Free war Kindle books for 13 Aug 16

Panzerfaust: The Fall of Nazi Germany

by John-Philip Penny

May, 1945. The last days of Hitler’s war. Berlin is surrounded by the Red Army, and the Third Reich’s fate seems sealed. And yet, amidst the rubble of their bombed city, a few Germans still fight on to the death. One such fighter is Wolf Winter, a member of the Hitler Youth, and he is determined not to let his homeland fall into the hands of the enemy.

See one of history’s most epic battles through the eyes of a boy, and move with him through the danger zone, as he struggles with his sense of honour, while facing down fearsome tanks armed only with his Panzerfaust rocket-launcher!

SANCTION: A Thriller

by S.M. Harkness

In Israel, a U.S. Envoy has been ambushed and a group of American students are missing. In a War-ravaged town in Syria, a United Nations peace keeping patrol has vanished.
Behind it all is a mysterious cleric, who has quietly paved a swath of terror through the Middle East that threatens to set the World ablaze.
Time is precious as DIA agent, Brad Ward, scours the region for his brother and the missing students, amid a burgeoning quake of violence. Will he get them out in time?

War of the Shadows

by John Zanetti

Daniel Vis is a loner, living in the small South Pacific nation of New Zealand. One day, he stumbles across the body of a man who had escaped from a newly-built concentration camp, pitching Daniel headlong into a desperate fight for survival in a nation wracked by government oppression and tyranny. He is joined by Erika, intricate and strong like spun steel, and Kathy who is a journalist. Like Erika, Kathy is no one’s handmaiden. Alan joins them because his only focus in life is Kathy.

Daniel, and those who gather around him, form the organisation, Heritage, to oppose the government. It is a path that will lead inevitably to war. To blood on the streets. To a treachery-laden climax that leaves no one unscathed.

In battle, and through love and betrayal, Daniel and the others find that the cost of winning may mean the loss of everything they believed in.

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