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Authority Content: The Simple System for Building Your Brand, Sales, and Credibility

by David Jenyns

Looking for a simple, effective and modern approach to market your business? Traditional SEO is dead, SEM costs keep increasing, everyone is overloaded with content and social media is too overcrowded.

The fact is, in today’s world of constant distractions, most business owners struggle to get their marketing messages heard.

Authority Content provides a simple process that any company can use to break through the noise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the owner of a retail shop, financial advisor, swimming pool manufacturer or an inventor with an ingenious product – this powerful strategy will work for you.

Built on the “3 Ps” framework (Present, Product, Promote) this book teaches you a step-by-step system for building authority within your industry thus sky-rocketing website traffic and sales.

You will discover how to:

Build maximum Authority, in minimum time

Have your prospects, clients and Google fall in love with you

Turn one day’s work into months of content and share it around the web

Write your own book easily and in record time

Build your brand, sales and credibility

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Emotional Intelligence : 5O Effective Ways To Improve Communication Skills,EQ And Mastering Your Emotions

by Kellie Sullivan

Emotional Intelligence – The Secrets Tips Will Be Reveal!

A Short Read With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time

+ 5 FREE Bonus Inside For A Limited Time Only

Have your emotions been controlling you lately? Do you feel like there is nothing you can do? Do you feel hopeless? Have you ever wanted to be better? Do you struggle with communication? Are you always hiding your feelings and unsure on how to express them? Have you ever wondered what emotional intelligence was? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.

This book will give you experiences, and examples to better suite your needs. This book will become more than a helpful guide, but soon will become your self-awakening. Once you can control and express your emotions, then the concept of happiness becomes more obtainable.

This book will include step-by-step instructions and the how to’s along the way.

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • The meaning of emotional intelligence
  • Examples of emotional intelligence
  • The four attributes of emotional intelligence
  • Skills to improve your communication skills
  • 50 examples of ways to improve your communication skills
  • And more

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Mediterranean Diet: A Beginners Guide to Help Lose Weight Fast by Incorporating Healthy Eating Into Your Daily Life (Achieve Amazing Health with Delicious … to Prepare Homemade Mediterranean Recipes)

by Hannah Parkes

This book is designed to help you to realise your ultimate goals as to how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle to lose weight and eat a Mediterranean diet.

This type of eating is one of the healthiest in the world and you may not have been aware of this before you read the E-book. It may be difficult for you to realise what you can actually achieve this on your own. You may have considered following a diet but you may have been reluctant to do it as you have failed on previous programmes.

Your friends and family may have suggested that it is not possible to follow your own programme and that you need someone to guide you. This is not true as you can take charge of your own destiny. You can achieve what you want with the right ideas. This Ebook allows you to be aware of some of the healthy recipes available and the choices that are available for a Mediterranean diet and with a structured exercise regime.

Rest assured, you can follow some of the advice given and make a programme of your own so that you can make sure that you can keep it going. It can be difficult to keep to an exercise and diet regime in everyday modern living because of family and work commitments. There are some delicious recipes that you can try to get you started and to get you motivated.

It can all be achieved, if you can be focused on what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Not all of the information may apply to you but you can make it what you want. Exercise can be a way of life for some people and not for others and you may not realise how easy it actually is for you to achieve what you want from a healthy lifestyle. Be focused, be realistic and achieve what you want out of a Mediterranean diet and exercise plan. You can do it!

Honey Diet: 40+ Benefits and Uses of Honey You Need to Know About: (Honey diet, Honey Benefits, Natural Remedies, Herbal Remedies)

by Rachel Gemba

Honey Diet: 40+ Benefits and Uses of Honey You Need to Know About

One doesn’t necessarily have to have a sweet tooth where it comes to adopting that honey diet as a part of one’s lifestyle, though. All one has to see is the vast plethora of benefits that a honey diet can afford you, so that one can rest assured that they are taking exactly the right decision where it comes to optimizing their health with something that is one hundred percent natural and has a wide range of benefits and uses that will all work superbly to our advantage.

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The Sexy Girl’s Handbook: Getting Ready for a Date

by Sabrina Candid

The Sexy Girl’s Handbooks are quick, easy reads, designed for women who want to look and feel great, and who want to take control of their own lives. If you can handle straight talk and tongue-in-cheek humor, these guides are for you! There’s a sexy woman hiding inside every woman, and she wants to get out!

The Sexy Girl’s Handbook: Getting Ready for a Date:

Taking the time to pamper yourself before going on a date can make you feel happier, relaxed, and open to sensuality. Follow this pleasurable guidebook for easy tips to soothe your body and soul.

