thanked the driver again, offering to pay for his services, but he emphatically rejected the idea of payment. He gave them both a small hug and wished them a pleasant rest of their trip. They were both slightly hungry, and had decided it best to stop for a quick lunch at a small food cart in the middle of the square. They were both still weary of their surroundings, and the recent text messages had put them even more on edge as the day had progressed. Carlsson tried to eat little, but his nausea returned with the memory of what he had done earlier. He ate what he could before offering the rest of his meal to a homeless man who sat playing a rusted and dented flute trying to raise money. They began their research by pulling several old maps from the late seventeenth century spanning forward into the mid-nineteenth century, about the time The Guardians were founded through to the height of their activities; this would have also been about the time that the construction on the town’s striking cathedral began. The restaurant they settled on had a quaint terrace filled with numerous tables, inside it had a spacious yet cosy dining room. At Carlsson’s insistence the two chose to dine outside. He reasoned it would be a shame to spoil such a beautiful autumn day with stress and strife, which had been their only other release thus far.

I Felt Their Teeth In My Bones: An Anthology

by Magen Cubed

Werewolves, living corpses, people with black holes where their hearts used to be. These are the kinds of creatures you’ll encounter in I FELT THEIR TEETH IN MY BONES, an anthology of strange and creepy stories. This collection contains nineteen short stories by author Magen Cubed (FLESHTRAP, THE CRASHERS), written between 2011-2015. Nineteen stories about love, loss, insanity, and the kinds of eerie things that only come out at night.

From supernatural romances like “At the Heart of Mina Jones,” to monster stories such as “The Girl on Mooreland Street,” to the demonic hijinks of “The Deal,” whatever your particular flavor of weirdness, this anthology has something for everyone.

The Thing in the Shadows

by Travis McBee

Kelly set out on her dream to conquer the Appalachian Trail with high hopes, but one day she discovered that the lonely trail wasn’t quite as lonely as she’d thought. There is something out there, something in the shadows, and it won’t ever let her get away.

Meriall, The Immortal (Meriall The Immortal)

by Barry Davis

A new hero emerges onto the world’s bloody stage…..her name is Meriall.

Bestselling Amazon author Barry C. Davis delves into the supernatural in this exciting, fast-paced horror novella.

For Mary Beth Maybourne, a fast rising Salt Lake City homicide detective, the case was simple. Reliable eyewitnesses name Jacob Runningdeer as the murderer of several important government officials. It would be simple except for the fact that Runningdeer is dead, after taking a swan dive out of the eight story federal building downtown. Maybourne must overcome her conception of what is possible to pursue what is likely, the supernatural resurrection of Jacob Runningdeer as a vengeful ghost.

Mabel Jennings, in 1875 St. Louis, faces not a vengeful being but one with love in his heart. Trenton Hoest, an ancient Irish vampire, has come to America with visions of conquest. There he becomes aware of the most glorious, beautiful but deadly adversary of his bloody career. This isn’t just another vampire romance – Hoest believes Mabel the key to creating day-walkers capable of conquering the planet. Boy meets girl, boy bites girl and boy almost dies. You see, Mabel Jennings is the immortal Meriall, her blood curative to humans, deadly to living dead vampire.

Hoest survives and years later, in our present day, he will bring these two women together in unexpected ways. For Mary Beth Maybourne, the result is a revelation of her life’s true purpose. For Mabel Jennings, it is an opportunity to destroy a beast who, despite his unrequited love, represents a danger to all of mankind.

MERIALL, THE IMMORTAL is a novel of the supernatural, a vampire novel twisted around a ghost novel and crime procedural.

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