Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 13 Aug 16


by J. Robert Kinney

A trail of murders, an unexpected enemy, betrayal and desperation plaguing the friendly, suburban townâ?¦A young government agent tasked with solving it, battling his own demons along the wayâ?¦A new partner with a dicey past, icy exterior, and hidden secretsâ?¦An aging ex-military man thrust in the middle of the danger, but determined to atone for a past mistakeâ?¦And a recent widower grieving while on the run for his lifeâ?¦

A dangerous plot is brewing and they must do everything they can to stay alive and stop the threat, but assumptions get tested, beliefs are flipped upside down, and not everyone is who they appear to be.

She Didn’t Mean to Do It

by Kenyetta Neal

Amber Henry is in a controlling and manipulative relationship with her boyfriend Lionel. Lionel is stern in his hold over Amber but she wants to live her own life. Amber gets the courage to escape after finding about an ongoing affair. She escapes and tries to make it on her own. She makes new friends but she is certain she is being followed as she tries to manage her newfound life. She believes her ex-boyfriend is chasing her and causing deaths to the new people around her. She builds a new relationship and finally feels safe and secure but to her surprise she is not safe. Someone is still after her and tries to murder her….but not if she can catch them first!

Chaos Ensues: Dark Desires

by Finleigh Vale

Does contain adult material

Lorelei Morrissey had it all, a husband and kids. However, something was missing. She desired more. Lusting after a married man, Lorelei felt he was what she wanted. She pursued him to the fullest.

Walker Foster was a happily married man and a partner in a mechanic shop. He thought everything was going great until he met Lorelei Morrissey. Younger and infatuated with him, Lorelei began texting and coming to see Walker daily. He felt alive again; never realizing anything was missing.

Marti Foster was outgoing and beautiful. After finding out about the affair, her life changed dramatically. She decided she was not going to let anyone come in between what she and Walker had created.

When Walker broke off their affair, Lorelei vowed revenge on his wife Marti; Lorelei felt it was Marti’s fault. Will Lorelei merely lose her new love or everything she has? Can Walker and Marti walk away without losing everything?

A Second Chance

by Mike Fonnesbeck

Kendall Kidd is a Navy SEAL that has returned from Afghanistan and trying to move forward with his life, when the key to the mystery of a stolen sarcophagus falls into his hands by the stroke of chance. Kendall soon finds himself in the middle of a mass conspiracy and on the run, being hunted by a trained assassin. While trying to solve the mystery, he is brought together with Paige Nelsonâ??a brilliant and amusing cryptographer whose brother was killed by the assassin. The two of them have to depend on each other for survival. Both of their lives are upended until they are brought face to face with the assassin either to his doom or their own.

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