Depression : 5O Simple Ways To Naturally Beat Depression,Stress,Fear And Live A Happier Life!

by Kellie Sullivan

Depression – The Natural Cure Will Be Revealed!

A Short Read With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time

+ 5 FREE Bonus Inside For A Limited Time Only

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to beat depression, fear and stress in a natural way. Apart from that, it would also provide you effective yet simple ways on how to live a happier life. Before that, it would first provide you a glimpse on what these fear and stress are in order for you to fully understand how these two are related with depression

It also aims to enlighten your mind and seek for natural solutions for certain problems that may hinder you from having a happy life and living the life you have always wanted. Remember, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be happy and satisfied with your life. It is just right to seek for some help and hopefully, this book would be of great help to you and to others as well.

By the time you are at the end of this book, your depression is going to be gone naturally.It would somehow ease your mind, especially if you know that there are natural ways to do it.

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • Ways to fight depression,stress & fear
  • Focus your energy on natural lasting healing for good
  • Stop wasting your time and energy on taking anti-depression pills
  • Learn the lessons you need to break out of the cycle
  • And more

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Healing Salve: 30 Homemade Recipes of Herbal Balms and Salves

by Julia West

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Healing Salve (FREE Bonus Included)

30 Homemade Recipes of Herbal Balms and Salves

Master solution and salve making and create your own products only just how you like them. Save money at the same time. What’s more, making these types of products is like soap and candle making.

Get these tips about assembling balms and salves sell or to use.

Tip 1 – body butters and Salves, balms are all made about the same way. Containers usually are different. Other than that, the principle difference in only in the amounts of the resources used to make-up the products.

Tip 2 – Salves and balms are actually just combinations of a wax and butters or oils. That simple mixture is all it will take to make a salve item. Using more waxes usually gets you a product that is tougher. Applying less wax results and more oils in a thing that is softer.

Tip 3 – Combining essential oils into the products can be a way to get a particular perfume to the mixture and a way to provide some herbal substance to the product also. The practitioner of aromatherapy recognizes a salve being a service for the primary oil.

Tip 4 – tweak recipes to allow for changes in weather, heat mainly If you create your own balms. It is good to possess a harder merchandise, that is not as likely to melt and work, because the weather gets really warm. Conversely, in cold places or in the cool part of the season, a softer solution is nicer to use.

Tip 5 – People like to buy these types of natural products. That is so partly while there is a whole lot of interest in preventing artificial substances around the skin.

Which means individuals are getting far from many lotions. These types of products are quite similar as balms, but without all of the chemicals.

Of course a limitless variety of variations to the salves design are possible. Vary the ingredients in these mixes and vary the ratios and get all types of benefits. This makes assembling these types of resources really an interesting hobby.

Additionally, it makes solution and salve making a probable gains generator too.

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Alchemical Laws For Successful Marriage: Principles to create harmonious experiences in married life

by Swapnil Sahu

  • Ever wondered the real reason behind marriages?
  • Do you wish to know how to save your existing relationship?
  • Are you unaware of what your spouse really wants?
  • Do you want to bring all the changes to make your marriage wonderful?
  • Want to know about relationship psychology and human behavior?

This book will teach you:

1) The real reason why people marry and whom they choose as life partners. 

2) What a man actually wants from his wife. 

3) What a woman really wants from her man. 

4) The importance of your thoughts and your subconscious mind in marriage. 

5) The transformation guidelines to make yourself better for your spouse. 

Marriage is a spiritual union of two souls where all the efforts and time spent is worth saving it. Harmonious experience in married life is the key to success in all the spheres of your life. We all are capable of making this relationship better each day, it’s just that sometimes we don’t know what to do. This book will equip you with all the tools to take your relationship to the next level of harmony, peace, and satisfaction. 

Additionally, you will learn: 

1) To be more confident in all the spheres of life.

2) You will be able to project yourself more assertively.

3) Concepts that are universally acceptable in dating.

4) How to avoid divorce even before marriage by selecting the right partner.

5) The ways to live life positively.

Curious to know how? Have this book always handy at the convenience of your electronic device. Investment to save the most important aspect of life is always worth the price. 

Mindsets of Success: 7 Powerful and Effective Mindsets that will Transform Your Life and Help You Achieve Success (How to be Successful How to Achieve Success)

by K. Elizabeth


Do you often find yourself running frantically about because you forgot an important appointment? Have you ever missed out on a career-improving opportunity because you were feeling a bit self-conscious? Is your procrastination of finishing that long-term project affecting your success?

