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My Wife Cheated On Me: How to Save Your Marriage and Your Family

by Edward James

Are you the victim of your wife’s infidelity? You are not alone. Millions of men are going through the exact same thing you are and don’t know how to handle the situation. So you made the decision to stay married to the woman you love for various reasons but don’t know if you can get through this tough time. I am here to help because I have been down this road before. My wife’s affair has actually strengthened our marriage to the point where we are more in love with each other than we have ever been before.

My Wife Cheated on Me includes the following topics:

– How to confront your wife when you find out.

– How to stop the replay of scenarios in your head of her and the other guy

-.How to rebuild trust with your wife

– Find out if your marriage is worth saving.

– Why your kids are a big part of staying together

– How to strengthen your love for each other

– Detailed description of the five love languages

– 50 different romantic ideas to spice things up

– A quick reference guide on specific steps to take after finding out about the affair

– Find out why women cheat

– Realize what you need to work on as a husband to make the marriage stronger

– Why you should not blame yourself

– Signs of a cheating wife

– How therapy can help

– What to do if her lover is still around

-And so much more.

This is an easy to understand manual that will get you through the toughest time in your life. Who says infidelity has to end a marriage? You have the power to turn this terrible situation into something beautiful for the rest of your family’s lives. Download My Wife Has Cheated on Me and start the road to recovery today!

Splashing in the Deep End: Adventures Raising Boys

by Steven K. Smith

“A must read for any parent”
“I laughed out loud!”

The hardest part of raising our three little boys is the exhaustion. We weren’t prepared for that in the beginning. Now we’re prepared, but just not handling it well.

Ever wonder if you should laugh or cry at the end of a long day with young kids? Do you find yourself yelling to your spouse/children/neighbor/dog, “So help me if you wake that baby!” You’re not alone. Life with small kids is hard, but it just might be the best thing out there. Steven K. Smith, dad to three boys, children’s fiction author, husband, and coach, recounts in equal parts humor and sentiment the adventures of raising young children, particularly boys. Parents of all ages will quickly relate to the joys and struggles of a dad doing his best to keep his head above water in the deep end of the pool.

Also by Steven K. Smith:
The Virginia Mysteries – Middle Grade Adventures with a Twist of History for Ages 7-12
Book 1 – Summer of the Woods
Book 2 – Mystery on Church Hill
Book 3 – Ghosts of Belle Isle
Book 4 – Secret of the Staircase
Book 5 – Midnight at the Mansion

Win Back Your Ex! The Secrets to Rekindling Your Relationship: (Dating Advice, Relationship Help, Love, Romance, Body Language, Men and Women, Communication)

by C.K. Murray

Win Back Your Ex!

The right relationship with the right person is amazing. The perfect love and romance can make almost everything else… unimportant.

But what happens when things go wrong? If communication faltered and love withered? If our ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend suddenly grew distant? What if we blew it, if we lost it, if we let the perfect person slip away? What do we do when we’re down and out, wishing every single day for just one more chance?

Many men and women struggle with dysfunctional relationships. They make critical mistakes. They fail to understand nonverbal communication, they fail to establish communication that is honest and consistent, they fail to recognize their own faults, their partner’s faults, and the gradual draining of their love. Too many men and women fail to seek relationship advice at the most critical juncture, and before they can change, the relationship itself has changed. And without the right knowledge, without a firm understanding of how to rekindle love, broken hearts may never mend.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you seek relationship advice, critical relationship help for couples, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to spend your days feeling bad and hopeless, pining for your lost ex. Instead of feeling bleak, look ahead! Know that you can start winning back your ex today!

So open your heart to possibility. Do not suffer day after day wishing for your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. Free your mind from stress and worry, and look ahead! Nothing is forever, including a breakup or separation. Even the most dysfunctional relationships can be restored. Even the biggest breakups can be overcome.

If you can master the strategies for lasting love and romance, you stand a chance. Relationship advice is on its way…

Win Back Your Ex! The Secrets to Rekindling Your Relationship (A Preview)

Understanding What Went Wrong

The 7 Reasons Relationships Go South

Mending the Heart: The Best Way to React After a Breakup

KEY Signs Your Ex Wants You Back!

What to do about it: Secrets to Rekindling Your Relationship

Starting Small

Making the Call

Handling the Rebound

The Reuniting

Getting it Right

Tags: Dating Advice, Relationship Help, Love, Romance, Body Language, Men and Women, communication

The A-Z of Raising Smalls – A House Husband’s View: The truth about parenting kids by a full time stay at home dad and father of three children

by Royston Wood

Being a new dad is hard.

Being a new stay at home dad can be really hard, but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences there is.

In this book you will find the A-Z of parenting, learned from first-hand experience with three young children (Smalls).

From nappies to dummies, to baby monitors and bathing your child for the first time, this book gives you a realistic and honest guide to life with Smalls.

Straightforward and humorous, this is a helpful guide on what to expect as a stay at home dad.

Charlie’s New Sister: Welcoming a new sibling into the family

by Susan Frederiksen

“Hey that’s my toy! Well maybe we can share.”
“But she’s making a mess out of all my things!”
“Ouch that hurts, let Go!”

