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Crush School: Every Student’s Guide To Killing It In The Classroom (And Teachers Dig It Too)


There are many zombies walking around your school. They sleepwalk through their classes hoping the information will magically seep into their brain. Then they complain when it doesn’t. You see, these zombie students don’t know what you are about to find out. It’s that YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING NO MATTER WHERE YOU START.

But… You need to know how to learn. This book will show you how.

“Crush School” is unique. It is not one of those stiff books that make you want to throw up after you read the first sentence. It’s actually written in a conversational format. It feels like the author is talking to you when you read it. It uses stories and examples of classroom situations students often find themselves in. The book explains them from both the student and teacher points of view. The learning strategies that help you crush school are straightforward but not “dumbed-down”. Each chapter is short and straight to the point. The book is unlike anything out there. Seriously, the author googled it! While “Crush School” can be used by teachers, it was written for students specifically. It contains teen life, school jokes and humor, but most importantly the strategies to use at school and home to become an awesome student.

“Crush School” is not a book. Well, it is… And it isn’t… It’s more of a GUIDE TO LEARNING ANY SUBJECT. The book is not designed to be read from beginning to end. You can, and it will be helpful, but it’s better used by skipping around to the strategies you can use right away. You don’t have to suffer through 200 pages of Blah before you get to the useful stuff, because this book is full of it.

“Crush School” talks about how your brain learns best and gives you the strategies to do it. You know how some teachers tell you to do something or study something, but never explain why you need to know this stuff? Some even get all mad when you ask why. The author of “Crush School” doesn’t stop at telling you WHAT TO DO. He explains WHY IT WORKS.

“Crush School” is a game changer for students. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Creators Of Dawn

by Nikhil Chauhan

The recent breakthrough of novels based on Mythology involving thrill, war and action has paved its way to the audience and has seemingly increased its presence in the market.

Sets a new story set in the present world for reasons in the past. It follows the cruel dreads of Parshuram who happens to slay generations of Rajput lives and what happens when the Rajputs rise again to avenge their ancestor’s deaths. It also follows the Trimurthi coming to help the avatars of Vishnu save the world from chaos.

A story set in the Parallel World and filled with Action and Adventure.

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