Whether our boss’ rejection of our business proposal has lowered our self-esteem or our procrastination of completing an art project has resulted in a missed buying opportunity, we’ve all experienced an unconducive mindset that hinders our success.

Mindsets of Success: 7 Powerful and Effective Mindsets is for the professionals, entrepreneurs, students, or the curious reader whose current mindset(s) prevent them from reaching their full potential. As you read this, you’ll learn about the 7 most popular mind blocks that hinder our success, but more importantly, you’ll also learn about the 7 most powerful mindsets the success-driven and successful individuals incorporate into all their endeavors.

From replacing our easily defeated mindset with a more resilient one, to reworking our unreliability into accountability, this bookâ??along with the suggested techniques that effectively help us achieve each revised mindsetâ??will help you transform your life and achieve your definition of success.

Why Mindsets of Success: 7 Powerful and Effective Mindsets is the book for you?

This book, riddled with proven techniques and strategies on how to achieve each mindset, will be a great resource for you if:

  • Are interested in improving your awareness for yourself and others
  • Struggle with low self-esteem or presenting your ideas confidently
  • Lack problem-solving skills or struggle to overcome difficulties or trying situations
  • Have the tendency to procrastinate or be unreliable
  • Struggle to find the right balance between your independence and working collaboratively with others
  • Can’t seem to find the motivation to start or finish your work or projects
  • Have a hard time managing your time, emotions, and physical health around your hectic schedule

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Crochet Collection: 50+ Best Crochet Projects: Swimwear, Bags, Hats, Tops, Sandals And a Lot More!: (Complete Book of Crochet, Crochet Books Patterns) (Crochet Swimwear, Summer Crochet)

by Adrienne Sun

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Crochet Collection:(FREE Bonus Included)

50+ Best Crochet Projects: Swimwear, Bags, Hats, Tops, Sandals And a Lot More!

Book #1

Summer Crochet:

10 Gorgeous Crochet Bikini Projects To Look Sexy This Summer

Summer is upon us, and along with the watermelon, barbecues, good times, and hot days, we all find ourselves spending a good deal of our time at the pool. Whether you like to get your feet wet, jump all in, or just soak in the sun on the sidelines, you will need the perfect swimsuit to complete your look.

Book #2

Summer Crochet:

10 Best Crochet Projects For Summer

Summer is here again, and along with the heat, the longer days, and the fun out in the sunshine, you have a full schedule. The kids all have places to be and things to do, your own social schedule as changed, and you have an entire list of goals you want to achieve by the end of the season.

Summer Crochet:

10 Projects Of Trendy Summer Crochet Bags

This book is designed for ten projects to design stylish and beautiful bags. In this book, you can find fabulous patterns to design elegant totes, stylish bags, shopping bags, etc. You can change colors and bring some variations in these designs.

Book #4

Summer Crochet:

10 Sweet Crochet Sun Hats For your Kids

In the summer season, it is important to protect the face and head of your child from the sun. With the help of beautiful crochet hats, you can do it elegantly.

This book is designed for your assistance with ten crochet hats. These sun hats are easy to design and you can make necessary adjustments with size for your child.

Book #5

Summer Crochet:

12 Fashionable Summer Crochet Projects

Summer is right around the corner, and so is the season of summer clothing. As much as we all love our sweaters, tights, and leggings, it’s about time to say goodbye to those and hello to the lacy and light side of things.

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CANNABIS GROWING: A complete and simple guide on growing (medical) marijuana at home: A complete handbook on how to grow cannabis at home. (hydroponics, extracts) Indoor/outdoor (Indoor Gardening 2)

by Martin Pals

This book contains proven steps and strategies on growing cannabis indoors.

Cultivating your own cannabis at home is a great way to get constant supply, avoid high prices and avoid shady dealers. Also, you get to decide the strains to grow. The cannabis plant is a plant of many benefits, and also many different preparation of cannabis. The most commonly known preparation is marijuana. This consists of the plant’s flowers, subtending leaves and the stems of the female plant, which has been dried. Other common preparations include kief, hashish, tincture and hash oil.

Not only are the foods grown healthier, a fresh herb garden will save you money.

This book will show you: –

-The several ways to start your cannabis from seed how to care for the plants in order to ensure the most yield.

-Proven methods to vegetate and bud your female plants, while keeping them from going to seed.

-And finally how to harvest, curb and store your harvested cannabis.


