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Off The Grid (A War With No End Book 1)

by Andy Nadir

The Pisces Empire, the universe’s biggest and strongest superpower, is under attack. For years, they reigned supreme over all other nations by utilizing the power of Leaping. The ability to Leap allowed a single representative of the Pisces Empire to instantly travel between not only worlds, but time periods as well. With the technology the Empire gained from this ability, they were thought to be invincible. But when this strange attacking force doesn’t let up, the Empire starts to worry. Drake Jinx, a snarky and lazy scientist in the employ of the Pisces Empire finds himself forcibly dragged into a war he didn’t want to be in after being granted the power to Leap and sent off into the unknown to gather an army in order to combat this strange foe. Accompanied by Lilly Swift, the Pisces Empire’s chosen field agent and constant tormentor, Drake Jinx comes to find that he too might have stakes in this war, and those that were once his friends might just be working against him.

Off The Grid is a 57,000 word novel meant to be a fun read for any age. This book is a mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Enduring the Crisis

by K.D. Kinney

The Powell Family have been preparing for a disaster for years. However, timing is everything. When an E.M.P. nuclear event takes out the grid and brings the nation to a complete stop, Tammy and Ben may not have been as prepared as they thought.

Tammy is a food storage and emergency preparedness specialist. So she thinks. She and her five daughters will find out how prepared they are when they’re put through the ultimate test when the worst happens. Having everything she needs can’t bring all her family members home or keep the crazies away. What’s worse is she has no way to contact her husband Ben to find out if he survived.
Ben is supervising a road-building project in a remote fishing village in Alaska when the state’s defense system takes out what could have been a nuclear E.M.P. disaster. The lights are still on where he is, but with all flights grounded, there’s no easy way back to Anchorage, much less the lower forty-eight. He might be thousands of miles away from the disaster but he’s determined to return home to his family no matter what it takes.

As North America is in chaos, Tammy and Ben know the hardships that are in store for them and their family. However, nothing could have prepared them for the real life struggles they encounter as they try to protect and reunite with the ones they love.
Book One of the Endure Trilogy


by Damaris Remigio

-Half woman, half machine, wholehearted-

Nineteen-year-old Wesley Kayhill is a passive and socially-awkward college sophomore, struggling to make a decent living by working at his friend’s tech store, repairing their clients’ run-down machinery. But one seemingly ordinary day, while driving from home back to his college, ends with Wesley getting caught in the beginnings of a massive rainstorm, which leaves him vulnerable to the enigma that finds him amidst the night. The mystery being a young woman, calling herself Sarali, who claims to be lost and completely incapable of finding her way home. However, it soon becomes apparent to Wesley that this is no ordinary girl. Reasons being, she’s ridiculously strong, abnormally cold to the touch, lacks the basic fundamentals of human interaction, and holds a certain flawlessness in her features that no living person could ever hope to achieve. Wesley’s suspicions are soon confirmed when it is revealed to him that Sarali is being hunted, not just by her creators, Gidget Technologies, but by the company’s leading competitor, Omega-Corporation, who plan an abduct and dissect procedure to study her inner workings. Only by finding his own core strengths and gathering the help from friends can Wesley truly protect this “creation against nature” from the enemies who seek to destroy her.

Aberrant Vectors (The Dossiers of Asset 108 Book 3)

by JM Guillen

Few things are worse than a system undergoing a cold boot…

Yet, Michael Bishop has little choice.

Michael Bishop is an Asset of the Facility, but tonight is his night off. His expectation is to have a few drinks with his friend Wyatt Guthrie, perhaps go out and have a night on the town.

But the Facility has made other arrangements.

Before he realizes what has happened, Asset 108 has been dispatched to a carnage-filled interior location, lit only with flickering and lurid light. As Michael drifts through the shadows, encountering stuttering and broken Facility technology, he attempts to figure out why he has been dispatched here and what his mission truly is.

Yet before he knows what’s happening, he is fighting for his life.

With his personal gear malfunctioning, Bishop stands against foes familiar to him, Assets that have been transformed into inhuman abominations. As time runs out, he finds his way to his cadre, and they fight their way to the depths of the mysterious Spire. There, they discover remnants of a lost, broken, carnage-filled world.

As Michael and his cadre stand against the inhabitants of an entire world of bloody ruin, he is forced to face a painful truth.

It is possible that this dossier will be his last…

A Myriad of Worlds…

This story is the third in the series, The Dossiers of Asset 108, regarding the adventures and trials of Michael Bishop, a man who does not know his nature. It is a story of a shadowed world, a world where creatures of outer darkness are hunted by a faceless organization, the Facility.

This series is itself a strand in The Paean of Sundered Dreams, is a multi-genre, universe-spanning array of tales with Lovecraftian themes.

Some of the strands of this work are science fiction, some fantasy, and some steampunk, but they share the same horrific universe. They weft and weave together, each leaving breadcrumbs of clues for the next story.

Each tale echoes a beating heart of darkness, cackling quietly in the shadows of existence.

These stories may be enjoyed as individual series or as part of the Paean in its proper order. If you are a reader who is only interested in Michael Bishop and his adventures, rest assured, more is forthcoming.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of reader who cannot rest until every secret is found, for whom genre is unimportant, and who will travel a wide and vast multiverse to learn things man was not meant to knowâ?¦

Welcome, wayward wanderer.

This was written for you.

Probed: Alien Abduction

by Daniel Aguilar

A funny and hilarious jaunt through outer space with alien abduction as the method used to get nowhere fast in this short story.

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