Free religious fiction Kindle books for 13 Aug 16

The Mott Haven: What’s In a Name?

by Jesse Medlock

A NOVELETTE: The Mott Haven tells the story of Cooper Mott, a part-time waiter who works at an Italian bistro at night and auditions during the day, hoping to find success as an actor on the New York stage. He thinks everything is going smoothly as planned until the death of a close family member in Alabama seems to put the well-planned course of his life and career in doubt. Cooper learns that his grandfather left behind a legacy that includes precious memories, an antique banjo and something entirely unexpected that could change his life forever.

Follow Cooper Mott down the new path God has chosen for him, along with the diverse and endearing cast of characters who join him on his exciting and unpredictable journey.

McKinnon’s Bride (Willow Grove, Texas Series Book 1)

by Sharon Gillenwater

Christian Historical Romance

West Texas, 1883

Cade McKinnon had always scoffed at love at first sight…until he walked into his kitchen and found Jessie Monroe cooking supper. Jessie and her two kids made him long to turn his ranch house into a true home. But could a woman who prized honesty above all forgive being lied toĆ¢??even for her own good?

After surviving a nightmare of a marriage, Jessie was hard-pressed to believe any man’s promises. Until she met Cade, who made her dream of a better life. She was attracted to him, true enough, but could she trust him…and her yearning heart?

This version has been rewritten for the Christian market.

Previously published by Harlequin Historical, 2003

Willow Grove, Texas Series:

McKinnon’s Bride, Book 1

Twice Blessed, Book 2

Standing Tall, Book 3

The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Miracle

by Flora Lanoux

Thirty-year-old Italian billionaire playboy Rocco Mantovani loves living up to his tabloid nickname of The Latin Lothario. His life motto? You only live once, so grab as much pleasure as you can.

Twenty-one-year-old Rosa Muldoon loves living at a Carmelite monastery and can’t wait to take her beginning nun vows; but first, she has to finish her one-year stint in the outside world, working as a hospital volunteer.

Walking into his mother’s hospital room one evening, Rocco sees a striking redhead playing a rock ballad on a harp. When he finds out she wants to be a nun, he can’t help rattling her chain — but promptly gets shoved into a snow bank for his troubles. And that’s when the fun begins.

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