Introduction: Growing Your Cannabis

Chapter 1: Things You Need

-Nutritional Needs

-Potting Needs

-Lighting Needs

-Housing Needs

Chapter 2: Starting Your Cannabis Seeds

-Choosing Between Cannabis Clones Or Seeds

-Germinating Your Seeds Using Starter Plugs

-Germinating Your Seeds Using Paper Towels

Chapter 3: Growing Your Cannabis Plant Big And Strong (Vegetative Stage)

-Temperature Needs

-Watering Schedule

-Feeding Schedule

-Light Schedule

-Optional Step -Training Your Cannabis Plant

Chapter 4: Flowering Stage

-The 12-12 Light Schedule

-Know The Gender Of Your Plants

-Rid Your Garden Of All Male Cannabis Plants

Chapter 5: Harvesting And Curing



LIGHT IN THE DUST: A Staffordshire Childhood


Anyone reading even a few pages of Light in the Dust will realise Jo Mary Stafford is not a woman who gives up easily. This fascinating autobiography shows her to possess both fortitude and courage, plus an inner strength few people possess.

Spanning the author’s formative years (between 1939 and 1960) this book is a graphic, moving account of a sensitive child’s experience as the middle child of a seriously dysfunctional family residing in Walsall, Staffordshire. This first volume of her memoirs has variously been described as funny, lyrical, tragic, evocative and entertaining by prestigious British writers, including Beryl Bainbridge (‘extremely good’), Dr. Anthony Clare (‘..superbly recalls childhood’), Colin Wilson (‘Fascinating. A remarkable piece of writing’) and Meera Syal (‘…brave, truthful, vivid, memorable).

The book reflects the author’s ‘never say die’ attitude, which has led to this memoir being described as ‘a transformative narrative.’ In 1987 The Oxford University Press hailed the manuscript of Light in the Dust as ‘a literally stunning evocation of childhood.’ Yet the book’s long journey from its inception to ebook publication has been laborious and prolonged.

Her writing career began (‘by chance’) when two hastily-written stories were accepted by BBC Radio in 1972 and Jo Mary herself recorded them on Womens’ Hour. These ‘stories’ were destined to become early chapters of her autobiography but, living in unhappy exile in Scotland, the mother of an autistic child and trapped in an unhappy marriage, more writing was not an option. The manuscript of Light in the Dust was only completed in 1986, two years after she ended her marriage. That year she gained 3 Higher Level examinations to take her place at Stirling University to read Humanities. One of her English tutors there, Dr. Lowe, Reader in English Studies, read the unedited manuscript of Light in the Dust and acknowledged Jo Mary as ‘a born writer,’ He described her memoir as ’emotionally raw’ and ‘as compelling as the work of Tennessee Williams.’ But soon afterwards Jo Mary was forced to return to her native England, with her youngest child, to continue her studies ‘back in my own back yard.’ She graduated with Honors in 1990.

In that same year Light in the Dust was quietly self-published, selling 20,000 copies with little publicity over the next decade. Mainstream publishers had praised the book but did not believe that ‘non-celebrity ‘ autobiographies ‘were financially viable.’ Five years later Angela’s Ashes arrived in Britain, from America, and proved the publishers wrong. By then Jo Mary had reinvented herself as a collage artist while studying Autistic Spectrum Disorders, seeking to understand the genetic component of the disorder that had so troubled her son and other members of her family. Once more her son’s needs and deteriorating health left little time for memoir writing.

Light in the Dust is hard to categorise. She has produced a book that has a timeless appeal, her readers spanning age grades, gender divides and geographical locations. It had proved popular with readers whose second language is English. It’s universal theme ‘appeals to the head as well as the heart’ (The Black Countryman Magazine.) As a slice of social history, it is a striking, thought-provoking book which stays with the reader long after the last page had been read. It is hoped that the long-awaited sequel will shortly be published.

Sex: Make Him Scream: Make Your Man Scream In Bed, Simple Techniques To Make Him Love You Now And For Better Relationships

by T.J. Blue

The truth is that unlike women, men frequently choose a woman based on the quality of sex and then end up falling in love later.

This book contains proven steps and strategies that will help you improve your sex life, which is an important aspect when it comes to building and maintaining healthy relationships. As a woman, it takes more than just good food and beauty to ensure that your man is fulfilled and satisfied.

Relationships typically end in divorce because sexual frustrations arise and the two of you breed so much resentment towards each other.