Many older brothers and sisters can relate to these statements. Join the lovable 2 year-old golden retriever Charlie as he works through the challenges of welcoming home Amber, a new golden retriever puppy. Charlie learns important lessons in family life, and he proudly grows into his new role as a big brother. Ultimately, he finds great joy in having a sister…even if he does have to share a few of his toys along the way. A fun and simple book to prepare little ones for the arrival of a new baby sibling!

7 Tips on How To Be The Best Mum or Dad Without Going Mad!: Sandra Brickman-Horne

by S Brickman-Horne Psychotherapist

This mini Ebook is one of the chapters in my book called Emotionology.

I aim to provide emotional awareness and intelligence, which will allow you to be a â??good enough’ parent. The society we live in today is considered one of the most challenging times to be a parent. It has never been more important to create and facilitate emotional well-being in your children than today.

It is important to intentionally and consciously create a balanced and resilient future adult. You have the ability to teach them HOW to think and NOT what to think. You will find what you need within these tips to equip yourself with sufficient information to be able to cope with your children and be their best teacher.

The parenting tips are simple to understand, concise, and easy to apply. Too much information can disable absorption of any knowledge and completely defeats the object of you taking the time out of your busy life to read this EBook. These 7 tips are a very good starting point and I consider them to be key areas.

The tips can be applied to children of all ages. I would like to start increasing your awareness of the messages that you are sending to your children through your words and behaviour. If you understand that how you behave will have a direct effect on your child’s perception of the world; you can begin to consciously parent.

.This approach is the easiest way to provide your children with the emotional balance and subsequent healthy self-esteem that they will need to strive in society today. These tips will allow you to prepare your children for their future and improve your relationship that you have with them today.

keys to successful Marriage: Relevant substance to build a successful Marriage

Do you know the ultimate keys for a successful marriage? Really, in some numbers of homes today, up to half of our marriages failed. These failures suggested that most married people do not know the rightful keys to unlock success into their marriages. Don’t worry! I have the keys here in-between the covers of this book. Crab it; it will help you understand these keys, how to apply them, and what you will stand to see. How often have you heard people talk about their marriage in a less than complimentary ways? Some even hurt their thought and their feelings talking about their marriage. It is no longer news that part of our life these days, if not nearly all of our marriages now end up in divoiced, leaving bitter spouses and confused children, imposing some social challenges in our society today. Is obvious, it is heartbreaking, it is worrisome, it is disappointing that we don’t understand that root cause is broken and divorce marriages. Please don’t worry! but don’t let it happen to you. Whether your marriage is going through tough times or it is experiencing marital bliss, or even if you are not yet married but considering it. The solution is here. Here is the proven keys to help your marriage last. It is simple, straightforward and ordained from God. Fellow the keys in this guide and you can secure your home.

Why Failure in Marriage: The ultimate guide to build a successful Marriage

Failure comes to those who are indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious. The most foolish things I can never do is to refuse to admit my mistake. Most people dream of getting married to prince charming having the thought of happiness-ever-after kind of marriage but in reality, it is not so. In reality, you see couple after wedding looking so in love. The next thing you hear is they have separated, they are divorce, I have divorced my husband or my wife, I no longer live with that stupid man or woman and you begin to wonder what could have gone wrong. Really, lack of trust, appreciation and inability to cater for the family etc are the root cause but some people don’t know. No matter how much a couple loves each other, a marriage can fail for number of good reasons at any given time.
I know how you feel; your heart has felt the sting of pain! Your eye has wept the hot! Is a pity dear! I was once in your shoes but I reconstructed again and it worked better for me. Don’t shift blames and don’t complain. Accepting responsibility is one the highest forms of maturity. A willingness to be accountable, to put yourself on the right line, is the really defining characteristic of adulthood.
The world is crying now! Kids are shedding tears in their own parent’s home, men are lonely wallowing about, and women are shedding away in their parent’s house no marriage. And nobody cares. Unless someone is completely vicious, no one get married with the intention to destroy it, yet the rate of divorce all over the world is alarming and couples even when they don’t divorce, are often unhappy and in loveless marriage. Even those who are so in love are having problems in the marriage. Pity!
To me, make sure you don’t lose yourself in self pity and apathy. Read about these traumatic failures in marriage and have the ultimate guide to build a successful marriage life.

The Self-Esteem Workbook for Children: Proven Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Child’s Self-Esteem[Self Confidence,Low Self Esteem, Building Self Esteem]

by Nelson Matoke

This classic children self esteem workbook is still the most comprehensive guide on the subject and the only book that offers Proven Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Child’s Self-Esteem

This step-by-step techniques will help you learn:

Some of the Determining Factors in Healthy or Unhealthy Sense Self Esteem

Some Do’s and Don’ts in Raising a Child with High Self Esteem

Best Ways to Boost Your Childs Self Esteem

Changing Behavior Patterns in Children

Avoiding the Bad Behavior’s that Will Destroy Your Adolescents Life

This book will build your child’s confidence and help children with low self esteem. As a parent, if you have been trying to find out how to build self esteem in children, this will be a good book for you.Enjoy reading!