You have to go deep into making sure that you spice up your sex life in every way possible. To strengthen the bond between you and your man or to keep him by your side then you really need to work on improving your sex skills in all aspects.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn Inside…




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Rеddit is a vеrÑ? Ñ?оÑ?ulаr Ñ?осiаl mеdiа tool thаt hаÑ? a profound influence оn оnlinе communities. Althоugh many Ñ?еоÑ?lе hаvе a good idеа аbоut what Reddit is аnd hоw it works, thеÑ? mаÑ? not be аwаrе оf Ñ?оmе оf thе mоrе Ñ?оÑ?hiÑ?tiсаtеd аnd exciting fеаturеÑ? thаt аrе nоt nесеÑ?Ñ?аrilÑ? оbviоuÑ?.

Things you need to know before you sell soy candles

by Lara Scott

Hints and tips from someone who took their soy candle hobby and turned it into a home business.

Do you love making soy candles? Then selling them is the next step, right? Find out with these things you need to know before you sell soy candles!

This quick-read, 12 page book will get you thinking about smart ways to start your business and set it up for success!

Self Mastery: The No-Nonsense Bundle to Help You Master Your Emotions (Emotional Mastery, Emotional Control, Self-Control, Anxiety Control, Anxiety Mastery, Emotions)

by Rita Chester

Book 1: Emotional Mastery: 50 Tips to Help You Master Your Emotions.

Do you have trouble mastering yourself, your emotions, or your attitude in life? Then quickly read this book and find out what you can do to get more control over your emotions. I’ve applied many of these tips and techniques in my own life. Many of them are based on scientific and psychological evidence. They will aid you with more knowledge and constant reminders of how to find that inner peace and the calmness in changing situations you are looking for. So don’t wait and start reading.

Book 2: Worrying: Stop Worrying and Enjoy a Worry Free Life – 60 Facts.

Do you worry too much or do family members or friends of yours worry too much? Then this book is perfect for you!

We all worry about some things, but too much can become a problem. It can leave you anxious, sleepless, and negative. So find out about the background and psychology behind worrying, and the techniques and thought you need to stop doing it. In this book you will find:

10 thoughts that help you stop worrying.

10 things to do that prevent worrying.

10 reasons why we worry.

10 ways to deal with people who worry too much.

And much more!.

Book 3: Complaining: A Life Free from Complaining

We all do it occasionally, some more than others. We complain. But why? Is it harmful? Is it justified, and if yes, then when? How do we stop complaining? What is the psychology behind it? Read this book and you’ll find out, among others:

Proven techniques that can broaden your perspective and change your attitude.

Tips to stop complaining.

Strategies that will help you complain less.

Reasons why we complain.

The effects of complaining.

How to break the habit and become more positive.

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The Hole In The Street – Book One: Snapshots

by Steven J Martin

Truth is stranger than fiction, also more painful. From birth to age twenty-five, the story follows the bizarre ups and downs (mostly downs) of the evolution of the author. Somehow, despite being thrown every possible life event; from child abuse, to drug abuse; from persecution to prosecution, he somehow manages to persevere.

This volume is the first in a series of books to show that no matter what you go through in life and against all odds, it is possible overcome all obstacles and come out stronger, more self-assured and most importantly happy with yourself and life.

Sex: Sex Positions: Discover The Best Advanced Sex Positions And Change Your Sex Life With Kama Sutra And Tantric Sex Forever (Sex Positions, Sex For Pregnancy, Sex Positions For Beginners Book 2)

by Christopher Adams

â?? â?? â?? This Book is FREE – for Kindle Unlimited Users â?? â?? â??

Discover The Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life. Read The Second Edition Of The Best Selling Book: Sex Positions Explained

Advanced Sex Positions For You And Your Partner


You’re about to discover the best advanced sex positions that will change your sex life forever. In this book you will get to know completely new techniques and positions to spice up your sex life. Are you bored of the same procedure over and over and you have no idea where to start?. Most couples realize that there isn’t that infinite passion anymore in there sex life, but they are ashamed of facing the problem.The truth is, if you are suffering from a boring sex life and haven’t been able to change, it’s because you are lacking an effective strategy and haven’t yet come across the right help that shows you, how much better your sexual life could be.

Here are 2 reasons why you should give the information in this book a try

1. Unique and totally new content for you

2. Discover Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

� Why Experiment at All?

� Increase Your Pleasure with the Kama Sutra

â? Yee-Ha – Get Into the Swing of Things

� Toys for the Boys

� Good Girls Gone Wild

� Tantric Sex

� For When You Just Have Time For A Quickie

When you download Sex Positions: Discover The Best Advanced Sex Positions And Change Your Sex Life With Kama Sutra And Tantric Sex Forever you will be on your way to a fuller, more enjoyable and swifter sexual experience. Buy this book today!

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