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

by Katherine Hogan

In life, it’s much better for children to quickly learn that not everyone gets a trophy for everything they do. Just because someone shows up for something doesn’t mean they should be rewarded for it, right? But is getting a trophy always the most satisfying end result? This children’s book explores the triumphs and defeats of a few everyday situations and places the value of trophies and awards in perspective with individual character and personal satisfaction.

Marius and the Cloud


Marius is a very happy and energetic child but some children at school tease him about being different. And this is because Marius doesn’t like girls. However, one day his favourite cloud Sweetie tells him a story that will change his life. Thanks to her advice, Marius will understand that homosexuality is essential to guarantee the survival of humanity on earth. Furthermore, he will find the courage to tell his parents what worries him.

The touching story of Marius and the Cloud is intended to be read by parents and children together. Thus, after ending the story those kids who feel attracted to other children of the same sex will be more likely to tell their parents. This story also aims to teach everyone that homosexuality is a natural condition in any human being, one more out of all the possible variants that life can offer.

Birth, Death, and Everything Between: Real Life Poetry

by Diane Babcock

In Birth, Death, and Everything Between you will travel to the center of your soul and back with soft and sassy versification that ignites the senses. From the serene to the sarcastic, taste the sweetness of being loved and the bitterness of being exploited, all within the same few moments.

  • Let the enchantment happen, as you read of lovers larking on a moon and see the picture of an uncommonly large full moon of August.
  • Be reminded of how we all started out in this world; we brought gifts of joy and innocence as new little persons and see the picture of the preciously beautiful 3-day old infant named Aliyah.
  • Get a feel for what it’s like to be an artist who is so in touch with his craft that he knows how to make a steel guitar from scratch using an old wooden ironing board and metal pie plate – his legacy is in his grave marker.
  • Prepare to be knocked around by the ogreish nature of vain and jealous people who live with a distorted view of their own importance and then learn how to show them some attitude with just a look.

There are a lot more ways to live vicariously through these 46 poems of real life observations and experiences that are sectioned into 15 categories and lavishly illustrated with 28 photos, so be ready to liberate your senses in this most entertaining fashion.


  • Buskerville
  • Life My Own


  • 1st Birthday
  • 90th Birthday Girl
  • A Brighter Light
  • The Wizard’s Wand


  • To Keep The Face
  • A Lesson Learned
  • Shut The Mutt Up


  • The Marriage Checklist
  • A Questionable Proposal
  • Portrait of a Proposal


  • The Gaelic Lord
  • A Love Is Shared
  • The Nature of a Lady
  • Last Words to Auntie


  • The Artful Logger
  • A Gravemarker Legacy
  • The Watchdog Neighbour
  • A Young Man’s Light
  • The Chatty Aunty


  • The Answered Prayer
  • The Friend Love Brings
  • Time To Recall


  • The Jasmine
  • The Seasons


  • Pretty Pictures
  • Remember Love


  • A Daughter’s Graduation
  • Millennium Eve


  • New Baby
  • New Baby Girl


  • Embracing This
  • In Love
  • Our Own Moon


  • A Woman’s Bod
  • Calling Back The Woman


  • Christmas Across Miles
  • Christmas Smiles
  • Easter Flowers
  • Easter Tea
  • Mother’s Day Hug
  • Mother’s Day Smile


  • A Young Man Knows
  • A Young Man’s Creed
  • The Wishing Well


Potty Training: The Fun and Stress-Free Potty Training System. Potty Train Your Child in 1-3 days (Potty Training, potty training boys, potty training tips)

by Tanya Hall

This book is a valuable guide, for parents who are planning the stages of potty training for their child. It shows how potty training is not about parents making up the rules, but about how parents are recognizing the signs that their child is ready to take on this major hurdle.

It highlights many important aspects like:

  • Average ages for potty training
  • Signs to look for
  • Different types of equipment
  • Planning the new routine
  • Problems that may arise

You will be able to decide if your child is ready for the 3-day training system. By reading through the chapters, you will learn some tips and facts along the way.

It is not just about being ready, but pre-planning the event to make if stress free and even fun. When you are happy, your child will be happy. By understanding what might hinder progress, you will learn what to avoid and what to encourage. We will discuss that sensitive subject of a reward system, and show parents that they need to take some time out of their grown up lives, and let their child show them how clever they can be.

This book helps you to think about:

  • Potty training
  • Night time dryness
  • Healthy diet
  • Temper tantrums

Download your copy of “The Fun and Stress-Free Potty Training System. Potty Train your Child in 1-3 days” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

How to Overcome Anger: A Radically Biblical Solution

by Rod K. Rogers

Is anger destroying your relationships and stealing your joy? Have counseling and other resources failed to set you free? Take heart. This book presents a unique, radically biblical approach that really works. You can conquer your anger.

Beautiful Nigeria Wedding Dress

by Elizabeth Samson

Beautiful Collections of Nigeria Wedding Dresses

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